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The Start of Misery

Most people wonder why this war has even began…

It has brought all but destruction and the suffering of mankind.


The grand nation of Aeracus was so beautiful and prosperous before the war started.

Grand cities and monuments were erected and colonies were founded.

Cities like Londeaux and Accentus were once so grand and beautiful...

They connected entire cultures and countries.

In other news, the old Emperor of Henden, Kaiser Afteq, has returned.

It seems, that the man had a doppelganger.


A map showing the nation in all her glory.

Phase 1.

It has happened...

The war had been declared several weeks ago.

At first, the army of Aeracus could fend off the vast armies of Henden.

Later, all resistance seemed futile and the remaining soldiers fled to the coast where they were shipped off.

Kaiser Afteq’s new tactical plans have proven to be extremely efficient.

He has named it ‘The Blitzkrieg’ with the intention of swiftly conquering the neighbouring countries.

As his men marched northwards, across several neutral countries, he eventually entered Barencia.

Many people have already died, especially civilians.


A Barencian farmer had revolted against the passing tanks, that were ruining his field.

Several minutes later he and his family were executed and the farm was put alight.


A map of Aeracus depicting the devastating path of the Henden armies.

 Several neutral countries have already been annexed.

Phase 2.

Barencia has capitulated and the armies of the Henden Reich are pulling deeper into Aeracus.

Accentus was destroyed by a bomb and left the city devastated.

The battle of Londeaux and Havrei are being fought.

Things aren’t looking good, I’m afraid.

The two southern island of Aeracus have been turned in to a warzone.

All who could have already fled to the Island to seek refuge.

The Henden Reich will show no mercy...


A photograph taken from the back of a fleeing ship.

The city of Havrei is under severe attack.

Those who can, are fleeing to the harbour.


The armies have pulled into Aeracus, as can be seen on the map.

Enormous battles across the countries.

Near and in cities, like Aeratrix, Vorsos, Basthos and Havrei.

How much more must we endure?

Phase 3.

Hope fades as the armies of Henden pull even further into the country.

Countless cities have fallen to the power of the Henden Reich.

Auges has been completely destroyed and Havrei has surrendered.

The Henden Reich is truly remorseless.

A new tactical plan has been put in to action, we can do all but hope that it succeeds.

Londeaux is under attack by both ground and air forces.


Londeaux as seen from the street as thousands of bombers attack the city.

People flocking to their homes or other locations for safety.

This may mean the end for Londeaux...


The Henden Reich is making progress in the northern part of the country.

Meanwhile, forces are fighting in Basthos to secure the durability of the city.

Resistance seems not futile, but not without effort.


  Aelencia, Queen of Aeracus.


The Shattering

Aeracus  –  634 Anno Domini Aelencia



The Barencian Embassy has been bombed at approximately  00:12.

Casualties are great, many are Barencian.

Pictures of the scene have been taken and investigation is underway.

Kaiser Afteq has been held responsible for the event.

He is now being held captive in Redwich Palace.

The Kaiser claims not guilty.

More news on further notice.


An image taken near Our Défense on Avenue Baracus, shortly after the bombings.



Intact surveillance cameras have been retrieved and information is being gathered.

Two men have been found walking towards the Embassy with a suitcase.

The number plate of the car they drove is being traced.

Kaiser Afteq still claims innocence and will be judged once more information is available.

The fires have almost been extinguished.


Surveillance Camera 1.

The men can be seen walking towards the Embassy.


Surveillance Camera 2.

The unidentified men are about to enter the building.


A closer image of the men; their faces are unrecognizable .



Diplomatic issues arise.

The Kaiser has declared war upon Aeracus, causing the Triple Entente to shatter.

Kaiser Afteq has been charged of death for conspiracy, treason and manslaughter.

He will be executed the 26th.

The Barencian and Aeracian Alliance continue, back to how things used to be.


The old flag has already been recovered and now hangs proudly on many buildings.



Kaiser Afteq was obviously not lying when he declared war.

The city has Accentus has been bombed approximately one hour ago.

The damage is severe, maybe beyond repair.

Rescue teams from both Aeracus and Barencia have been sent to the city.

The bombing of Accentus has led to the engagement of the Aeracian fleet.

Their mission is clear, destroy the harbours and coastal cities of Henden.

(Accentus is an Aeracian coastal city, built on the closest point between Barencia and Aeracus.

It serves as mainly as a political city.)


A photo taken by a tourist from the bridge just after the bomb fell.


A picture from Accentus approximately one hour after the bombing

Fire-fighters are doing their best to stop the flames from spreading.



The Aeracian fleet has laid waste to several cities and harbours already.

Barencia and Aeracus have joined forced to guard our countries.

A shield network has been formed to prevent any other attacks from Henden.

Several pieces of evidence have been recovered.


Aurich during the bombing.

A journalist from Aeracus took the picture from a small boat.



Evidence has been shown, including several bombs from Henden.

