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About this City Journal

A fake middle Eastern style country, on a fake planet called Arfigan, as one of the poorest countries on a planet with many disputed borders and unclaimed lands, here is a tour of the country enjoy

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So, sorry guys, its Monday and I wasn't able to get the entry up till now,

Thanks you to all my commentators for getting me to #7 on BTT.

Today, I have a special update, I will be showing you my favorite city in Sotoa!

This is one of the largest cities in Sotoa and the Capital of its Provenience, enjoy.


NMUSpidey: Thanks man, haha, I imagined that too.

Adrianor: Thank you, I'm glad you mistaked it for sky guy's, his work is beautiful.

MamaLuigi945: Thanks, its the least I could do for the people who showed some respect, nobody will forget.

Sky Guy: Thank you so much, your CJ's awesome too, read Adrainor's comment ;)

Schulmanator: Thank you, I can't decide on which water mod looks the best. :P

10000000000000: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

packersfan: Thanks, I got the muddy water idea from looking at the Amazon R.

AC76: Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

KHRYSTOF: Thank you for commenting.

simtalay: Thank you, I'm not familiar with the SATO pack, could you please give me the link?



a small river passing through the centre:


A shot of the city over looking the large Jabu River:


The outskirts of the city, a highway entering and leaving Torok:





Green: Teria, Anea: A Leasathian nationalist has shot an Aurielian ambassador for the United League of Nations (ULN) building. The man that shot the ambassador was able to get two shots into his chest before two police men tackled and detained him. Aurelia says that the reason for the attack was because Leasath is "barbaric." Leasath has not commented and the man has not yet been identified.

Yellow: Port Smith, Aurelia (Formerly occupied by Leasath): Leasath begins bombing Port Smith after the civilians and rebels started to revolt and eventually liberate the city, according to the rebels, Leasath is afraid of another revolt and will set an example for the rest of the country by bombing the city. One of the rebel leaders said " They will try to bring our morale down, but will fail no matter what they do. The thought of liberty and freedom is to strong."

Orange: Sotoa City, Sotoa: Shia Langodi decides to invite over the Yukotabanian Dictator for talks of better relations.






Hey guy's here's another update of Sotoa.

Before reading this entry please give a moment of silence to those

affected by 9/11, and then enjoy,

a list of 9/11 CJ entries will be listed in SNC,




MamaLuigi945: Thanks, I edited it to be lighter, sorry for the bad editing.

a_muses: Thanks, I fixed it, hope you liked it.

111222333444: Thanks, I loved how you edited it

Schulmanator: haha, Thanks

NMUSpidey: Thank you

ee99: Thanks

10000000000000: thanks, I'm not really good at airports

Molooo: Thanks


here we go:

Farming areas:


New Rustan Bridge:


finally a bay surrounded by farms:



Never Forget- Never again by terring-link

11.09 "We will never forget by Efkin- link

Selbring County l Vallence & Summary by Huston- link

9/11 Ideas Anyone? by 111222333444- link


Thanks, bye everyone, have a nice patriot day.


Hey guys back with another update of Sotoa, we'll be looking at the

Shiwshwan Atoll about 125 miles away from Sotoa. Enjoy


Special thanks:

To Heblem for getting me this tree mod

and all my commentators for commenting



Adrianor: Thank you

Sky Guy: Thank you, its JRJ ploppable water

111222333444:thanks man, its a train generator

MamaLuigi945: Thanks, glad to have a fan.

10000000000000: thank you, trust me the Yukotbanians are a complicated bunch ;)

NMUSpidey: Thanks, glad to have a regular commentator

Schulmanator: Thanks for understanding, and thank you again

heitomat: Thank you

KHRYSTOF: Thanks, it was my favorite

dabadon5: thanks man.

