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About this City Journal

Welcome in the City that Never Sleeps.

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Hello Members of Simtropolis! :D

Today I was thinkin' and thought, I could Ask help from others for any idea's.

So that's were this one is for.

I am busy with the V.4. Version but I keep Hangin' on places.

Because Patience and Respect for NYBT is a fact.

I want the buildings that are on the Stex available for NY in my city on the right place.

Otherwise I Guess it's a Rampage and/or a Failure.

So I wait till there comes more.

There Are some Updates I want to tell... ;)

1: New York Times Building is placed inclusive with Appartment Blocks around it.

2: Making the Islands near Manhattan 2. (Not Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. Ther for later)

3: Removed the old General Motors Building to the New One from NYBT.

These are some Updates more I had not to tell just to Ask for some tips, give some Infromation and want my CJ still Livin' :P

For more I Have the link here from New York Manhattan V.3. If You want so see again :)


Greetings from Tim and hope to hear some!


Okay Guys.

I was forgot to upload A few other Downtown screenshots.

I did'nt do that because I thought These shots don't attach watchers but now I upload them also.

I see it now as Part 2 of Downtown.

For farder news I am not bussy with The Midtown of my NY because I get my first School Exam so no time for SC4 now :(

I hope these Shots will falling good by you guys.

And please I very like Comments of you guys :)

First I let you See A shot from The One Chase Manhattan Building.


Then Battery Park


And The AT&T Long Lines Building.


One Bank Building.


And at last A fiew on The NY Supreme Courthouse.


I hope You did Enjoy Part 2.

More comes Later.


Hello there again. :golly:

The wait time was shorter than I was expecting.

But That's not worse but just good.

It is time to show you guys Part 2 of my Bloq. :ohyes:

Now with some Midtown Screenshots as I said before.

I hope you all Enjoying this.

Avenue of the Americas.


A good look at the Church.


First look of Lexington Avenue.


599 Lexington Avenue.


A Side view at Central Park With Pencil towers special for Towerdude. (I put them there because some of them giving the good metropol feeling)


Mutual Life Building.


And ofcourse A look at The North Square of Times Square.


That was it for today.

Next time you shall see more again.

I hope you Did Enjoy this too. :golly:

Please Subscribe my friends. :ohyes:


Hello There Everyone. :golly:

I'm going to show you guys these Screenshots from my New York Manhattan V.4.

But not everything is finfished like the hole Midtown because there are coming more park avenue buildings from The NYBT Team and other guys maybe. :yes:

But the Fact is that My Downtown and The Financial District is finished so that's what you are going to see with exclusive one view of Midtown.

I hope you Guys are going to Enjoy These Screenshots and if you like? Then I hope that You will subscribe and rate. (if you are nicely and like that idea) :D

First I let you show The Brownsville Houses to give you a warm welcome.


Then Two Shots Of The World Trade Center.



Now A Wonderfull fiew at Downtown.


And here The Transportation Building, 10 Barclay Street & The Woolworth Building.


Wall Street ofcourse.


A fiew at The Apartments and some W2W Buildings.


The New York City Hall.


And the Alexander Hamilton Building.


The World Fiancial Denter.


And at last the first fiew of Midtown with The Park Lane Hotel & The Solow Building.


Thanks for Watching it. :golly:

And don't forget to subscribe and rate if you like that? :ohyes:

Part 2 will coming later at the time because i have a very bussy lifetime now <img class="bbc_emoticon" alt=">.


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