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About this City Journal

Starting Fresh for the end of summer! Paplhanx (Pal-pHonCS) Metro Area, for the first time is NOT a part of the Region of Aspire CJ in Any Way.

Entries in this City Journal



So i'm here at the station, what now?

freaking cheap A** company couldnt do a plane....

[John] sir, can you please direct me to 40 and Tux?

[Citizen] Well, first you have to take the C to 4, and That'll get you downtown

[Homeless Man]Sirs, can one of you give me some Hath?

[John give man 50 hath] here. it's more than what my bosses give me,,

[John] thank you sir, and it will take me to 40th?

[Citizen] you took the ole' binter line, correct? unfortunately you got off on the wrong stop.

[John] excuse me!?

[Citizen]you should have gotten off at the Colton Rail Station, instead, you got off at North Potmac. that was the last BRC train ever to go through to palphanx, and the PMT lines won't be up and running till next year.


[Citizen] Personally, no offense, but i really dont care anymore. Oh, and there's your train.

[John]ughh... well, bye then


More to Come Later!!!


Palphanx Sub Stories Presents

Kertis Mayter

Beginning on the next chapter of the Palphanx Metropolitan Area, The sub story of Kurtis Mayter, a low-wealth citizen of Palphanx's Northern city of Colton, is badly wounded by the high-wealth group known as the Burners, because of his financial status. in this sub story, Idiocracy meets devestation as we watch what unravels in the chain of events in the year of 1978. We Follow John Fauxiel, a 18-year old interim for Aster-Cheboyang Newspaper, who travels to the city to find and interview Mayter.

1978--JANUARY 1



It has been brought to the attention of certain wealth tensions that we send you to colton, where you will meet and interview Kertis Mayter, a low-wealth citizen of North Colton. As We All know, Mayter has been brutally beaten by members of the high-wealth class now known as the Burners, a representation of their wealth, for noutoriously, literally, "Burning" Excess money that they do not need. it has been seen that some people in the surrounding areas have been stirring up protests for police officers not trying to, "Investigate" the issue due to "certain circumstances". More Recently, the Television news network in Bayten has agreed with us that an interview (as stated above with Mr. Mayter) to be held within the next month.


Goodbye BRC

After almost 100 years of Service, the Binter Rail Corporation has been bought out by the new Palphanx Metro Transit. The Company went bankrupt after struggling to keep afloat in the 1975 year.


However, it seems that the PMT will keep operations alive on all of the lines, and is planning to rejuvenate the defunct Tram system.


the line that intersects Aster and Cheboyang from Palphanx to Colton.


New Aster

[*]A-S-T-E-R C-H-E-B-O-Y-A-N-G


Headline - If I'm Correct, then apparently this is the end of the line... at least until they come to an agreement?

Pictures of Project Bunker


The Northern Area


<<-- North Aster ||||| Ruker St. Exit |||| Delkan Tunnel ->>


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