Paulobergonci: Obrigado

Velocity264C: Thanks

ee99: Thanks its JRJ

ThomasSimpson:thanks man.

spursrule14:Thank you I'm honored.

shoko: Thanks


The Shiwshwan lake on the island:


The medium sized city of Shitas:


The beautiful beaches of Shiwshwan:



SNC: Next update


ads: page2mj.jpg


Thanks for viewing,



hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't been very active on simtropolis this week, but I've been busy with school

updates on this Cj will now be on Sat.. Today we'll be looking at the second biggest city of Sotoa and its

former capital, Al Kadir, this city is made up of canals and rails, when the Langodi Dynasty came into power

in 1922 they moved the capital to Sotoa City. Please enjoy



10000000000000: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it

111222333444: Thanks man

spursrule14: Thank you, I love your alien worlds CJ

ggamgus: Thank you, yes I'm used to the comment but I like to be moddest :D

canadiansim: Thanks, I like that pic a lot too

Schulmanator: Oh, you mean the flora, thank you

Roberto Robato: Thank you

Sky Guy: Thanks, your CJ's are amazing as well

k50dude: thanks, theirs been a lot of debate between the first and last pic, lol

Bipin: Thank you very much, your Cj is so amazing, I'm your #1 fan. :thumb:

vortext: ha ha, a little mistake in realism.

spursrule14(again): Thank you, I'm honored


and once again a big thanks to all the commentators, this will be a short update, I'm sorry, I'm just really busy


a canal and rail running along the outskirts of Al Kadir:


the rail leads into the small centre of the city:


and finally, the large commerce area on the coast where the growth is on the Kadir Peninsula:




Green: Al Kadir, Sotoa: The West Coast Shipping Co. (WCSC) expands into Al Kadir, bringing in more jobs and a better economy.

The company rivaling Mattson Shipping Lanes has made double the profits of Mattson Shipping Lanes (MSL) due to faster and larger ships. The WCSC brags saying they are the #1 traders of the world, making Sotoa the head of the trading empire.

Purple: Oslen, Yukotabania: The Yukotbanian Navy has agreed to move from disputed waters into the port of Oslen. Yukotabania apologized for the dispute and hopes for better relations. Shia Langodi says the dictator kindly agreed to move the fleet of warships in hopes that Sotoa and Yukotabainia can, one day, get along.

Orange: Aurelia (occupied by Leasath) revolts in Port Smith has Leasathian authorities very occupied, (no further details realased by the gov.)





hey everybody, its friday again so that means another update of Sotoa.

I hope you enjoy cause it took me hours to build and worked very hard on realism.

Also so far Siam is great and will come put the first Thursday of September.

Now the entry, once again enjoy.


111222333444: Thank you for the very high rating :thumb:

ggamgus: haha, thank you very much

10000000000000: maybe, I don't think the Sultan would like a war (cough, cough) but its possible, and thank you.

NMUSpidey: Thank you, It's been a hot summer hasn't it?

k50dude: sure thing: I use lunapic editor and use soft lighting, sharpening, and skin smoother, and the use the pouring rain affect, thanks

pielover94: lol, thank you for the encouragement! :D

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________here it is the state of Fulgani, a large provenience of Sotoa.

Zambodi, a small city inside of the provenience:


The farming land of Fulgani:


And Finally the third largest city of Sotoa and the capital of the State of Fulgani, Sueznam:


hoped you liked it, please take the time to comment and rate, thanks


Sotoa News Corporation (SNC)


Blue: Sotoa City, Sotoa: The Bank of Kazar sees a surge of profit, saying more Sotoans are taking out loans. Due to the great economy established by Shia Langodi, bank officials say that the interest rates have lowered over the past year. Shia Langodi's approval rates soar at a massive 88 percent like, and 10 percent dislike. According to a study, Sotan income rates have increased since Shia Langodi came into power. The Bank of Kazar thanked the Sultan on a commercial and now support him.

Red: off the coast of Sotoa: The Yukotabanian fleet stays in the same location, saying that the waters are rightfully theirs. The SDD( Sotoa Defense Department stated "The Yukotabanian's were very ignorant and obnoxious and a Sotoan naval fleet would quitely "escort" the Yukotabanian fleet out if they needed to." The Sultan, Shia Langodi has even arranged a meeting with the Yukotabanian dictator, Vladmir Haskoni about the issue. The sultan said today at a speech that " this minor problem will not affect us in anyway and all Sotans should not worry about it. The meeting will be on Sunday, August 21st.

green: Barbarian territory: Yukotabania says it will anex the barbarian land called Haban if the barbarian leader Hussan Jabut, does not sign a capitulation treaty. No other details have been said.


