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Grand River City

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About this City Journal

Welcome to Grand River City... A modern, upbeat community in the heart of South-Western Ontario!

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City Journal Ends

Hello everyone. Unfortunately, there will NEVER be a new update for Grand River City. My computers hard drive has crashed and lost all the Sim City 4 files. My goal is to create a new city sometime in the following weeks. I would like to thank everyone who has supported my Grand River City Journal... all the comments people made really gave me momentum to keep updating this CJ and all the suggestions that were made such as the different water, tree, terrain mods really helped me grow as a Sim City urban planner.

Thank you so much everyone!! :)



Thanks again to all the wonderful comments! Welcome to the 3rd entry of Grand River City... I think you might like it. I gave this entry the title "Beau" which means beautiful in french. Enjoy!! :)

Downtown, west of the Grand River is seen below:


This is a growing city, which means more sick people and greater demand for retail services. A new hospital (top-left) has recently been built, and construction on Grand River City's first mall is taking place just across the street (top-right):


Roundabout at River Road and King Street:


A beautiful day to work on the farm, or take a ride through the local expressway:


More commercial service buildings springing up:


Thank you!! :D


(Don't forget to vote on the poll at the top of the page ;))


A Growing Community

I would first like to thank all the lovely comments and suggestions people have given me! The following pictures were taken before the suggestions users gave me so they will be implemented in the 3rd CJ update. :golly: Sorry that the 2nd update is so close to when the 1st update came out, I've just had these pictures and want to share them with you all. The next update wont come out as soon. :P

Grand River City has gone through many changes, including improvements to downtown. A town hall has been built as well as a farmers market. More commercial development in the area is making the city centre the place to be! Many factories have been moved from this location to the city's North-West Industrial Centre:



A growing community means more efficient, larger roads to handle the traffic volume. Here you can see the biggest intersection in the city so far, with the community's first apartments and suburban shopping facilities:


Lowe's warehouse can be seen in the top-right side of this next photo. The building provides a few hundred jobs for sims. You can also see River Road in this shot. It's a pleasant road with centre turning lanes and a nice median with vegetation in it:


Newly constructed Riverside Park provides recreation and relaxation for sims:


Thank you! :)




Welcome to the community of Grand River City everyone! I have taken some pics from a while back that will show you the growth the city has gone through since the beginning. I am not here to bore you with writing so lets show the pics... shall we?!

First, here's a picture of how Grand River City looked while it was very young. Note how the city had a strong industrial core around it's downtown:



A few years later, even MORE development is being made:



The North-West Industrial Centre:


Development east of the river (name of river called, Grand River):


Overview of area (before east of Grand River development):


Thank you!! :)



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