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About this City Journal

The story of growth as a city and builder.

Entries in this City Journal


The Circumnal (circular canal) has started to take root around the city.

Along with its growth, Quartzians have seen the growth of industry and commerce in their city.

A new school, museum, and library have taken root. The mayor even plans on building a new park near the industry.

One problem that Quartzians are facing seems to be jobs. Many citizens in the southern reaches of the city are far too lazy to drive 1.5 km to the industrial district, claiming commute time is too long. The mayor is considering a new industrial district in the south to compensate for their "long" drive, as well as to relieve traffic into the current industrial area.


The canal has taken shape nicely on the border of the industrial district. Hopefully it doesn't become polluted...


Here the canal bends and heads out to the to-be circle. Trees lining the canal will become commonplace.


Current construction being done on the canal.


Commercial expansion to the west. Soon after this aerial shot, developers paved several downtown streets and added sidewalks to foster commerce in the area. Several roads have been improved and a few traffic lights have been added to the city in order to ease traffic into downtown and beyond to the industrial area.


Keep tuned for more construction and city growth! :ohyes:


Smokestacks Arrive

With a brewing population, Quartzian industrial demand started to skyrocket. To keep the sims coming, the mayor had no other choice but to allow the development of a minor industrial area north of downtown.

The new industries have allowed Quartzia to continue its routine growth, and the mayor was finally able to relax a little.

This overhead shot shows how Quartzia has grown recently. The mayor is against cramming houses into the city centrally and likes to keep open spaces, so much of the growth has vastly spread out the city.


Here is a close up of the new industrial district. The mayor determined that the pollution given off by only a few factories would not be too toxic for the farms...


Some of the new housing developments seen:



With the influx of people, downtown has expanded nearly to the mayor's house.


Lately, many citizens have been complaining of cotton mouth and dry skin. The mayor has realized that dust from the farms around the city, as well as the new pollution being kicked up, have clotted the air. With water levels getting low, and no river within 6 km, the mayor has unleashed an ambitious new project: He calls it "The Circumnal".

He plans to build a canal that circles all the way around the currently developed areas, lending water to all the farms and increasing the green in the area as an artificial river. If trees can grow around this new device, then the farms will be protected from fowl winds and never be low on water. The canal will start in the industrial area, then branch out to a main circular track. The mayor is calling on all Quartzians to aid in this new project!


Thanks for viewing! Be sure to come back again and see the project in full sway! :read:


A Trip to the Farm

Due to my overdose of organic chemistry and molecular biology this quarter, many recent cities I have toyed with in my spare time have had rather molecular names.

The first I made was called Ketone Lake because it branched off of a river similar to how the double bonded oxygen branches off of a carbon chain in a Ketone.

The next chemical name I employed was in the city of Quartzia. This city is my attempt at growing a lively city on the farm that one day may grow to become a major metropolis. Quartz made sense because it is rigid and is comprised of a Silicon-Oxygen crystal lattice, much like a regular agricultural street pattern.

Quartzia does not currently have any industry besides the outstretched farms, but may need to soon as the food industry cannot provide enough jobs for the growing populations by itself.

Here is our first look at the city taking root:


From humble beginnings, Quartzia quickly grew to a moderate size. citizens enjoyed a few parks to play in after a long day plowing the fields.


Most important to the economy is the farmers market. Run by Maxis Food Co, this is a nice social place for moms to gossip.


Football legends are made on this dust pit of a field - well, more like local legends. Rumors have it that the kids use corn bound together as pads. The joys of agriculture!


The mayor is a very active leader, holding two to three town gatherings in his plaza every week.


As the city grows, we will begin to see new developments. As it is, the downtown area just received a minor makeover.

The first paved roads and sidewalks were added to downtown, fostering the addition of the first local stoplight. It also seems that the mayor wants to educate his country folk with a new schoolhouse on Quartz Ave. Or is it simply a ploy to attract more citizens to the city? Only time will tell!