Thank you,




hey guys it me escilnavia again and I'm updating early because I've been working on Siam.

So, I've tried a new flora mod so tell me what you think, thanks for all the comments and support

and we'll get right to the entry.


MamaLuigi945: Thank you, I hope you like this entry too.

111222333444: Thanks

Mike the Mayor: thank you, I try to make it as realistic as possible, all flora near water.

Treka: Thanks, I went to the lake and it gave me some inspiration, or do you mean all of Sotoa :D

Ep1ctetus: Thank you, you mean the waterfall right, there was no dam.

jack3oh3: thank you, the waterfall would have looked blocky without the rocks.

Evillions: Thanks, I love your CJ too, Omnibus.

shoko: thank you, glad you enjoyed


If you've just looked at this Cj please look back on some of the entries and obviously this one, thank you

New flora in this update:

A monsoon has hit southern Sotoa, the farmers don't seem to mind the extra rain though:


Planes that are about to land are told to be cautious when they are about to land:


After hours of rain people are in fear that the river is about to flood:


The cars on the Siwa Land Bridge are told to go slow, the lanes are very slippery.


hope you liked it, I worked very hard on it


Sotoa News Corporation (SNC)


Red: Sotoa City, Sotoa: Sotoa Confirms it will not partake in the world games being hosted in Anea. Shia Langodi the sultanate of our beloved country says "it could somewhat affect relations with other foreign countries, including Leasath, which is at war with Aurelia. Considering the fact that the almost occupied country, Aurelia, is partaking in the games, it could cause bad relations with Leasath.

Sotoa and Leasath have had very good relations in the past years, as well as their trading. Anea's president has not yet commented on the issue, but only three countries so far have agreed to participate.

Blue: Off the Coast of Sotoa: A monsoon from the south is expected to move north into southern Sotoa. Weather officials say the storm has a very unlikely chance of being hit by it. The southern part of Sotoa is being warned to prepare for the storm.

green: Off the Coast of Sotoa: Yukotabainian ships are mobilizing close to Sotoan Waters. The SDD (Sotoa Defense Department) has demanded the Yukotabanians to stay farther away from Sotoa. Yukotabania and Sotoa have terrible relations and as Shia Langodi has said "lucky they are not at war right now." The Yukotabanians are expected to move their massive naval power by midnight.

SNC message: Now on "Times of Troix"

brought to you by:






hey guys, back with another entry of Sotoa right on time! My little cousins are here so I'm a bit occupied right now :boggle:.

Thank you for all the comment and support. and we'll go straight to the entry,

if you liked the Kazar river tour you should like this, so enjoy...

a little extra:

SC5 rumors!: here


Schulmanator: Thank you, its nice just to go from the desert, to a nice tropical environment

Blakeway: Thank you, its not my map though, its the ace of combat map :golly:

NMUSpidey: thanks, but like I told blakeway, its the ace of combat map, and don't worry about it, you don't have to comment on everything, though I do appreciate it! :D

111222333444: Thanks, I'll update Siam every Thursday and Sotoa every Friday.

ToXiC SiM: Thanks for commenting. :)

bv933738: Thank you, I hope you this update also

Jetty Jockey: thank you for commenting, I love comments :)

alright here we go, like I usually say, please enjoy and if you'd like pm or comment some suggestions.


Today, we will be looking at the Sansadam River, a river that runs from the middle of the country and empties out in the mid north ocean.

We start our tour at the Rayadan Sandbar:


about 5 miles north of the river is the small city of Dakanir:


As we go north we find a small waterfall, nice view if you ask me:


And finally the Langodi Delta emptying into the river


________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hope you liked it, no news this week, so here's my new signature




closed this week, sorry for the inconvenience


hello everybody, today we'll be having a glimpse of Republic of Siam V.2.

If you like it enough, it should be released in early September. so, thats basically it,

from now on every Sotoa entry will be on Friday, maybe Saturday next entry, cause I've been

very sleepy lately. So let me know what you think here we go.


