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amazing landscape, awesome screenshots

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Welcome again in Goa !


Starting this entry i'd like to thanks all of those who commented last entry and even those who just watched. Today i ll make you discover the first island from Goa' s archipelago where Western men landed their ship : Longley ( here on the first ground on the image above ).


In 1512, Oliveiro Da Silva Perreira y Bastos, Royal Navy admiral of Manuel The 1st, king of Portugal and nepheu of John II, was the first "white man" to discover the archipelago ; he landed his 2 ships on longley' s west coast .


The Oliveira's Dome wears his name to praise his memory and is supposed to be built exactly where the adventurer put the Royal "Blood and Emerald royal flag".


This building was the fisrt portuguese administration of the island, and just before Nederland invasion it was it 's diplomacy head quarter.


Now the Dome is the national culture and history museum. The only landmark of the poorest and the less unhabited island of the archipelago.


Hopefully, many business offices are attracted by that quiet island, also the Nationl Seaport Company has surprisingly established it's head quarter on this island. (tallest red and white building, between the Dome and the Seaport)


The market place is right in the town's center just next to the port and surrounded by the 1 way driving road making a circle around the whole island.


On the previous pic you can see the ground drawn arrows that tells the way cars should drive.


On the eastern coast of Longley's Island, this 2 one way driving roads finish by the gemely Igor and Griska Bogdanov Bridge, leading to Membata.


Longley is called "the green one" because of it s huge natural parc disallowing any construction on the island since 1994.The local fauna and flora is unique, some wild animals could only be find here as the Catrilla and the Foxy Cardinal



This part is where citizens live , here we can find a small school, an infirmary and a little police station (pics shown in this order just next) just ensure local population eventhough it s always quiet there.





To finish this entry, a picture i took as i made a trek in the natural parc, showing Goa's island and then in the background Sumba .

Thanks a lot for visiting Goa, i hope to see you soon on Doc's World, don't hesitate to comment and rate, stay tunned for more details about Longley and other wonders in Goa !


mistake on board ....

We apologize for what seems to be a big mistake, some of a bad joke taste in our mouths :angry:

Last week, a plane reaching Singapoor from Sydney with 6 over-educated scientists on board landed with a big scoop. One of these so called scientist told he woke up while flying and just saw a volcanic island he thought it was uncharted.Below you see the picture the scientist took and send us last week .


The poor dude just caught his camera and hit the shoot before he has found his glasses... such a mistake cause without, he was just like blind ! :boggle:

he didn't realized he wasn t flying over an uncharted island but the volcano of a world wide well known archipelago : Goa


Goa (independant nation since 1972) is shaped with 4 islands owned by 3 cities : Longley , Membata and Sumba are the name of the 3 cities and their island too, Goa is the name of the central island which belongs to the city of Sumba, and also the name of the whole archipelago . Goa's name come from the active volcano on it's center : Mount Krakagoa.

On the next pic you can see Longley on your right, Goa on your left and in the background Membata.


Here a look at Sumba, most active island with many offices bringing a little cashflow : the nation earns only 16000$ per month but the money is wisely spent !


Next one is the seaport of Sumba and in the back ground the big national media building of Central Goa News Network on Parish avenue(from where i write this entry :whatevs: ).

Background at the right, the modern tower of the new national parliament Which has got all the real decision power for the archipelago over the 3 cities will :party:


Goa is a rich archipelago due to the people living here, they are as sweet as the weather ! Multi ethnicity is here meaning a lot, 4 big communities are sharing happily their islands ; from the biggest to the less important : Indonesian, Malaisian, Chinese and Australian. As shown by the next pic taken in Membata, Islam is the first religon of the laic republic.


But Buddhism is also an important part of the citizens life as you can see here in Little Shangai, the chinese blocks just next to Membata's downtown.



I leave on these pictures of the Ankgoa Vat temple on Goa island's sanctuary part, actually no one is allowed to leave here : only tourists can make at least a 2 week stay over the island's resorts, and so citizens can get on the island only for the day if they don't work on it.