The car of the two men was a political car, who were arrested at an airport later that day.

They too, are being convicted with death.

Afteq has been publically executed at the Redwich Palace.

The remains of his body have been burned.

His son, Afteq Kamlar Henden II, will be crowned Kaiser later this day.

The war rages on, but the Aeracian fleet has stopped on her rampage of destruction and has retreated to strengthen the Network.

Having destroyed 3 cities and at least 7 harbours.


One of the bombs recovered from Accentus, clearly Henden.



The rubble of what was formerly known as Accentus is still being removed.

So has the rubble of the Barencian Embassy been removed and a monument has been erected.

Tens of thousands of people have already died because of this war.

Afteq Kamlar Henden II has been crowned Kaiser and has decided to continue this war.

Sunnier days will come, in time.

So be it.

Aelencia bless you,

      Jack, ABA Security


Changes, Changes...

Aeracus  –  634 Anno Domini Aelencia

17 restless years have passed…

Many things have happened.

Empires have split up, wars have been declared, contact has been made, etc.

Where to begin…

Ah, yes!

The so called ‘Red Planet of Hyperion’ was in fact a second moon in orbit with Caliban.

Several months went by and the planet didn’t leave orbit, so scientists gazed at the skies for years.

After 4 whole years information about the red planet was released ; it was just an ordinary moon!

Another 3 years later another huge object from outer space came closer to the planet…

Huge magnetic storms threatened to destroy the city and many thought this was the end of all, but it was all but the end.

The planet swirled around Caliban with an immense power and flew in to orbit with the sun, several tens of thousands of kilometers away from Caliban.

Scientists gathered and started research instantly.

Several months went by and they found out that the planet was indeed populated.

One scientist did what nobody would’ve expected ; he made first contact!

A manly voice spoke back to him in the same language as the scientist spoke.

This was the beginning of contact with the people of Hyperion.

Now, another 10 years later, projects are being developed to travel to Hyperion, the Blue Planet.


This photograph was taken during one of the magnetic storms.

You can see the beautiful new CBD to the East of the City.


The City during the Eclipse with the then undiscovered planet Hyperion.

Lovely clear sky that night.

The other day, reports showed that Aegina now holds over 3,000,000 people within her borders!

To celebrate this, a grand district was built with state of the art technology.

Also, many neighborhoods were decorated and parties were held all throughout the week.

Many beautiful photographs were taken and spread throughout the Empire as Postcards.

I can tell you, they’re beautiful!


What a sight to behold, the magnificent new Aegina Eye.

It was built to celebrate the everlasting union between Aeracus, Barencia and other states.


The grand district I spoke of, with at the centre, the Transcalibanian Pyramid.

Behold its grandness.

A brand new flag was introduced at the Parliament today.

I got a quick snap of it before they hung it up for all to see!

I must say, it’s a pretty nice one.


The majestic flag of Aeracus, in all her glory.

Also, I had a quick look through my old photo book and found a rather pretty picture…

It shows the city about 15 years ago.

This was taken even before the Kaiser Afteq Cathedral was renamed to St. Marcus Cathedral!


You can clearly see that several locations have changed drastically the last few years.

Note the absence of the Transcalibanian Pyramid.

New cultures bring new architecture, so I say.

I’ve been travelling around Caliban ever since I can remember.

I’ve always enjoyed seeing the most grand buildings, making this even more great!

A new law has been accepted in the Parliament, allowing buildings from the colonies to be ported in to the city and to be rebuilt, if needed!

First, I would like to show you one of those beautiful new buildings.

Teij’jin Castle sits atop a hill, just north of Patrician’s Park.


Our Defense can be seen in the background, just like the planet of Hyperion, somewhat big today.

It was a rather cloudy day, but I took the picture just at the right time, giving it a beautiful glow.

With the growth of the economy the people also became wealthier.

Making air flight a common thing!

I took this picture as I was flying to Accentus for an important congress, including Barencia and Aeracus.


You can see the city in all her glory.

Ever-growing beauty.

If only I could live forever to see it grow.

Lastly, I would like to talk about the ne... Something has just happened! I can hear planes and shooting...



PS. Sorry for all the American English, Word auto-corrects my British English these days.


New Chances

A new day, new chances..

Or atleast, so they say.

Once again, much has happend these last months.

Enormous growth and prosperity, but also chaos and destruction..

The Triple Entente is expanding swiftly, creating a greater Need for Power.

A terrible event has occured in this Henden Reich, a revolution against the Leadership.

Total Anarchy has erupted and Propoganda against the Union has started.

The grand city of Hendenburg has already fallen to the Revolution.

First, it started out with innocent protesting.

Later, the people started using weapons against the army that was sent to push back the rebels.

As the war waged on in the grand avenues of the city, new weapons were being used.

More and more damage was dealt to the city.

Eventually, the Henden Reich pulled back, after fighting for more than a month.

They saw no more use in the destroyed city.


