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About this City Journal

The City Journal featuring magnificent nation of Greater Morsco, from modern cities to stunning nature.

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2 years later

Hello everybody!

Even though left the sc4 gaming community more than two years ago, I definitely haven't gone latent; through the course of the latest two years, I experienced some of the greatest successes in my life yet, and I am still eager to produce more and more awesome stuff.

In late february 2012, my interest in sc4-related stuff gradually dropped, and I completely relocated to

deviantart, as a specialist on photomanipulation and digital maps. In july 2013, I finished my greatest project yet; the World - Imperial Decorative, the largest and most detailed world map poster ever drawn. After it got quite a solid popularity(20,000 views in 2 days), I decided to pursue this hobby even more, and make it a foundation of my future career.

After I completed multiple designs and translation of all the political maps of the world, I started to work on a wide multitude of new projects, focusing mostly on detail and innovation. In late november 2013, I finished

Map of the Internet, project that skyrocketed me to worldwide fame.

In late January 2014, the Internet map got to the deviantart spotlight, and subsequently it was featured on vast multitude of international media, including

dailymail, the independent, fox news and much, much more. I gave about 15 interviews to the media all around the world during the first week of february, I also started selling prints on zazzle to get some money on the side; I earned about $10 000 on royalties through the first month.


Few weeks later, I also created my own website,

www.halcyonmaps.com, you can find all my featured work there.

I also produced multiple other maps, including the Climate Change map and a bunch of historical posters.

After a few weeks, all my posters will be available on amazon.com, amazon.co.uk and all amazon european marketplaces, as high-quality 40-inch wide matte paper prints personally signed by myself. Price of all the prints will be around 37 dollars(46 dollars with expedited intercontinental shipping), large-scale 70-inch wide Imperial Decorative map posters will be available just for 80 dollars including shipping. After sufficient medial and online advertising, I think it could provide me a considerable sum of money every month.


Previously released major projects include:

-Map of the Internet 1.0(compendium of late-2013 internet)

-Map of the Internet 2.0(compendium of march-2014 internet)

-Political Map of the World-Imperial Decorative(up-to date, most detailed political map poster out there)

-Political Map of the World-Minor(Smaller version of the world map, available in three designs: Decorative, Chancellor, Tanezrouft and Livingstone)

-The World-Climate Change(Political Map of the World, showcasing the consequences of the 250 ft sea level rise)

-The World-1938(Detailed map showing political situation in January 1938)

-The World-1914(Detailed map showing political situation in January 1914)

-The World-1875(Detailed map showing political situation in January 1875)

Thank you for reading. If you want to support me, you can buy Map of the Internet 2.0. print on zazzle


Yours sincerely,


Btw, if you are bored,


So, after the update about Iallon, let's straightly proceed to the true core of Magna Auridia, what is located around road of Via Auria. Via Auria is 14 km long, and is iconified as "Street of the World". It is most famous sight in Magna Auridia, and most visited landmark in Greater Morsco. Before proceeding to the update, you can read the replies.


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Obsideo: Thanks, these obelisks are "Place de la Madeleine" obelisk, search that and you will find something on STEX or maybe LEX.

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At first, we will look on the one of most important places and landmarks in entire Greater Morsco, the Senatus Magnus, Grand Senate of Greater Morsco, where is located Parliament of Morsco, with 777 members. Currently, Morsco is led by prime minister Harris Johan Trambialos, although official head of state is president Theoniconos Trapesus(who has minimal power and acts only as state representative). Major parties in parliament form rightwing conservative coalition, although this may change in upcoming elections on april 2012. Via Auria starts at the senate


Central city district is called Imperialea, and is most visited part of the city. It is full of high rise modern buildings, mostly commercial ones owned by major companies, but there are also few residential ones.


Via Auria is very famous because it is covered by stone plates, what are covered by thin layer of gold, as it was from 18.th century. There is only about 40 tons of gold on 14 km long Via Auria overall. There are also located memorial stars dedicated to famous people from Greater Morsco, and also many footprints of famous people who walked Via Auria. More than 7 million people visit Via Auria every year.


