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come Thursday i will have all tokens and players ready to start rolling the dice

on Thursday this post will be edited to be the rules and the players with their tokens

the other journal in the forums section for simopoly will be used for auctions, trading, and double rolls.

this journal will be updated every Thursday displaying a game board with the players tokens on their tiles, and all the tiles with tokens on them will get a screen shot showing the changes from last time around

the sims will be the money x10, so one dollar will be 10 sims. and i will do my best to make the population in that city represent the cost or price of that tile (ex. boardwalk price = $400, and if you buy 4,000 sims will be taken from your supply and added to that city tile

same rules as monopoly, no money for free parking, but i will add 500 sims to that tile

if you start buying houses, i will start zoning medium density, and a hotel means high density... but the population will always reflect the amount of sims that have be lost on that tile,

there are 2 of each property so you will get a choice at the beginning of the game, and whenever you land on a corner of what path you would like to take. you can still have a monopoly if you have a combination of ins and outs, which means there will be 2 people that can hold a monopoly of the same class.

the order in which you post to this will be the order in which you roll, you must have 3 things that must all be different from the people that post before you

1. your token (i will make one for you if you don't want to) for more on tokens see my SIMOPOLY journal in the forums section

your token must be something different from the others that have chosen one in the forums section

2. a color (this will be used to make it easier to see your token on the board, your color will be the boarder around your token)

if you have already chosen a token in the forum you need to select your color still or one will be chosen for you.

3. your commitment status 1-10. 1 no input needed from you.5= you'll manage your sims and properties. 10=helping me to keep everything complied and together (since i will not be able to do this on my own i hope a couple of you choose 10)

this Thursday will be the first official roll of the dice, so make your choices now!

if i go over the number of players i have for the board i may add more tokens and spaces

the winner will be the person that has all the sims, and everyone else is bankrupt


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