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About this City Journal

THIS JOURNAL HAS BEEN REPLACED BY THE NEXT VERSION HERE: http://www.simtropolis.com/cityjournals/?p=toc&id=779

Entries in this City Journal


Update 11B

I believe Crazyarchitect had requested some commercial accompanying his hotel, so here it is, but it hadn't been developed yet when I quit the game. I'm calling this development Crazyarchitect Corner.


I noticed there was a pretty nasty traffic accident occuring as I took that last picture, so I continued to monitor it, but was unable to capture another one in progress, but here is what the regular traffic flow looks like at that intersection. Most car traffic appears to be coming eastbound on Coast Hwy.


I have also filed in the last farm east of Hampus Village with more development.


Here is an almost fully developed shot:


Lastly, all of these new developments have begun to take a toll on the city's electrical infrastructure.


supercity124, I think it's time for a new power plant.


Update 11A

It's not a very big one, but I figured I owed you guys some sort of update.

The new commercial along Center St., which I have dubbed Hampus Village, is complete, and I took the liberty of adding a small strip of residential behind it. The dirt strip is space I and the DOR have reserved for a park of some kind, most likely a trail. You can also see that Center St. has been upgraded to full secondary road status.


Here's a shot showing supercity124's new mansion, plus the development of Hampus Village.


In the development are a car dealership, a printing office, two Waffle Kings, and some random Maxis office.


Update 10

crazyarchitect, I believe you requested a hotel on the Coast Hwy. a few pages ago, so here you go:

The Crazyarchitect Inn


To assist in planning your developments, here's where the demand graph currently stands:


Yes, I have CAM installed.

Also, we have a new mayor-planned development. Hopefully I won't have to do very many more of these, and you guys will take care of that.


The new development centers around Goldfish Ln., named after Goldfish4209 for guessing the source of the weather forecasts.

There were a few concerns raised by some citizens about the increasing ratio of people to crops, which prompted the construction of two new farms between Greta's Springs Park Reserve and Frontier Rd.


The Department of Water and Power is pleased to announce the opening of the new Greta's Springs Pumping Facility.


My apologies for the grid. It will not be on in the future.

The new farmers needed a place to store their crops awaiting their delivery to area stores, so they constructed Boyle's Warehousing Co. in the Refinery Industrial Park.


VSDOT recently paved Park Reserve Dr. and the access road paralleling the C&W RR, in response to the increase of traffic in the area.


The DWR has requested an overview of the port:


In case the DOT is interested, I've also prepared a traffic volume graph:


Lastly, the DHE's first project, the Virgin Shores National Museum, has opened it's doors on Center St.


That's all for now.

Any questions/suggestions/requests?


Update 9A

sim-Al2, you requested an overview of the land you are interested in purchasing, so here's a shot of the area I believe you're talking about:


You wanted to know about the slope too, so here are the stats:

Elevation at end of Coast Hwy. (after it curves North): 277m

Sea level: 250

8 tiles out: 230

The water's not very steep this close to shore.

Oh, and, do you guys like the street names on the pics? I think they add to it as being points of reference, so I think I'm going to include them on all future pics. Suggestions are welcome.

Supercity124, here is the city's current water and power data:



As you can see, we're out of water! We should remedy that. I guess it's time for a pump by Great's Springs. You got any place in mind?



it's historical.


Update 8

Well, I promised mine shots, and here they are!

Here is a closeup of the mine:


It's Peg's Big John's Mine, btw.

And here is the series of switchbacks the railroad constructed to reach the mine:


The Southern Hills Coal Co., who runs the coal mine, soon constructed some worker housing along the dirt track up the hills to house the miners.


Who, in turn, constructed some more farms.


Note the seasonal trees in action!

With the recent announcement of a partnership between the Virgin and Franklin Oil Companies, Virgin constructed a second, much smaller (though a little more technologically advanced) refinery on Sibelus Ln. across the river to handle the oil coming from Franklin County.


To handle the new imports of oil, Virgin constructed an oil pier just north of the existing port, which even the most huge and modern tankers can dock at. The Oil Company is calling it a "world class facility".


South of the refinery, the small wooded area between the rail spur and Spring St. was subdivided into some residential and commercial zones.