Stay tuned for the next update! (hopefully it will be soon, you all know how it is with classes :boggle: )


The People of the North


Came to be known as the area north of downtown and west of SR2.

Brimming with Rosevillians, Northrup built a mall so that traffic into downtown could be eased.

What they didn't expect was the population explosion in nearby North Roseville. Mid rises sprouted up everywhere and traffic still sucked.

Maybe the mayor should consider some mass transit options. There isn't even a rail line in downtown!

Back to the City

North Roseville. Maxis Architectural Co has been the major benefactor for the neighborhood's growth.


Apparently residents don't mind living next to a waste treatment plant...


North Roseville's tallest building sits in an older part of the neighborhood.


North Roseville, as one would expect, is just north of the Roseville Industial Core.


The Northrup Mall is surrounded by Roseville's neediest residents. Just off of SR2, the mall has great access.


SR2 heads into the city's core; we can see the buildings starting to get taller. :ooh:


Just on the edge of downtown, SR2 becomes Main Street, the widest fully-accessable street in the Roseville Metro Area.


Northrup edges R202, a highway badly in need of a upgrade... maybe next time. 8)


Just the tip of the Roseville iceburg. :)


As always, thank you for visiting Roseville! DOWNTOWN... SOON :O

As you can see, much of Roseville needs a good makeover, I'm sure you all wont mind watching it be renovated :thumb:

AND as a special treat for 2000 views, I give you this :read:

A glimpse of a side project: Smallville :]

Smallville is about 10 km from Roseville and is actually part of the greater Jacksonville metro area.



University District

Roseville State University

Is one of three universities in the Roseville Metro Area and is the second university in Roseville itself.

Without sporting teams, but planning to get a football team and perhaps baseball soon, the university is trying to grow past their rival, U of Roseville.

The university has fueled growth in the nearby industry between Roseville and Riverside.

It primarily educates Rosevillians, Richardstons, Riversidans, but even some sims from the southern cities come up.

I Love College

University District is home to thousands of college students living cramped in older styled housing. Just north of SR3 heading to Riverside, Roseville State makes its name.


Roseville State exit off of SR3. Here we can see the edge of the rather small campus and some more of the college housing nearby.


Here SR3 intersects with University Street. Due to space restrictrions, a simple light is required. However, there are plans set to redo areas around SR3 and R202 which would allow for better traffic flow. The University might be forced to give up some of its land or else relocate. Several bids are in to put a shopping area in the university's place, were it to relocate.


The University Club lies right near the junction of SR2, SR3, and R202. It is an Alumni favorite.


J23 is essentially the corner of University District, Richardston, and the neighborhoods of Northrup and North Roseville.


Further up University Street, we can see where richer families have moved in. Here they are far enough from the college to not hear the parties, are away from the noisy city, and have more room for spacious yards.


Here lies the northwest edge of Roseville. To the west is Richardston and to the north is the edge of the Earth! :P


Thanks for visiting Roseville! Next will be a big update with both Northrup and North Roseville! 8)


Transportation Map

Sorry for the slowness, I just moved back to college and have been doing a lot of work at my house.

To make up for it, I thought I'd post a transportation map of the greater Roseville Area.

State Routes are marked red and branching Routes are marked as orange.

Enjoy! More Roseville to come, starting with with Roseville State University and moving on to the city's core!


**NOTE: Only areas visited thus far are marked!


The Southern Edge

Southreach is Kind of a Lame Name

For a subdivision. A rapidly expanding city like Roseville often grabs what land it can, and in places like Southreach where industry is very close, so are houses.

Southreach, as suggested by the name, is Roseville's most southern reaching chunk of real estate. Bordered by farmlands, two state highways, and a rail line, the community is extremely isolated.

Fortunately for residents, commute time is extremely small, and a trip to downtown isn't so bad either.

