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  2. So errrm Floating Parks

    Ah, that makes sense then I guess. So they had a reason to talk about it so much. I really hope they change something about the bobbing at some point. It would allow us to use the floating shader for more.
  3. I have played a little with Train Tracks, and I plan to keep doing that. That is the best approach, but also very difficult at the moment. The editor is very complex and the Road Editor Wiki is far from complete. Right now it's just a matter of trial and error, and sharing. Once we know more, together we can put together a tutorial. I think @BadPeanut knows most about the editor of all of us by far, so I'm also looking at you for help man
  4. When I do something in the editor, I always use the -noWorkshop startup parameter. Like you say, mods not only influence the game, but also the editor. If you ever need some mods that help with asset creation, put them in the Local folder of the game (in AppData). Other than that I have no idea how MaxOS works, this is just what I do on Windows.
  5. Update time again! This time it's my recycling assets, which now produce raw materials. Looks like the patch simply added that to the garbage AI, so all I had to do was add a value for the material production. Nice and easy, plus it means I don't need 2 versions, since it works without Green Cities installed.
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  7. So errrm Floating Parks

    I asked the devs, apparently the bobbing is hard coded into the shader and can't be changed with vertex paint (however they did say "currently" so maybe they might think of changing it)
  8. @Chirpynado It's a style, which can be enabled/disabled in the content manager. It should be enabled by default. Then to use it you just paint a district where you want these buildings to spawn and select the European Suburbia style.
  9. Shinkansen E5, WIP Cockpit finished:
  10. I don‘t know if this is the right place to ask, but anyway… I tried the road editor yesterday, but for some reason I only got a tab for the "Basic" variant. I tried several vanilla roads like the highway ramp, always with the same result. The tabs for "Elevated", "Bridge" etc. were missing. Any idea? I‘m playing on macOS by the way, and my game is heavily modded.
  11. So errrm Floating Parks

    Maybe the shades are broken
  12. New way to share massive savegames??

    I think so. But it will probably crash your game, likd mine does when I hit 'Enable All' for my mods. I hope it only forces the mods that are saved to the game, and not utility mods like PLT or Camera Mods. Less more means lower chance of crashing then hitting that button.
  13. Any City building tips?

    Thanks a lot, I never really thought of doing this either, this should help out quite a lot i imagine.
  14. Jakis'z BAT Thread

    k, how setting nitelites is different in "gmax" and "3dsmax" (3DSforBAT)? Earlier, I just grouped windows and named it "nitelites" in Gmax.
  15. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Indeed, there's more than one. I recently installed a pile of AC and JenX airport stuff, and then Datanode told me that the Space Port Fix Mod was completely overridden (made redundant) by another fix contained in one of the airport dependency files. EDIT: Found it... It's part of AC Functional Airports, and that version is described in the doc thereto.
  16. Since our general development thread here for NAM features (not directly related to the RHW or NWM) has fallen into some deep chasm on this board, and it didn't make too much sense to use the support or request topics for development, I decided to open up a new thread for such purposes. Opening up this thread, the first order of business is admittedly tangentially tied to the NWM--that of FLEX Turn Lane (FTL) expansion and potential footprints for new types. While perhaps the biggest priority going forward with new FTLs is the Type 230 setup, which would add double-lefts (or double-rights in LHD) to the TLA-7 and AVE-6, there are several setups in evaluation for the single-tile Road and Road-based NWM networks as well. Many of these proposed new setups center around using the footprint of the NRD-4 network in some fashion. Here's a sampling (there's a few more as well): Due to some recent exciting developments with respect to capacity increases, it appears we will be able to increase the capacity of these setups beyond that of the existing Type 110 configurations (which take advantage of the Distilled Intersection Paths (DIPs) technique for a 25% boost). Beyond this, there is also the Type 011 setup, which existed as a pre-FTL TuLEP prototype much earlier. It occupies a footprint that is a hybrid between that of the Road and NRD-4. The use of the NRD-4 footprint for the Type 111 setup does result in a slight jog with the through traffic paths in the resultant intersection, as shown with this prototype. The jog becomes less noticeable when crossing a longer intersection, such as one with a multi-tile network. On the right, the white lines show the path of through traffic--the purple line and the yellow stripe are showing the direct path of that center lane on the Type 111. An earlier, alternative proposal from the TuLEPs era involved expanding out from the Type 110 footprint with an extension into another tile, which cleans up the lane geometry and removes the jog. It also makes the geometry of splitting the outer turn lane off into a slip lane simpler. However, it result in some intersection asymmetry, and ends up taking up a (somewhat awkwardly) small amount of another tile, which creates some complications with zone placement. There are also plans for a Type 121 for Avenue-like networks, and it would be faced with the same situation as the Type 111. An alternate, multi-tile configuration for the Type 210 also existed as a prototype in the TuLEPs era: Thoughts on these possible footprints are definitely welcomed. -Tarkus
  17. Only in camera mode, https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/shadow-glitches-weird-edges-sunlit-face-self-shadows-lines-over-everything.1041344/#post-23416779
  18. I thought that came with "Concerts". But yes, that's the idea. No long collections anymore. It's also useful for yourself. You can use different custom assets in different cities and you can just unsubscribe from everything without keeping track of what assets you used in that savegame.
  19. Building Themes was the issue in my case.
  20. So errrm Floating Parks