Further to the east is located the Grand Square, sometimes called Central Square or Plaza Aurea, only major square on Via Auria besides Campeillo Square. At Grand Square stands second highest building in the world, massive, 1,111 m high Alcedion Supertower, second to Noadhibou Dhiubai in Royal Gaansbaai Kingdoms.


After Via Auria reaches River Morsca, it passes it as "Pont Aureum", the Gold Bridge, one of the most famous bridges in the city, although it is smallest one. It passes across two river islands and then continues in the district of Academicum. Via Auria ends at Grand Campeillo Square and University, but we will look on that areas in later updates.


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Magna Auridia City - Iallon

So, after the introduction to Magna Auridia, let's continue with full update about the smallest district of city, Iallon. But first, the replies.

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Let's see the map of Magna Auridia City, capital of Greater Morsco. Iallon district can be seen on the far northeast of city. This map also shows other districts and some of the city sights.


Let's begin in the central part of Iallon. Before one century, Iallon was city independent from Magna Auridia, but as it was rapidly growing, Magna Auridia engulfed Iallon at the beginning of 20.th century. Main avenue of Iallon is Via Campeillo, what leads across entire Iallon to Imperialea District. During our visit to Magna Auridia, we will stay in Hotel Campeillo, one of the most popular hotels in the district.


Iallon is well known for its history under rule of Count Iallon, position what has been granted to rich merchant Valerius Iallon for his service to Greater Morscan emperor in 1624. During next few centuries, Iallon has grown to major prospering city. Valerius's descendants later built massive Iallon Mansion, where Iallon family lived since 1915, when city, engulfed by Magna Auridia started to slowly transform to grimy and dangerous place. Iallon Mansion is surrounded by large Iallon's Gardens, covering area of 10 hectars, being largest parks in Magna Auridia.


Historical center of Iallon is not big, however it is only historical area in entire Magna Auridia metropolitan area. In the center of historical city is located Cathedral of Saint Flavius, largest cathedral in L'Athala and second largest in entire Greater Morsco.


In present times, many areas of southern Iallon transformed to modern commercial and residential midtown, with many hotels and commercial highrise buildings. In year 1903, Marcus Iallon Campeillo, count Iallon and nephew of famous Antonius Campeillo(probably heard about him in previous updates), merged Iallon family mining company Raelion Campeillo with Magnus Mining, and formed Raelion Cae, currently largest company in the world and Greater Morsco, not limited only to mining, but also operating in manufacturing and electronics industries.


After city being engulfed by Magna Auridia, Iallon family left the city and moved to minor village of Corpore, what was later transformed to massive industrial city. Then, city part of Iallon started to be one of the poorest areas of Magna Auridia. Many criminals and gangs of Magna Auridia operated there, Iallon became infamous for its criminality and mafia. After Great Adonian War, Iallon started to recover, and after many decades it finally transformed to safe and beautiful district of Magna Auridia, as it is today.


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After many updates about province Thallos, let's continue to the capital, Magna Auridia, by train from Lassai(city in Southern Thallos). But first, the Replies.

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So, after the many updates about province Thallos let's move to the north, to grand province of L'Athala. It is most populous province of Greater Morsco with more than 30 million inhabitants, and there is located greatest city and metropolitan area in Greater Morsco, the Magna Auridia City. Magna Auridia is capital city of Greater Morsco. It is known for many skyscrapers and city sights, and is also most turistically visited city in the country. Magna Auridia consists of five districts which were consolidated in 18.th century: Campi Orienta, Campi Imperialea, Campi Alcedia, Academicum and Saltana.

With a 2010 city population of 9,784,200 and metropolitan of 17,465,100, Magna Auridia metropolitan area is 7.th largest on Adonia. With more than 341 buildings higher than 150 m (450 ft), Magna Auridia is city with most skyscrapers in the world.

