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About this City Journal

Welcome to Brooke Peninsula, as we see from the perspective view of an architect named Zahrul A. Read as we chronicle his life, his ambitions and the boring daily life an architect and urban...

Entries in this City Journal


More of Brooke County, NC

Lighthouse Isthmus

The Civil and Urban Department of Brooke Peninsula decided to review and revitalise the still unincorporated community of Lighthouse Isthmus, which shares a zip code with the southern parts of Brooke City. As part of the railway revitalisation, the railway station was revitalised and an expanded parking lot was added. A demonstration held by commuters held up by traffic jams and a major crash involving several cars, a truck and a train which killed 6 and injured 34 more, made the roads a target for revitalisation.



Close up view of the interchange:



Brooke City

The city has seen a lot of recent growth, among them an increase in overall wealth and satisfication. The downtown boasts a lot of offices and its always busy with people rush hour or not. The downtown also includes a few hotels which serve the beach and some small shops. The city decided to rezone parts of the city, so well....

The downtown, always busy


It used to be a large R$$$ house there, but the owner decided to move elsewhere but still left a presence by having 2 blue holiday huts for his family and relatives who come there. It is now bought by a developer, who built the tallest building in the county, a condo- you can suggest a name for the condo.


Some gentrification along the Southern Rail station. It used to house low income farmers, the farmers sold their land and moved elsewhere for better housing. The place where the old station was is now my BAT, check my BAT thread in my sig!


To sum this up, a 9 hole golf club was built towards the northern parts of Brooke County in an unincorporated yet unnamed place people like to call 'Airport District'




For now I'll show you a short mosaic along the town of Lighthouse Isthmus, which is located south of Brooke, where Zahrul Atharinafi lives. He comes here from time to time, usually with the aim of going to the cinema. I forgot to turn off the grid(i was too busy watching pearl harbor) and use zoneria somehow 43.gif.




For now I'll show you a short mosaic along the town of Lighthouse Isthmus, which is located south of Brooke. Zahrul Atharinafi usually comes here from time to time, usually with the aim of going to the cinema or go shopping. There are lots of shopping boutiques in this town, mostly located in the aptly name Boutique Ave, just due east of the railway line. The railway station is about to be revamped like we saw in previous updates.





==================== BIG UPDATE FRIDAY! ====================


'Revitalise both stations!' won the vote by a clean sheet- as we see how things have changed.

Airport Station:




More info: The place where the old station once stood, is now an open area with some parking for those who go to the airport by car. The loop was enlarged to accomodate parking while the junction was moved somewhere as the enlarged loop took its former position. The area south of the eastbound road will be reserved for testing my BATs.

South Station:


More info: The station was replaced by a more compact station closer to the parking lot. The place formerly belonging to the old station, once again, is reserved for my own BATs.



A new connector to the Industrial station was made so people coming from the north don't have to change trains in the Downtown station.

==================== A CITY TOUR of CIVIL and URBAN DEPARTMENT ====================

We'll se a tour of the rail station as done by all members of the Civil and Urban Department and the Planning division of the County's legislative parliament.

Passing another electric train north of Renton


South of the airport station, alongside it with where the old station was, now a plaza and parking lots.


At the airport station.


Overall, the ones in the tour were satisfied enough. The new station was much easier to maintain ans since it contained(and used) local material. In the long term, this may profit the city. Considerations to do the same on other unrevitalised stations(Downtown, Renton, South of Downtown, Industrial).


Railway Revitalisation

March 8 1995

On a warm wednesday, as usual weekly, there was a meeting. Usually it would be about zoning applications, but this time it was about something else. Something that isn't common.



The City and Urban Department have decided to modernise 2 railway stations for varying reasons.


----------- 1: To provide more parking spaces so more people would use the railway to park and ride instead of clogging up traffic.

----------- 2: Improve aethetics

----------- 3: Replacing the old, expensive to maintain, railway stations, with simple, modular, cheap and space saving railway stations.

Here are the areas affected;

---------- 1. Airport


Southern Suburbs:


A vote will be held on the old CJ section, vote NOW!

Link: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=36&threadid=119930&enterthread=y

Put comments wherever you like it!



More Info about Brooke Peninsula

Brooke Peninsula is a part of a county named Covedale County, NC. It was settled by native indians for varying reasons, where in the 17th century, it was occupied by the English. Early economy included cotton, wheat, plantations, tobacco, around the 18th century, slaves were introduced from Africa. Around some time in the 19th century, several types of ore were found, initiating the current economy today. With a need to protect the seaport and departing convoys carrying materials needed for war effort, a shard USAAF and Navy base was built. It was converted to a conventional airport after the war. A massive tourism promotion and a building of a beach resulted in rich people buying land to make their own mansions and use them as weekday or seasonal retreat. Some mansions are owned by rich people who work in the area or wannabees living in the cheap lands beside the airport.


Population: 17.881
Economy: Farming, manufacturing, mining, tourism
Median income:  $ 49405(for permanent residents)

Unemployed households: 9%

Major Employers: US. Steel, the county itself, Vanico Boats


Back to the storyline

Zahrul Atharinafi is a recently graduated civil architect from UCLA who found a job at the Civil and Urban Department of Brooke County. To travel by aircraft, one needs transit in Atlanta(Delta), Washington(United), Charlotte(US) or Philadelphia(US). It seems like he chose to transit in Washington for some reason, including using United Airways as his carrier, as this picture shows.



He, with his wife Alice, got straight onto a taxi to their new home. It was reasonably priced, since the couple have estimated that, with an income of 3.500 dollars per month, they would pay out their home after some 4 years. Here is their house;




These are his neighbours. Those 4 houses were built by a developer who offered just one floorplan, the result is quite hilarious.


His workplace, Civil and Urban Department Building.


That's all for now, though we may explain more about the Department's plan to improve the city itself. You can also vote as well when a plan is made.


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