And, lastly, the first Park Reserve was set up around Greta's Spring. The scenery is incomplete at this time, but here's a night shot set in autumn to tide you over.




A new settlement!

A group of loners who wanted to stay in the peaceful, wooded place they first moved to recently packed their bags and headed west, building a gravel road behind them as they went. The first thing they did was start a farm going, and then start work on their houses.


Eventually, coal was found in the hill the new settlement was built up against, prompting The C&W to extend it's line out to the mine. Pictures of the mine will come next update.

Here is the construction camp set up by the railroaders:


And here is an overview shot of the entire rail line under construction:


Please ignore the fall trees south of the creek on the bottom right, I was experimenting, and decided against those, in favor of using c.p.'s seasonal trees, as seen in Three Rivers Region.

Here is the completed rail terminal at [insert name here], before the mine was put in:


Now back on the home front a lot has been going on. The farmers were continuing to abandon their farms in what is now the heart of the city, so they were redeveloped.


Also, you can see that a retaining wall was added between the houses and rail line, as the current town planning comittee decided that there was a danger of houses sliding down the slope.

The Virgin Oil Co. faces more competition lately, as Shell and BP have both recently opened dual service stations in the redeveloped farms. Don't ask why there are two of each, that's just how they developed. Also, BP opened a self car wash down the street.


See you all next update!

Ever heard of Franklin County? Well, the Franklin Oil Co.'s new oil field in East Valley has partnered with the Virgin Oil Co. in a refining agreement. Read more about the agreement here.

Lastly, I am finally closing the tree poll, and seasonal trees have won by one vote! I am going to use the 3RR set David (dedgren) made, and they will start showing up in the next few updates.


Update 6

Sorry for the short hiatus, I was busy with other projects.


The city council (the first organized governmental body--we'll go into more detail on it in a side project later) decided that if the city was going to continue to support itself, it would need to diversify it's industrial base to include more that just oil refining, so it offered free land and a one year tax break to any companies willing to set up shop in Virgin Shores, resulting in the Refinery Industrial Park (they're not that creative yet 2.gif).

Here's a brief description of each insustry, and a picture:


Curry PetroChemical- Specializing in gasoline additives, it was founded by Samuel Curry in 1926 in the original Virgin City, and the Virgin Oil Co. encouraged them to re-enter the market in V

Quality Tool Supply- Established by a local resident about a year ago, QTS made everything from screwdrivers to circular saws, and the opening of the industrial park was seen as an excellent opportunity to relocate into a proper factory.

Virgin Box Co. fairly obviously makes, you guessed it, cardboard boxes and wooden crates for the industries to ship their products in. It was set up with the creation of the industrial park, and is owned byt the city council.

The Cajun Sausage Factory- Some of the residents from New Orleans, suprisingly, found a trans-dimensional wormhole opened by Hurricane Katrina, and stumbled through it into the old Virgin City just before it's demise, bringing their cajun cuisine with them, and combining it with the sausage already beloved by Virginers.

The Virgin Oil Co. Refinery also expanded into this new industrial park with an auxiliary building, Eyler Refining, named after George Eyler, who owned the first gas station in the town.


Also in regards to the Virgin Oil Co., they now have competition on the gasoline front from international giant Shell, who opened up a station on Main St. south of the roundabout.


The farms that surrounded the original town weren't very welcome to the new industry however, as it polluted their environment, and many area farms had to be abandoned and were quickly subdivided into residential and commerical lots.


Update 6B will show a group of loners who set up camp to the southwest, as well as debut the first Virgin Shores Atlas.


Update 5

The refinery is complete, and the town is booming!


Naturally, with more jobs come more workers, and thus more housing. The Virgin Oil Company built several blocks of housing for it's workers, and then turned it over to the town. With the tax money raised from these new residents and the refinery, the city's first school and medical clinic were built, centered around a new roundabout east of the refinery, and soon the first house of worship followed. All of these new amenities prompted some of the higher-class sims to relocate to this attractive town, and soon some of the worker housing had given way to mansions.


The city also soon paved the roads in the new neighborhood to deal with the high traffic volumes, as the city's population now sat at just shy of 2,000, and there is still demand for more workers.