The city hosts many world renowned buildings like Alcedion Supertower, Tower of Aelon and Hotel Palatine Building and other buildings, including the Parliament of Greater Morsco, Grand Campeillo University, and the Grand Stock Exchange. All of these will be shown in next ten updates.

To see more information about the city of Magna Auridia, check Magna Auridia on USNW wiki.

For now, I am going to show you only a Teaser of central part city, located near Via Auria. In this commercial part of city, many towers and skyscrapers there are owned by one of the largest companies in the world, Raelion Cae Magnus and Aelon Opthus, both from Greater Morsco. Building on the left side of picture is grand Raelion Center, 420 m high tower. Enjoy the teaser!


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting and +1 :ducky:


Southern Thallos

After the update about El Moritia, let's finally leave Greater Thullia metropolitan area, and proceed to the capital city of Magna Auridia. But first, we will travel few dozens of kilometers to the southern part of Thallos, one of the Greater Morscan provinces where are also located cities El Thullia and El Moritia. But first, let's look on the replies. :ducky:

Titanicbuff: Yeah, it is actually not so packed.

Emperordaniel: Thank you! Although the Market Square after rebuilding was not shown in this update.

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Escilnavia: It is actually custom lot texture, I made this park lot.

Evanm1487: Thanks! They are various parisian buildings by Porkissimo and Xannepan, and also central european historical buildings.

Wustmann: Also thank you!

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Before we will leave El Moritia, let's look one more time on the city. In the winter, city is very rarely snowed, along with El Thullia, because it is located close to subtropical climate, but it happens occasionally, last time in 2007.


Further to the south is population density much smaller than on the north, because of Thallan hills what cover almost entire area. For that, there are not many large cities in this area. In the hills are located many panoramatic areas like view from Cornelius Bridge, Pons de Cornelius.


On the highest hills of Thallos are often located old, now ruined, castles and forts, what were built in 13 and 14.th centuries. One of the minor castle ruins is also Aretissia Castle, located near village of Aretissia.



Many railways pass this area, where are located many animal pastures, mostly cow, sheep and goat pastures. Entire area os Southern Thallos is full of villages similar to these seen on the picture. And now, let's take a train to the Magna Auridia. Enjoy your 3 hour long ride to the capital city.


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting and +1 :ducky:


El Moritia

So, after the animated teaser, let's proceed to the full update about the El Moritia. But first, the Replies.

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El Moritia is a minor city in Greater Morsco, province Thallos. It has 460,000 inhabitants, and is often considered satellitte city of its massive neighbour, El Thullia. Both cities have very similar architecture, although El Moritia has more modern architecture overall. Many famous people from Greater Morsco came from El Moritia, including world famous 18.th century composer Carlos Aesthros. Most popular among tourists is central historical part, architectural style there is very similar to the outer historical areas of El Thullia. This part of the city also includes Market square, and just near it is located Aesthros Square, where exploded devastating bomb on 28.th of august.


El Moritia has also extensive tram system, what covers majority of the city, and is sixth largest tram system in entire Greater Morsco. On the southern part of city is located Central district, also called Financial, although many buildings there are residential or hotel ones. In Central district is also located Central Park, largest park of El Moritia, what covers area of 1.2 hectars, and is popular recreating area.


Across the city flows minor river of Moritia, named after the city, what later joins Morsca. It also divides city core to two parts, Old City is located on the northern side, and "Financial" on the south. On this mosaic, City Hall can be seen at the top, and in the left down corner is Aesthros Tower, highest building in both El Moritia and El Thullia, being 157 m high. Enjoy the mosaic!




In the outer areas of El Moritia are located major residential areas. Buildings there have been built in 60's and 70's of 20.th century, with typical residential architecture of 20.th century in Greater Morsco.


If you enjoyed this update, don't be afraid of commenting and +1 :ducky:


El Moritia - Teaser

So, after longer break, I am finally starting to post again updates of Greater Morsco, but first, enjoy this animated teaser about the city of El Moritia located few kilometers below El Thullia(and possibly also the replies).

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Eugenelavery: Yeah, it was really based mostly on Europe.