A Little Name Drop

Remember SR1? Well here it is heading due west to a city just being established named Rocketland. Rocketland features many farms and industy, and as you can tell, many Rosevillains and Ramsesans are starting to head there for new job opportunity. The bad news is, we're not looking at Rocketland today. The good news is that we will get our first real glimse at Roseville by checking out the two most southern neighborhoods, Southreach and South Roseville.


The community of Southreach lies on the opposite side of SR2 as the Rose River. The only access the inhabitants have anywhere is via these ramps. SR2 was expanded when Southreach was established to help take on the influx of new traffic.


Southreach is strange in that it has no town center, but rather this nice little fountain. The houses spur off of the boulevards to the north and south of the fountain.


North of the fountain.


South of the fountain.


SR2 rolls right into South Roseville, a small suburbanish community just south of University District.


South Roseville town center is small, but has a medium train station to ferry passengers to the South End Industrial Park just across the river,


You can really tell you're getting into Roseville when you see the traffic filled boulevards and apartments filling up every little crevice possible.


Besides rail, the other main entrance to the SEIP is via this bridge. Here we can see the community in its near entirety. Traffic flow through the area has increased greatly in recent times. Much is due to expansion of Downtown and the new city of Rocketland.


The southern extent of Roseville in relation to Ramses.


Thanks for viewing! More Roseville soon to come! :]


A Special Treat

YAY 1000 views!

For this milestone, I have decided to leak a few photos from downtown Roseville...




The traffic is going to be heavy, so when the next update comes out, try not to be late 8)


The City of Research


Is a city that rubs edges with Roseville.

Founded in 53 F.R., the city has grown to the point where residents are a rock toss away from Rosevillains.

Richardston has a very wealthy populous due to the immense research opportunity.

Traffic revisions in nearby highways may spark a population burst, but only if Richardston establishes a suburb west of town.

To the Lab

The western edge of downtown; as well as the Richard Research Center, Richardston City Hall, and some residences. Apartments are banned in Richardston because the mayor likes to attract wealthy sims from Roseville who would rather own thier own home.


Downtown Richarston contains many buildings of the same style. These buildings are all actually owned by the Richard Research Center and are Richardston's commercial giant, employing about 30% of the wealthy city alone.


Richard Memorial Stadium sits neatly in downtown Richardston and hosts local high school sporting events.


Downtown stretches out towards SR2, which comes in from Roseville.


The urban sprawl continues down to R202. Here we can see Broadway, which takes motorists from downtown to South Richardston.


The Richard Industrial Park is in South Richardston. This small industrial center, along with R202 and SR2, serve as the main dividers between Roseville and Richardston.


The rest of the Industry. Roseville is juuuuuust out of sight. :lol:


Thank you everyone for the comments so far! I look forward to showing all of you the different neighborhoods of Roseville, as well as some of the new neighboring cities that have sprung up recently. :golly:


Ramses was Designed

On a 7x7 housing grid, which gave homeowners large swaths of greenery behind their house.

Founded on the edge of the Rose River (go figure) and connected to Roseville via SR2, the city of Ramses was established in 178 F.R.

Recent renovations of the nearby highways caused a growth spurt in Ramses and the construction of a Super Target to meet growing residential demands.

In most of the city, the 7x7 grid was hacked to 7x3 (as seen pretty much everywhere else in the regon) to make the best of the given space and open up more room for wealthy residents.

The current city size is approximately 6,000 and may reach 8,000 soon.

Line up the Shot

The intersection of SR1 and SR2 lies just between South Roseville and Ramses. SR1 effectively divides the two cities' boundaries, and carries the majority of Ramses' traffic into the South End Industrial Park.


What was once a quaint roundabout was changed into a normal lighted intersection when SR2 was upgraded into a 4-lane highway.


Target serves as the major grocer, pharmacy, and retailer in the city of Ramses. It employs about 500 locals, many of whom are high school students working part time for spending money.