A flag disgraced and torn by agressive demonstrators.


Here is a picture of Hendenburg taken this morning.

On the other side, the Empire of Aeracus has grown much.

Including the prosperous city of Aegina, now holding 650,000 people in it's boundries.

A bridge and museum have been built to celebrate this.


The new bridge and skyline as seen from the East-end.

The Locomotive is one of the newest ways of travelling, it's a grand success!

Thousands of people travel from city to city now.

The piece of the grand network can be seen near Platiux, a huge crossing for trains.

Nationalism has taken a new foot in Aegina.

All are loyal to the King, even a statue has been erected for him.

It's located along the west coast of the Nation, just west from Platiux.

We've received some messages from Barencia saying that some people that live near the coast can actually see the statue!


A close-up of the statue and several railways.


Even more railways.


A global overview of the newly developed area, the railways are visible.

Also, a bridge has been built that connects the Mainland to the Island.

It stands in the far north, where the two are closest.

It's the biggest bridge to date and connects Barencia to Aeracus.

Economists speculate that this will boost the economy of both countries massively.


The grand bridge, taken from a tanker heading to Aegina.

On another topic, Hyperion can now be seen from the sky, as it circles Caliban once every 21 years.

It has become a red planet after it collided with Caliban.

The atmosphere has disappeared and the damage to the planet are very clear.


A picture taken from a small fisherboat near the Cliffs of Dovia

And last but not least, a collection of maps that have been released this week!

They've been made in great detail, what a thrill!


The first shows the small colony of Barencia, where the Treaty was signed.


The second shows Aeracus itself, the grand Island.


The last map shows the Three Empires and their enormous amount of land.

Blue represents Aeracus, Red represents Barencia and Yellow the Henden Reich.

The lower-bottom planet shows the continent from where we all came.

This is all I can write for today, I have to attend to the grand opening of the Royal Aeracus Hall.

Have a good day,



A Fresh Start

    Aegina, it is a common word for the people of Aeracus..

Over the past centuries, it has grown to be the grandest city on all of Caliban.

Before we talk any further, I have to tell you something about the past.

     ‘’ Many centuries ago,  there was another planet named Hyperion.

Hyperion was just like Caliban, a habitable planet.

The people of Caliban could see it daily from the skies and there was even communication between the planets.

But all changed when a solar flare caused a disturbance in the magnetic fields of the two planets, sending Hyperion towards Caliban.

With a huge blow the much smaller planet Hyperion, much like a moon, smashed in to the planet of Caliban, causing the destruction of civilisation.

  This event.. Is known as the End.


    Hyperion had left an inmense scar on the planet.

Years went by where nobody could live upon the planets surface.

Once the atmosphere had slowly recovered from the terrible blow, the people of Aeracus and many other surviving nations opened the doors of their bunkers and set foot on the surface.

Since cilvisation was all but destroyed, social deevolution took place.

Lack of knowledge and neglection of the buildings led to the loss of some of the greatest cities on Caliban.

After many centuries of a nomad lifestyle, the people started to live together and cities were founded.

The planet had changed and so had the face of the Empire of Aeracus.

Enormous amounts of land had disappeared, yet land was gained, too.

On a small isle named Isle d’Aelencia, located upon the grand river named the Theine, the city of Aegina was founded. ‘’


    Now, several centuries later, the city has grown out to be the blooming center of the Empire and maybe even of Caliban.

Last year, the Kingdom of Aeracus was declared Empire of Aeracus.

This happend because of the enormous colonial possession across the world.

Our best allies, the people of Barencia, declared Empire at the same time, causing a lot of conspiracy ideas.

There are many allies, bringing their culture to the city.

Grand avenues with enormous buildings have been built all in and around the capital, making it even more beautiful.


    While the people of Barencia en Aeracus have been allied for many years, a new allie has joined the pact.

This all happend a few months ago, much to my liking.

The people of the Henden Reich, lead by Kaiser Afteq, are a very honourable people.

Their culture and military force is extremely promnent and the empire covers a huge piece of the southern part of the continent.

This has created the Triple Entente, covering a huge amount of Calibans land.

Together, they’ll rule all that is!


    Many monuments have been founded for the members of the Triple Entente and other nations.

This includes the Arc de Barencia, which was completed several years back, after the leaders of the two countries had declared closer economic and political coorporation.

Also, a small shrine was founded for their deity, Baracus.

The shrine has been called the Shrine of Baracus, it stands on a busy roundabout in the city center.

Of course, to celebrate the joining of a new member to the Alliance, the people have renamed a huge cathedral to Kaiser Afteq Cathedral.

The deity the people of Aeracus pray to, me, Aelencia, has also been given a monument.

Upon the isle in the river, named Isle d’Aelencia, where I would’ve appeared 2300 years ago, they have built a huge cathedral named the Notre Dame, meaning Our Lady.




                               For Damastius, and others, I guess.

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