Thanks again for visiting Goa , stay tunned, i ll comme back soon to present history of the country, each island and much more !!! :thumb:

please don't hesitate to comment, ask questions nor share ... thanks again.


What a surprise for the 6 scientists and specialists discovering an uncharted island while following their way to Singapoor from Sydney ! they only had the time to take a picutre of an island from what seems to be a small archipellago dominated by an active volcano .


More to comme soon as the 6 said they wanted to get back and study this island....


Welcome back in Hong Kong, the amazing metropolis !


This edition of HK' City Journal is about trafic issues and mass transit system, which are real bad problems for the actual mayor, me! :thumb:

The city is earning a lot of money but spending a lot too, mostly for education, entertainement and global satisfaction of it's citizens. Even if they declare feeling satisfied over 96%, inhabitants will always complain about trafic jams and badly drown metro network.


Some unlucky dudes have many reasons to complain : living just next to an international airport is quite uncomfortable. >:(


Here is a map presenting global trafic : as you can see cars and trucks are overflowing the roads capacity and most of the day, jams paralyses the trafic.


Trying to fix that, the mayor decided to put the public money in, at first a bus network owning 2 terminus stations for 8 lines : 3 double dekker and 5 standard bus.Here the the biggest Bus station, right in the middle of the city.Average use of the 8 lines is about 49% for a 71 808 $ monthly cost. The 6th line (double dekker) costs on it's own 25 829$ per months ! :O


Here's a map of the bus line's tracks. 6 are leading to the big central station and 2 to the smaller one far in the suburb.


Here you can admire the quiet small bus station far away in the high tech area .


Here : Old Bicock subway station.

To encrease the power of this useful network, the mayor decided in a second time that the city needed a Subway network : very bad idea ! :rage:


Newport station.

Average use of the 8 lines is about 8% for 60 195$ montlhy cost. All the 8 tracks are working with short trains, so the city is really unhappy of this useless and expensive invest.


Here the subway tracks, dense but useless network...


For the end,West Island station ending the 4th and 7th lines on West Island.

In conclusion, this miss on the mass transit challenge has helped me for further works, I made this one a long time ago and learned from my mistakes since that.

Thanks a lot for visiting Hong Kong , excuse my english (i translated myself from french) and dont hesistate to comment nor ask questions. Don't forget to visit the official thread here and here, thanks again.


Les Deux-Alpes

Welcome to Les Deux-Alpes, a little town lost somewhere in the french alpen


129 571 lucky buddies are this city's happy citizens, only 5% of the unskilled workers are jobless, that represents only 1% of total population


On the first ground you can see the medieval village of Bourg-Lamoy and it's castle and backgrounds the new growin ski resort which allows many customers to visit our great city !


Ski resort in the background from Main street of the CBD .


Offices provides their services to high tech industries which is the first production of the town with 47 tokens.


So the city can hardly provides that type of ressource for it s own needs . Tourism is the natural alternative to earn money and enforce the citizen's lifestyle.



VIP hotels provide 21 tokens of hollydays.


Citizens are globaly satisfied at 87% so the mayor is sure to be re-elected !



The rich area of Dolly Wood


Many monuments and many different kind of beauties :wub:


La dolce vita


Saint Paul 's cathedral in the old Mont-Cut village.

Enjoy your Hollydays in Les Deux-Alpes


Thaks for visiting, and come back soon with your friends , you ll always be welcome !


Welcome in Sao Polothe paradise land, amazing beauty and fun are waiting you too visit !


Rich and without pollution, this city is a dream. People global satisfaction is about 88% for 1 605 574 citizens.


11 BP's boost heavily the town's stats


Many different quarters for amazing screenshots !


a strong production honored by creativity.


Stunning landscape




accurate work for eye candy and efficiency...


and a lot of fantasy to create what i dream of ...


Sao Polo


thanks for your visit, dont hesitate to put comments and don t forget to visit the official thread


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