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  1. So i'm here at the station, what now? freaking cheap A** company couldnt do a plane.... [John] sir, can you please direct me to 40 and Tux? [Citizen] Well, first you have to take the C to 4, and That'll get you downtown [Homeless Man]Sirs, can one of you give me some Hath? [John give man 50 hath] here. it's more than what my bosses give me,, [John] thank you sir, and it will take me to 40th? [Citizen] you took the ole' binter line, correct? unfortunately you got off on the wrong stop. [John] excuse me!? [Citizen]you should have gotten off at the Colton Rail Station, instead, you got off at North Potmac. that was the last BRC train ever to go through to palphanx, and the PMT lines won't be up and running till next year. [John] SO HOW DO THEY EXPECT ME TO GET BACK [Citizen] Personally, no offense, but i really dont care anymore. Oh, and there's your train. [John]ughh... well, bye then More to Come Later!!!
  2. O Norte | Mijas

    I like your farms!
  3. Palphanx Sub Stories Presents Kertis Mayter Beginning on the next chapter of the Palphanx Metropolitan Area, The sub story of Kurtis Mayter, a low-wealth citizen of Palphanx's Northern city of Colton, is badly wounded by the high-wealth group known as the Burners, because of his financial status. in this sub story, Idiocracy meets devestation as we watch what unravels in the chain of events in the year of 1978. We Follow John Fauxiel, a 18-year old interim for Aster-Cheboyang Newspaper, who travels to the city to find and interview Mayter. 1978--JANUARY 1 FROM ASTER-CHEBOYANG NEWSPAPER ATTN:JOHN FAUXIEL It has been brought to the attention of certain wealth tensions that we send you to colton, where you will meet and interview Kertis Mayter, a low-wealth citizen of North Colton. As We All know, Mayter has been brutally beaten by members of the high-wealth class now known as the Burners, a representation of their wealth, for noutoriously, literally, "Burning" Excess money that they do not need. it has been seen that some people in the surrounding areas have been stirring up protests for police officers not trying to, "Investigate" the issue due to "certain circumstances". More Recently, the Television news network in Bayten has agreed with us that an interview (as stated above with Mr. Mayter) to be held within the next month.
  4. SimCity 5 - Five Must Have Features

    now that i think of it, SC2KNE was not really a bad idea...
  5. Goodbye BRC

    After almost 100 years of Service, the Binter Rail Corporation has been bought out by the new Palphanx Metro Transit. The Company went bankrupt after struggling to keep afloat in the 1975 year. However, it seems that the PMT will keep operations alive on all of the lines, and is planning to rejuvenate the defunct Tram system. the line that intersects Aster and Cheboyang from Palphanx to Colton.
  6. SimCity 5 - Five Must Have Features

    My Requests: Intergration of the URK - :circa SC3000, building buildings out of blocks, we completely build them from either wood or steel (anybody heard of Bridge-It or Pontifex? instead of using it to just make bridges, we could use it to make our buildings ALSO, Street names extended labeling systems, e.t.c. a last request that i can think of: instead of giving a box to build in, ill just say it like this: build a city other towns arround the city absorbable towns U-Drive it's reincarnation the return of the Big-Eyed ailen thing lol and fade other towns and cities unti we get to the city limits: where the city will LOAD up, and fade the previous city. I certainly hope that im not getting my hopes up for a game thats not going to be...
  7. GlobexCo Workshop

    somebody already probably noticed this, but it seems to me that the whole CXL system is based on a website hosting a game.. (this game uses basically Java, Flash, XML, Lua script among with others as i explore the files., ...could cxl be treat like a website flash game when modding?
  8. Anti-aliasing

    Top_dog, you would need a new Gfx card with the pixel shader 2.0 support. This usually happens with an intel, or VIA chip, or any low-perfomance video card to ease the 'lag of the game. I think there's a mod in somewhere in here that would probably help you with your problem, but use at your own risk.
  9. Hello World! Today i'm going to show you how to make sunken highways, and Exits! We Begin With selecting any Dirt Road. Dirt roads don't have the bricking/ground rules as regular roads, and can be upgraded to a non-bricked road as well. Next, select ANY ROAD (i mean it it could even be the highway) and lower it with the shift+mouse key. lower it to a good ammount. In this picture, i chose the small avenue. Continue the road onto the other side of the dirt road, be sure to get it close to the first peg so the proximity sensor dosent go off and link the two roads together. After you do this, you should be confronted by the following: Lastly, change the dirt road to a regular road, and voila! add exits by building small roads or regular roads to the newly build highway. It's preferred that you use the regular, un-dirt road to provide some realism into your sunken higway. Another set of implementations of the sunken highway
  10. New Aster

    [*]A-S-T-E-R C-H-E-B-O-Y-A-N-G Headline - If I'm Correct, then apparently this is the end of the line... at least until they come to an agreement? Pictures of Project Bunker The Northern Area <<-- North Aster ||||| Ruker St. Exit |||| Delkan Tunnel ->>
  11. Seven

    SimCity 4+3 (is this why everybody's points went to 7?)
  12. So, what are those points for?

    ALL OF THE POINTS JUST VANISHED TO 7!!! What? Upgrading 2 Win7?
  13. Highway addons for cities xl 2011

    Hyperwolf, Just exelent. the highway intersections make your city look even more Realistic!
  14. All disaster of SimCity 4?

    you can also make the police go to specific areas (if you check the crime map, if an area says arson, you send them there before there is a fire and you wont have to send in firefighters. Also, for any crime, you mostly can send them there and that crime spot will usually go down in violence (red->yellow->virtually none)
  15. All disaster of SimCity 4?

    there was this one thing with the police that you could do also, you could block traffic if there is a fire, or something going on in an area near a disaster.. i found it useless, but it added a touch of realism because as the disaster happened, it made people find another way to get tho their places.