Lastly, garbage started piling up, as the city couldn't export it all through the seaport, and a special dedicated facility was needed.


Lastly, here's an overview of the city, showing all of the new changes:


Next time, we'll solve the housing shortage, and then take a look at some of the diverse industries wishing to set up in Virgin Shores.

Sorry for the delay getting this up, I've just been working on this.


Update 4

(this one's a big one)


Several more oil wells were soon drilled all across the town, making the existing people wealthier, and new people come from all across the SimWorld. One of these new oil wells was drilled across the creek, resulting in the region's first bridge.


The additional cars from these houses, combined with the cars from people in the original town created quite a problem at the central intersection, and the sims voted for it to be paved and for a traffic signal to be installed at the second town meeting, resulting in the first paved, signal-controlled intersection.


Eventually, after the expanison of the seaport to finally accomodate large ships, the freight traffic down teh main road increased, and to handle that volume of trucks, the road was paved from the signal to the ferry. with another signal at the turn for the seaport.


Noticing this increase in traffic, one entrepreneurial sim decided he would make a profit by opening the first gas station on the corner. Now people no longer had to pick up cans of gas from the tanks at the seaport, but they had to pay a "convenience charge."


The new, state-of-the-art seaport has been constructed, and includes numerous tanks for storing crude waiting to be exported, and gas waiting for pickup by residents.


The rail line seen leading away from the seaport is the Coastal & Western line, which currently just goes up the hill to two oil wells and a couple farms. The rail line is owned by the farms and newly formed Virgin Oil Co.



I am starting a new poll, which is in regards to seasonal vs. god mode trees.

I have some excellent seasonal trees from SFBT, but they are only practical in open spaces within developed areas or future national parks that just have to look pretty.

Here are two pictures of the same area, one with god mode, and one with seasonal trees. Vote in the poll to tell me whether or not you want to use the seasonal trees on all similar areas in the future, or whether I should leave the regular ones.



Seasonal (in April- they're even prettier in the fall):


I did a little 'touching-up' of the area around the seasonal trees right after this was taken, so the final product looks slightly different.

Lastly, here's a


The Virgin Oil Co. decided, after about three years of oil drilling, that it would be more profitable to open a refinery on-site. This is where that rail line went to up the hill.

Some excavations and a little foundation and structural work have begun on the refinery, and it is expected to be completed in 2-5 years.


(SFBT Construction set, btw)


Update 3


One day, in January of year 3, a sim was digging in his backyard, when he hit something mushy. He pushed down a little farther, and a gooey black substance started oozing up out of the ground.


he cried, and people came running. In a few weeks, the settlers had constructed a large well in the sim's former backyard, and there was much rejoicing.


Soon after a boat left the ferry dock for other parts of the simworld bearing news of this discovery, new sims started arriving by the dozens, and the town's population soon hit 130. This prompted them to start cultivating another field, and building more houses. The man was even able to buy out his neighbor and build himself a bigger house on a larger lot in front of the well. The entire town was expanding rapidly.


To get the crude oil out, and bring supplies in, the town held a meeting and voted to build a small freight pier on the northern side of the ferry dock, as well as expand it to add a boat ramp.


The seaport, by the way, is Pegasus's new Pier One, which is a modular pier that you plop right in the water. The lots will be available to the general public soon.

There is currently a shortage of labor for the pier and the farms, so stay tuned this evening to see where this goes next.


Update 2

YEAR 0-3

The first sims have arrived in Virgin Shores! After the abandonment of the old city, a small group of sims set out across the great ocean in a commandeered ferry boat. After sailing for many days, they sighted land on the horizon, and eventually reached shore by a small stream. They anchored offshore, and a smaller group of sims went ashore in the lifeboat from the ferry, to check out the immediate area, and set to work building a dock so that the ferry could safely land and they could retrieve their cars (not that it would do much good, as they old had small amounts of gasoline).


Over the next few years, they built a small settlement which included some little cottages, two fields, and a small shop to repair and refuel their vehicles and farm equipment, all along a dirt track along the stream leading away from the ferry dock.



Update 1B


I'm going to have spread these images over  several posts, but here we go.