El Moritia is major city with more than 400,000 inhabitants. It is located about 20 km to the south from El Thullia, and it is also known as "Little Thullia", because of similar architecture of buildings there. Although it is much smaller city than El Thullia, it has much more skyscrapers, 28, while El Thullia has only two buildings higher than 150 m. City is generally less known as Thullia, being often referred as its satelitte town. It is well known for El Moritia bomb attack on 28.th august, where more than 1000 people died after the massive explosion in the center of the city. This is only teaser, full update will be there soon.


If you enjoyed this teaser update, don't be afraid of commenting or +1 :ducky:.


El Thullia - Grand Airport

So, after our long visit to the magnificent city of El Thullia, cultural capital and second largest city of the Greater Morsco, we are going to leave it and go further to the north to Magna Auridia. But first, let's look on the thullian Airport, where millions of foreign tourists come every year. It is beautiful and large airport, second largest in entire Greater Morsco. But first, the Replies.


The Airport of Thullia was built in years 1902 to 1905, as the first airport in Eastern Althena. This time it had no terminals, only two landing strips. In year 1970, it had four terminals, with more than 25 aeroplanes landing there everyday.

On this picture from year 1982, famous Terminal B, largest of the terminals in Airport Thullia, can be seen.


Now it has 8 terminals, and hundreds of aeroplanes are landing there everyday. Many of them are owned by major aerolines in Greater Morsco, Auridian Airlines.


Air Auridia is flying to more than 85 countries and 380 destinations all over the planet Adonia.


Hundreds of aeroplane types can be found on the airport Thullia, from Raelion IS-55, capable of speed more than 2600 km per hour, to the massive aeroplane Raelion MS-999, largest aeroplane in the existence, with more than 1000 seats in all-economic version.


And city of El Thullia looks most beautiful from the height, from the window of an aeroplane. This is the last image of the city of El Thullia I am going to show you, so enjoy it.


And, after our visit to El Thullia, you can also buy some souvenirs, from postcards to memorial coins. It is only symbolic.


Hope you enjoyed this update!

If you like it, remember to comment, please :D . I will make next update only after I will get more than 8 comments there.


Special: 28.th August attacks

So, after recent 10.th anniversary of 11.th september, let's have special update. But, because of recent 28.th august shocking attacks on Greater Morsco, let's view(or read) short newspaper about them.







In the memory of the victims of 11.th september 2011. May they rest in peace.


El Thullia - South city


So, after few days in East Old City, let's continue further to the southern part of the city. It is also interesting part of city, where roads are beginning to replace streets and car free zones. It is bustling and charming part of city, with many scenic areas. But first the Replies:


In the far south of East Old city is located diplomatic and ambassador center of the city, Diplomatic street and plaza. Many embassies of foreign nations of Adonia, for example New Chandler, Ruteria and Utrova. There are more than 40 embassies or consulates in this area.


River Morsca also flows this area, only as Grand River. It is more than 180 meters wide and many bridges go over it.


One of the oldest bridges over river Morsca is Anatheon bridge, what is 205 meters long, and it was build in 1856. After that, it fell in 1906, and it was rebuild in original style in 1976. Now it is popular tourist attraction.


Close to Grand Morsca is located Grand cemetery, major graveyard in the city of Thullia. Close to it is located church of Saint Christine, gothic church built in 1775. Entire cemetery covers area of about 24 hectars, and about 160.000 people are buried there.


Finally,in the far south, just near the edge of Thullia city is located large Eccagron(Westfield) castle. This medieval fortress is oldest large building in El Thullia, built in 13.th century. It covers area of 3 hectars and it is famous tourist sight in this area. The massive cannon in front of castle is mighty Campeillo's Howitzer, caliber 950mm what was used in the battle of Thullia in Morsco civil war in 1850.


Hope you enjoyed this update!



So, after Teaser and information update, let's continue to the magnificent East Old city of El Thullia. But first read replies and the Guidebook.



One of the major buildings in this part of Thullia is Stock Exchange, financial and stock market center in the city. It is new building covered by white marble. It was built in year 1997.