    Well there are only 3 channels so i tried changing all of them and nothing happened. Although the floating garbage thing has a fidget spinner inside it so probably that's the only vertex painting it uses, not sure how exactly it makes it spin.
  21. So errrm Floating Parks

    Which vertex colors did you try?
  22. Amazon seeks a new Headquarters

    A $5 billion direct corporate investment in a single city is nothing to scoff at, nor is 50,000 new office jobs. The potential 8 million square feet of office campus area is of a scale to match the combined Twin Towers of the former World Trade Center in Manhattan. Just the amount of activity and money moving through a city from this project would be stunningly transformative for any city's economy, even if the local incentive package itself has to reach $5 billion, and Amazon knows it. After initially joining in the mad bidding war, my home city of San Antonio pulled out of the race two days ago and did nor submit a bid application. Officially, our city leaders rightfully decried the absurd escalation of outlandish incentives that are being desperately pitched to Amazon. Realistically, we actually never had much of a chance given the priorities Amazon set forth, for our transportation systems are pathetic, our educational attainment levels are even worse, poverty is endemic, and our parochial outlook stands in sharp contrast to the cutting-edge image tech companies like to present. Knowing our shortcoming from the outset, San Antonio boosters had hoped to instead promote qualities Amazon did not specifically ask for: cheap cost-of-living, cheap labor, cheap land, cheap energy, low taxes, and low regulation. That might have worked if we had a smidgen of the infrastructure, skillsets, and workforce Amazon was seeking, but we currently lag too far behind in these areas to warrant any close consideration when competing against other major U.S. cities. Perhaps this outcome is just as well, for it has forced our city leaders to openly acknowledge these shortcomings, and to admit how foolishly miserly decisions to not seriously invest in transportation and education in the past have now cost us very real opportunities today. We should already have had our downtown streetcar, intraurban light rail, and interurban commuter rail projects running, but, instead, the anti-rail folks have amended our city charter to effectively block rail and are now trying to do the same at the state legislature. When suggestions surfaced at the state level in 2011 to push the University of Texas at San Antonio into a nationally ranked Tier 1 research university, we should not have instead attacked the perceived economic value of higher education or decried the godlessness of liberal curriculums. When AT&T moved its corporate headquarters from San Antonio to Dallas in 2008 citing the poor quality and lack of connections of our international airport, and then Toyota cited the same issue in 2014 when they too opted for Dallas over the Texas city that actually hosts their manufacturing and assembling plant, we should have looked more carefully at improving our airport. Woulda, shoulda, coulda... No matter how cheap the bulk electricity here is, Amazon was never going to locate a second headquarters to someplace that can only barely scrap together an occasional direct flight back to Seattle on a minor airline. Still, I would have recommended the city bid anyway with a fair, modest package accounting for our limited means. Let Amazon be the one to turn it down. After all, Amazon's is by their own admission a transformative project, and if they really and honestly wanted to live up to promoted ideals about socially progressive urban transformation, perhaps they should pick a city where they would indeed radically transform the local trajectory. Philadelphia's The Inquirer offered this article: "What scrappy Camden offers Amazon others can't: A chance to lift up an entire city." Nah, my money is on Boston or New York. Meanwhile, Toyota and Mazda have formed a joint-venture to construct a new $1.6 billion, 4,000-job Corolla manufacturing plant in the U.S. and are seeking $1 billion in location incentives. San Antonio, with its currently successful Toyota Tacoma and Tundra plant, can strongly and realistically compete for this and the potential 20,000 indirect related jobs if it can get willing cooperation from the state in forming an attractive package. Reportedly, Toyota had even already bought the required land in anticipation of a second plant here 12 years ago. I fear, however, that foolishness at the state and national levels will undercut our chances, for the state legislature embarked on bathroom-gender bill fiasco that clouded perceptions of the state's business climate as the legislators of Ted Cruz Land battled to see who could claim to be the most conservative. It's the sort of culture war foolishness that I think may scare away Amazon from headquartering in Austin or Dallas, even though Amazon bought up Austin's Whole Foods chain and has clustered one of its highest concentration of U.S. facilities outside Seattle in the Dallas area.
  23. So errrm Floating Parks

    They added floating group lights shaders only now. I assume this is what allows the lights or props on the floating building to actually wave together with the building, instead of remaining static. Or maybe they changed the floating building shader or something about it so props follow it, I don't think they did follow it before. I also should check out what the basement shader is for. EDIT: The basement shader simply extends the base just like default building, but it leaves the diffuse instead of using the base texture, not sure what's the use case, but there you go. Also tried vertex paint and shader vectors on the floating building shader but nothing happened.
  24. Well the simple part is, you only need to make one seat or bank, then use the various array tools to copy and even bend them nicely to fill the arena. If you are still using SC4 BAT though you are going to have a tough time because the polygon limits will mean you can't be too detailed due to the sheer number you will need.
  25. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    Indeed, another of Maxis' "whoops" moments... thankfully there is a solution for that:
  26. Using SC4D seaport efficiently

    Most helpful bunch of tips and huge amount of them. My great thanks, more than a llama can express.
  27. SC4Deluxe difficulty levels

    1-Yes its true 2-You do some train missions for it But sad fact is... Its COMPELETY USELESS It doesn't boost anything
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