More of the city's core. Recently some apartments were approved for construction due to their low height profile.


SR2 continues on to the southern wilderness. Development of any kind is currently forbidden past here by Roseville State Law until 350 F.R.


The school, library, fire department, and some residences.


The Rose River narrows as it passes Ramses. Here we can see the local SR1 bridge and the massive electrical towers bringing power to the city from the SEIP. Many teenagers enjoy having parties just across the narrow part of the river.


The eastern reach of the city and further bending of the Rose River.


Some Ramseans take the back road to the SEIP. They decided it would also be a nice quaint location for their cemetary.


An overhead shot of the city.



The City of Riverside

Lies on the east shore of the Rose River, several miles north of Downtown Roseville.

Riverside was founded in 111 F.R. and is the third oldest city in the Roseville Metro Area.

The city is home to roughly 30,000 residents and hosts European architecture in order to distinguish itself from Roseville, something that Ramses and Richardston did not do.

Riverside is the only other city in the Roseville Metro Area to host a State University and has brought in many tourists with the beautiful river scenery and the regionally famous Rose Beach.

To the Beach!

Rose Beach is a favorite for Riversidans who want to have some fun on the Rose River.


Downtown Riverside. SR3 brings passengers right into the city's commercial center.


Some of the urban sprawl, the local solar power plant, and the 302 bridge.


R302 runs right into SR3, seen here heading into Roseville. Pictured is the south side of the Riveredge Industrial Park.


North side of the Industrial Park, as well as the West Riverside town center. Currently SR3 is the widest highway in the state with 6 lanes. These lanes were added around 180 F.R. to compensate for the massive traffic going into Roseville. Nowadays traffic is immense in both directions and developers are beginning to think of further expanding the roadway.


North Riverside features the only farms left in the city, as well as the R301 highway, which leads to W. Riverside and the Industrial Park via the 301 Bridge just offscreen.


SR3 is an extremely busy thouroughfare for North Rosevillians and Riversidans alike. The SR3 Bridge is often choked with passengers taking the back way to the South End Industrial Park. Though SR3 has been expanded all the way to the region's industrial center, most commuters still decide to pull off and take a series of back roads. Major traffic revisions were undertaken to aid this problem near the Soees District.


Riverside State University is not currently big enough to host any major sports teams, but has a renown Music and Arts program, led by Professor Amees. The University is located in the thick of the urban sprawl just east of SR3. The locals commonly refer to this area as Easthigh.


The rest of the Easthigh district.


The major area constituting Riverside.


These homes are just south of the Easthigh district, but prefer to call their area Northwood, as they lie on the edge of the Redwood Forest.


The South Riverside Town Center.


The southmost reach of Riverside, here we can see where Riverside borders Roseville and the Soees District.



The Sooes District

was founded in 207 F.R. as residents from E. Roseville ran out of room for housing.

Due to the distance from downtown, a medium sized mall area was constructed so that residents didn't have to travel all the way to downtown for shopping.

As it turns out, the area became extremely popular and soon the land leading up to the Redwood Forest was cramped with newer, modern housing.

The Mall

So we return to the main Redwood exit off SR3, except this time we will wander to the west and examine the Soees Mall Suburban District.


The exit dumps travelers off near the Hecht's and Nordstrom. The easy highway access has helped fonder the mall's success.


Some of the strip malls that make up the complex.






The Soees Mall sits right near the edge of the South End Industrial Park. The Soees Train Station can be seen here.


The suburbs developed heavily by the mall, causing houses to be build practically on top of each other.


The jammed in suburbs North of the mall. Here we can also see where the city of Roseville ends and Riverside begins (the cities employ different housing styles, as do the suburbs). The two cities are currently in a tug of war over who will formally annex the Soees district. Recent polls show that 64% of Soees residents would like to establish Soees as its own City, 22% would like to become a part of Roseville, 13% would like to become a part of Riverside, and 1% have no opinion on the matter.