Schulmanator: Thanks, but Sotoa is kinda like the Afghanistan of this world, only certain parts are nice :ohyes:

111222333444: Thanks man

KHRYSTOF: No, Thank you, your welcome though :D

Benedict: Thanks, maybe I should use these houses for Republic of Siam, tell me what you hink

Viky: Oi Viky, obrigado

Pielover94: Thank you

* back on Earth

A temple by an estuary:


The downtown area of Shi Tain:


the farms in the very north of Siam:



* back on Arfigon

Sotoa News Corporation (SNC):


Green: Sotoa City, Sotoa: The Bank of Kazar surges in profits.

Yellow: Leasath: the Gleipnir ( the largest air craft in the world) takes refugee after being damaged by Aurelian rebels.

Blue: Ratio/ Yuktobanio border: tensions between the two countries rise after border wars.

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________hope you enjoyed, see ya next week


hey guys, I was supposed to update tommorrow, but I'm busy then so this updates coming early.

This entry we'll be looking at the Bulgart District ( a state of Sotoa ) which is located in the west, I hope you

enjoy, if you have any suggestion to make my C.J better PM me or leave it in the comment section thanks:


10000000000000: Thank you, yes I'm glad I made the top ten

NMUSpidey: thank you, 1(13 zeros) mentioned that as well

Schulmanator: Thanks, yes I thought that too, probably my unprofessional editing, hope to see you on the leaderboard

Manitoban: Thanks

ToXiC SiM: thanks, I try to do my best

111222333444 :Thanks, I focused on that mostly, although a little blury

Hyronymus: I don't know, I have a mac, you can PM me more about it if you'd like, and I use luna pic

FashionSims: thanks, more to come

k50dude: thank you

Matheus Franca: thank you


here we go, let me know what you think

The small village of Rangi:


about 15 miles from Rangi lies the medium sized city of Bulgart itself:


a unique feature of the district is that it has the most unbearable desert in Sotoa,

but the rivers great for fishing and swimming:


I hope you enjoyed, comment if you liked it, or if you just feel like commenting,

and I'll see you next Friday, bye


Sotoa News Corporation (SNC):


Green: Sotoa City, Sotoa: A small car bombing near a small village injures 15, kills nobody, the

Dictator nor the defense ministry has commented.

Yellow: Bolskon, Anea: Today the Anean said it will attempt to host the world games (kinda like olympics on Earth) despite

conflicts and war across the planet

Red: Aurelia (occupied by Leasath): Aurelian rebels push back Lesath forces to the Yatan Mts. (details small, the Lesath Gov.

refuses to give more details).


Hey guy's welcome back, today I'll be showing you more of Sotoa City, the capitol.

I'd just like to say thank you to all the comments I received. and that's just about it, the news will be up next



Schulmanator: Thank you

NMUSpidey: Thank you, I'm glad you liked the coast

Panthersimcity4: Thanks, I hope I added enough road connection in this

Hyronymus: The funny thing is there is no terrain mod, it's just editing, but thank you

carlosau: obrigado

10000000000000: Thank you, more to come

111222333444: Thanks, I'm glad I'm in Times of Troix

BTW: let me know if you like or don't like the editing

The Zanzuda District, a large residential area;


The city by the Danjar River:


The Petshwa Temple on the outskirts:


One more thing, I would like to thank all of you for making this C.J popular in the last week,

I appreciate it, I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any suggestions, please PM me or leave it in

the comment section, bye until next week

SNC (Sotoa News Corporation):

(under construction)


hey everyone, I'm back with another update, you may be wondering why I'm not in UCOM anymore,

well do to inactivity, the leader shut it down and merged with UNSW (please excuse me if the letters are

in the wrong order), So there won't be a new map :(, anyways here's the update,

I hope you like the editing, let me know if you hate it or like it.


first of all I would like to thank everyone for the comments, they make me feel very good :lol:

Saathoff: Thanks man, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Soer_II: Thank you, this update is on the coast too, obviously :golly:

Jositoo: Thank you, I've flown over the everglades and its very nice

De Ja Vu: Thanks there's some RHW in this update, I love BC2 but I play COD more, I hate the war between

both of them on Youtube

WheelBarrow95: Thank you

Schulmanator: Thank you

A Land bridge that connects the bay:


The medium sized city of Golmanar:


The Matison Shipping Corp. ship passing past a rural village:



