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A Fresh Start

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    Aegina, it is a common word for the people of Aeracus..

Over the past centuries, it has grown to be the grandest city on all of Caliban.

Before we talk any further, I have to tell you something about the past.

     ‘’ Many centuries ago,  there was another planet named Hyperion.

Hyperion was just like Caliban, a habitable planet.

The people of Caliban could see it daily from the skies and there was even communication between the planets.

But all changed when a solar flare caused a disturbance in the magnetic fields of the two planets, sending Hyperion towards Caliban.

With a huge blow the much smaller planet Hyperion, much like a moon, smashed in to the planet of Caliban, causing the destruction of civilisation.

  This event.. Is known as the End.


    Hyperion had left an inmense scar on the planet.

Years went by where nobody could live upon the planets surface.

Once the atmosphere had slowly recovered from the terrible blow, the people of Aeracus and many other surviving nations opened the doors of their bunkers and set foot on the surface.

Since cilvisation was all but destroyed, social deevolution took place.

Lack of knowledge and neglection of the buildings led to the loss of some of the greatest cities on Caliban.

After many centuries of a nomad lifestyle, the people started to live together and cities were founded.

The planet had changed and so had the face of the Empire of Aeracus.

Enormous amounts of land had disappeared, yet land was gained, too.

On a small isle named Isle d’Aelencia, located upon the grand river named the Theine, the city of Aegina was founded. ‘’


    Now, several centuries later, the city has grown out to be the blooming center of the Empire and maybe even of Caliban.

Last year, the Kingdom of Aeracus was declared Empire of Aeracus.

This happend because of the enormous colonial possession across the world.

Our best allies, the people of Barencia, declared Empire at the same time, causing a lot of conspiracy ideas.

There are many allies, bringing their culture to the city.

Grand avenues with enormous buildings have been built all in and around the capital, making it even more beautiful.


    While the people of Barencia en Aeracus have been allied for many years, a new allie has joined the pact.

This all happend a few months ago, much to my liking.

The people of the Henden Reich, lead by Kaiser Afteq, are a very honourable people.

Their culture and military force is extremely promnent and the empire covers a huge piece of the southern part of the continent.

This has created the Triple Entente, covering a huge amount of Calibans land.

Together, they’ll rule all that is!


    Many monuments have been founded for the members of the Triple Entente and other nations.

This includes the Arc de Barencia, which was completed several years back, after the leaders of the two countries had declared closer economic and political coorporation.

Also, a small shrine was founded for their deity, Baracus.

The shrine has been called the Shrine of Baracus, it stands on a busy roundabout in the city center.

Of course, to celebrate the joining of a new member to the Alliance, the people have renamed a huge cathedral to Kaiser Afteq Cathedral.

The deity the people of Aeracus pray to, me, Aelencia, has also been given a monument.

Upon the isle in the river, named Isle d’Aelencia, where I would’ve appeared 2300 years ago, they have built a huge cathedral named the Notre Dame, meaning Our Lady.




                               For Damastius, and others, I guess.

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