Two major skyscrapes can be seen there. On the left is higher one, Raelion tower(also known as Campeil building), center of company Raelion cae in the city of Thullia. It is 260 m(800 feet) high. There were many protests and petitions against this building, but they didn't pass and it was built in 2003.


One of the most beautiful city squares, with large park, Atlantica square is also located there. It is located close to the Globe square, and the park is straightly connected to the Globe gardens near The Globe square.


Famous and monumental building of Globe palace is located on Globe island, small island connected to the both sides or river by 12 bridges. Globe palace is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, famous exhibition center. Currently is there exhibition of future teghnologies and architecture. It is surrounded by gardens and parks, maybe much smaller than Grand Parks of Thullia, but still worth visiting.


Hope you enjoyed this update!


Now, we will move more to the east, to the East Old City, main financial and touristic center of Thullia. This update is only teaser, expect much more from this part of city in next updates. Let's read the Guidebook.



Just near Grand Moritia and North Morsca is located Grand Pearl Square, with North Palace. This area is considered part of North Moritia, but officially it belongs to part of Grand Thullia. North Palace is one of the three city palaces, first being West Palace and second Global Palace on Globe Island.


Further to the east is located Financial, but it is not used only for bussiness. It is one of the most visited areas of the city, due to shopping centers and shops there. Thullia has also minor tram system, but it covers only eastern area of city, with 50 stations and four links.


Finally, as a bonus I present you map of Thullia subway site, with all links and stations.


Hope you enjoyed this update!



So, let's continue with Old city of Thullia. There are much more interesting sights, many of them unmentioned. Let's read the Guidebook.



One of the another interesting places in Thullia is magnificent Cathedral, also called Grand Cathedral. It was built in early 19.th century in

historical style. It is huge building what is currently main religious center in whole region.


River Morsca splits to two major rivers when entering the city, named North(although it is West) and Grand Morsca. North Morsca is smaller and entirely "canal" like, but Grand Morsca has still natural coast.


Very popular place to rest and adore beautiful paintings and sculptures is The Art Gallery of Thullia, located just near Central Canal, between North and Grand river.


In the east part of the city is located Old Town, the historical core of Thullia built in 15,16 and 17.th century. Most of buildings there are more than 450 years old. One of the most important sights there include Church of Saint Maria, what can be seen on the picture.


And finally, I present short mosaic of Imperial square, located near Moritia road and Orsque Square. Building on the lower side is Old Marketplace.



Next Coming: Parks of Thullia


El Thullia - Old City

So, let's continue with The Greater Morsco. And let's begin with something interesting. For example the magnificent city of El Thullia.


So, let's look on the Guidebook.




One of the largest squares in the city is the Orsque Square, famous for its Golden Chapel, built in 1744. The square covers area of 24 ha, and major metro network junction is located there. Building on the upper side is The Hospital and on the lower side is called "Orsque Palace"


Just near the square is located Moritia Road, known as popular shopping area. It leads from the City Hall to the West Market and museum.


The City Hall is located on the eastern side of Old city, close to the Northern Morsca. It is beautiful building, and just behind it are Gardens of Thullia.


Finally, on the far south of Old City is located Southern Market with Tower of Thullia, undoubtely one of the most famous and most visited areas of the city. The tower is 88 m high.


Next Coming:El Thullia - Old City II


The Introduction

The Greater Morsco is one of the largest and most technologically advanced nation of USNW and Adonia. Take a tour across this beautiful and magnificent country, from great cities to stunning nature.


So, now let's look on some Teaser images. The Thullia is one of the most beautiful cities in the region, known for its massive historical districts, mostly from 19.th century. Millions of tourists come there everyday, and view many of the major city dominants.


The Capital of Greater Morsco is the Magnificent Magna Auridia. It is very modern and technologically very sophisticated city, with more than 8 million inhabitants.


And, there are also many stunning natural areas, in the huge mountains what cover major area of the nation.


Hope that you liked it, much more coming soon!


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