No News today

Thanks everyone, I hope you enjoyed, another update next week


Hey guys, I'm back from Rio De Janeiro and it was awesome, i know its been a while since I last updated but you should expect updates

weekly now, anyways enjoy this quick update:

Replies: Read comment section of last entry

A split in the river:


A highway running along a farm:


A farm on an Atoll!:


Thanks, news in the next update, if you've just joined us please look back on some on the entries


Hey everyone, I'm back and this may be the last update for a while

because I'm going to Brazil for the Summer! Hopefully it will give me a little

inspiration when I come back, anyways if not the next one will be. Here's Sotoa

after a couple days of storms and showers, please enjoy

Oh, replies in the next update, but thanks to the people who commented, I really appreciate it

The beach resorts:


An intersection and bridge leading to the Island of Gardanan:


That looks a bit scary to me:




Also in the news:

the map will be in the next update hopefully

The West Coast Shipping Co. (a shipping Co.) bought a

smaller competitor after gaining more and more profits internationally

Oil profits are down this month with attacks on oil refineries supposively

by the South Vandals (other update)

A new segment: Escilnavia's top 3 updates of the week next update as well

bye hope you enjoyed please comment


Hey Guys I'm back with another entry and once again if

you are wondering about siam it won't be back for a while

anyways, the Kazar river used to be occupied by many tribes until

it was united into Sotoa by King Rabadash in the 1830's enjoy:

Replies:Schulmanator: Thanks

Dnzbjk: Just search Frogface's files for the buildings, Thank you

A river village:


An Island:


Because of more open trade, many merchant ships are seen everyday:


I hope you enjoyed this update

Also in the news:

Sotoa joins UCOM Union

PSN back up, but pretty laggy

A new map in the next update,

bye :ducky:


Hey guys thanks for all the positive comments, usually I focus on small cities

but today its Sotoa City the largest city in the country. It's lush and green

because all of the Oasis' no desert here :ohyes: I hope you guys like it,

its probably the best large city I've ever made.


Schulamanator: Thanks for noticing, they are both different regions of the country

Archean: Well its kinda hard to tell what they are, There's a way to make bats into

props, I might do a tutorial on it. And a story, I could use some suggestions, besides I'm not a good writer

I use to many commas. The region shot, its weird, when ever I take a region shot it turns out blurry (IDK) :???:and I can't upload it to Image shack

CO2: No, but I'll take it that I need to give my cities more life to them

Here we go, I guess:

A 3 way intersection:


An apartment near the intersection (IDK I thought it looked cool):


In the News:

PSN still down! :angry:

Sotoa opens oil trade to Aurelia (see map on Intro)

Eursea, Sotoas neighbor claims Fuscum Sea as its airspace, Soatoa is angry at

this action.

bye I hope you liked it please leave comments BELOW, Thanks bye


Hey guys I'm back again, and if your wondering about Siam it will be back eventually

as V2.. Anyways I hope you enjoyed the last update because I worked really hard.

School work has been slow lately so, expect great things to come, please like it, if you like it.


another town outside of Habalad, Kandudar:


The Raput River:


The main village of Habalad:


What do you guys think so far,

news will be in the next couple of updates,

bye, I hope you enjoyed again :thumb: (thumbs up)


Hey guys, here's my first update with pics, I hope you like it, anyways

Jizzkah is made up of small farming villages with no roads, considering they

have no cars, considering their too poor. These villages are mostly located near

oasis' and provide most of the agriculture to the country enjoy

BTW: Siam will be back

Here we go:

A small village in the north of the desert:


An oasis providing life to the desert:


A richer village, crop income has been good this year:


News will be next time, bye


A fake middle Eastern style country, on a fake planet called Massaria,

here is a tour of the country enjoy

Hey guys I'm back after a devastating black out wiped out my computer.

Also, I think I'm going to open Siam back up, thats all I have to say,

here's my intro

Massaria: I will get a map up in a bit


About 3 million, official censuses are never taken


Mostly desert, some grasslands


few precious minerals, oil, fish, wheat, rice, spices, sugar

Government Type:

Communist, Dictatorship (considered monarchy)


Shia Langodi




Sotoa City


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