The Rising Suburbs

The "city" of Roseburb

...is not an actual city. Rather, it is the parcel of land where large swaths of Roseville citizens have begun to migrate as the city proper becomes evermore overpopulated.

Due to aforementioned land restrictions east of the Rose River, the population brewing in Roseville has been forced to extend west into unchartered territory.

The land was purchased by Roseville in 220 F.R. and has seen great growth since.

Two major highways have been erected to serve the estimated 50,000 residents that are expected to flood into the new district.

SR4 runs from the edge of Roseville's newly acquired land to the city core.

SR5 serves as a N/S route for the new territory, and will hopefully keep the new citizens from flooding the already busy R202 near downtown.

Current State

The Roseburb annex territory has many connections to the inner city, the upper avenue we can see here is actually SR4 in avenue form, heading into the busy city.


Many citizens like to live near the Roseville International Airport, which is just beyond the borders of the new annex. Although there is considerable noise, the view of planes taking off and the easy travel access are great perks.


On the other side of the rail viaduct lies a small string of fast food restaurants, followed by the beginning of suburban sprawl.


Along with the fast food and small mall area, many high tech corporations and manufacturers have moved into the area because of the cheap land values and easy rail access. Rail is very limited in the Roseville city center.


The industries extend up along this main avenue and are paralleled by some of the suburban development.


Even some farms have moved in. They are directly west of the last farm field in Roseville proper, along with the Roseville Elite Club for golfing and the University of Roseville.


The suburbs have grown wildly since the land opened up, and many Rosevillians are enjoying the wide open spaces and greenery that are not commonly associated with Roseville.


Currently, development is prohibited past SR5 until 250 F.R. Developers want to make sure that the local wild llama will not pose too much of a threat to residences built past the highway. Shown is the intersection of SR4 and SR5, or Jct.45 as the government calls is.


An overview of the currently developed area. The government hopes to keep the farms around so that residents can go out on romantic country drives and get away from the busy city.



Redwood Established

Roseville's eastern suburban development eventually ran into a dead end at Redwood Forest.

For years, only tourists ventured into the old growth forest to see its beauty.

5 SimYears ago, in 235 F.R., Redwood was founded.

Redwood was settled mostly by sims from the southern reaches of Riverside, though some came from the Soees suburban district.

Entering Redwood

State Route 3 is at this point fairly unused, as cummuters head west to the South End Industrial Park rather than to the south, where this highway runs.


The northbound lanes of SR-3 bend northeast into the Redwood Forest, which is currently protected as a Roseville State Park.


This exit leads to Redwood in the east, and the Soees Mall to the west. Pictured is the Redwood Resort, a destination spot for all those who love nature's beauty.


The first thing anyone who comes to Redwood from the highway sees is the boring Redwood Train station. A few hundred sims use this regularly to reach the far off industrial park.


From there, one encounters the beginning of the Redwood Strip mall. Behind is a minor skate park and in front is ample parking for the many tourists that Redwood attracts.


At the end of the strip we find the City Hall, School, Walk-in Clinic, Library, and Fire Station.


The bike path behind the Century Theater leads to this little roundabout park, centered on a small mayoral statue. Along with the statue is a plaque describing the history of the Redwood Forest.


These residences lie just west of the strip and are fairly reflective of Riverside's housing, the city where most Redwoodians came from.


The residences east of the strip.


An overhead view of Roseville taken by the crew of a plane on route to Roseville International Airport.



A Brief Introduction

Roseville, the most recent area I have developed, is still in its infancy.


This city journal is to celebrate the evolution of my city making. Soon I will reaquire my old laptop, so I am excited to revisit my old cities and share them with Simtropolis.

But first we must start with my newest cities and gradually roll back in time.

Roseville is the second metro area I have started on the Maxis London map, The other metro area is kind of random and decentralized, we'll get to that next ^_^

....Also this is my first CJ so try to be nice :thumb:

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