First, an overview of -borrowing a term from 3RR- quad 1 (the SE corner).


The small amount of water in the center is Greta's Springs.


And a few hundred feet off shore is Dorito Island.


In quad 2, here are Custer's Bend


Bald Peak


and a small, unnamed creek off of the South River


If anyone's got a minute, this creek is still unnamed. You're welcome to name it, as long as it's appropriate, by voting in the new poll!


Update 1A


Here is a link to a map for any of you cartographers out there, showing the region, with most physical features labeled. This map is purely to be used as a point fo reference, and is not meant to be an accurate topographical map (just so you know dedgren, in case you read this). I had to link to it because it is a fairly large file, and I did not want to condense it.

The map also shows the 'precision' terraforming I did, which mainly included adding a few small streams, removing sandbars from rivers that are supposed to be navigable, and adding a few elsewhere, as well as creating the Hawk Island Port, which is the regions main seaport. There might be more minor terraforming once development starts, so keep an eye out for that.

On the map, as you can see, there are still features in desperate need of a name. This is where you come in.




to Virgin Shores 2.0


Those of you who are also members of SimPeg will know that I recently turned a game experiment into a city journal--the Virgin Shores Metropolitan Area. That CJ has kind of died, as it was before I downloaded a bunch of cool things I have now, including the Terraformer, and the only thing I really did with it was replace things which would soon be replaced again. Today, I have taken it upon myself to re-start this CJ, on a site with more members--Simtropolis.

With a new Terraformed region that measures 3 X 5 large city tiles, I will once again grow a city into my largest metropolis, but this time I will attempt to start it at the basic level--nothingness.

Before I start, here's a link to my old one at SimPeg. You're all welcome to leave a comment there, as I am still active on that site.

And let's begin.


The initial Terraforming

Here is the initial map made in the Terraformer, before it's been rendered, and before any precision God Mode terrraforming.


We'll be back tonight preparing for the arrival of the sims...

Feel free to tell me what you think of the map.

Lastly, I encourage people's help/advice/suggestions, and they will usually result in having something named after you.


Update 31

Due to the unanimously positive response in chat, I have decided to post Virgin Shores updates here as well as on the forum. So here's Update 31:

Let's start with the Virgin Shores - New Follomer High Speed Rail Line...

The Aspen Park Terminal (southern end of the line):


Just to the north of Aspen Park:


After crossing into Tile 4, the HSR line has a stop in Port Shadow before proceeding across the Wright River on a cable-stayed bridge, the first of its kind in Virgin Shores:


Immediately after the bridge the HSR line encounters a wye. The northwest branch heads to Follomer and the east branch towards the coast and a tunnel to the North American mainland.


The HSR line then negotiates some curves and crosses the Neo Follomer Highway, a new C&W spur, and an extension of VS-1.


About a kilometer to the west, in Tile 5, the HSR line negotiates a few curves, and then heads off across the Virgin Shores / Follomer frontier.



Next a nice pretty random suburban shot...


And the mall burned down again...


And some new buildings were added to the skyline... namely the new IHG Tower and Wright Co. building (respectively):



And now something that might come as a surprise...


Virgin Shores now has a National Guard, and this is their base. It is designed to be entirely self-sustaining, producing everything except electricity. The base includes housing, offices, supply yards, and training grounds, as these initial recruits will soo be off to Franklin County to fight against the Soltrians. The base also provides thousands of new civilian jobs, spurring new growth in the adjacent town of Neo Follomer.

Here are some close-ups:

The North Gate and storage yards:


The Base Exchange and some housing:


Some of the training grounds:


To the east of the base, where the road up to the North Gate meets the Neo Follomer Highway, a causeway extends out into the ocean with a short bridge span that leads to Hawk Island, site of the new seaport and naval base.



Close-up of the bridge:


And on Hawk Island construction was completed on the seaport and naval base...

Naval Base Overview:


Close-up on the Drydock:


Close-up on the V.S.S. Archean:


The container and break-bulk seaport occupying the rest of Hawk Island:


And last but not least for this update, Virgin Shores needed somewhere to train all these soldiers... so built the Port Shadow Military Technical Institute:


This will be posted on the forums soon.

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