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About this City Journal

. . .writings, myths, riddles. . . among else.

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Historical certainties

It is said that Nyeland was created at the year 0.

At least that’s what everybody believes.

That’s around 350 years from the present day.

Verdensby is the central region of Nyeland, or else, as the rest of the world understands it, the capital city.

As the first grade geography book says:


Despite some rarely expressed uncertainty about Nyeland’s whereabouts, it is widely believed that it is located somewhere between Norway and Denmark.

No Nyelander has ever been to either, nevertheless, these are our neighbours, without any doubt.

Nyelanders’ consider their country as a place to celebrate social peace, ecological living and sustainability.

Verdensby is the central region of the country, or else the capital city. With a population of 420,000 ( year 285 ), it is expanding around the Dyphavet fjord , consisting of several peripheries.

Data Table


Capital ( and largest city)
Official language
Ethnic groups
Federal State

Corporatism / Demarchy

 Vedtak Huse ( Decision office )
Modern Statehood
March 25th 0: Union of Nyeland announced

March 1st 32:

Sjø unison ( Unison of the Sea ) announced
16 square somethings
Mynten ( μ )
Drives on the
ISO 3166 code
Internet TLD
Calling code


Language of Nyeland

Nyelanders’ say they don’t speak any specific language.

In reality, nearly all speak English. “At least the menus, around the buttons”  as everybody says, without really knowing what that means. They just laugh a bit after that and chuckle some more. Then they have a beer at the local pub, spending some of their hard earnt Myntens, without thinking more about it.

Astonishingly, for no profound reason, they understand Norwegian, while around 5% of the population know Ancient Greek, 2% Runic, while some people claim to be able to speak the “language of the llama”.

Taxation at Nyeland

Taxes do exist in Nyeland, in a balanced manner. Everybody is taxed under a certain rate.

Many people say that in old times, "before these Rocks were formed", an annual ceremony called “Weakness Pays”, was taking place on the Summer Solstice day. Magically money appeared from the sky, into the city treasuries.

Nyelanders’ and especially Verdensby residents consider this a very humiliating practice.

Today, everybody is paying taxes, tolls, all money needed to keep Nyeland and Verdensby running. No cheat is allowed in Nyeland, except a national policy called "zoneria" that hides undeveloped zones from the visitor's eyes.


Nyeland has a full educational system, from elementary schools to universities. Libraries also support education for older citizens.

International relations

Nyeland has no international relations. “International” is a meaningless word. Even if the libraries are full of stories for heroic kingdoms and far civilizations, which by the way scholars have tremendous appreciation for, it is a certain truth that Nyeland is floating somewhere, just like that. 16 squares in the middle of nothing. At least that’s what Nyelander’s believe.

A common saying is: "Who do we need when we have our 16 nice squares?"

The outer world

A progressive scientific programme, called “The Floating Llama Search” is attempting to see what’s out there, beyond the 16 squares.

First results are of extremely unexpected nature.

Scientists at Verdensby were able to receive radio transmissions which are suspected to be of other distant civilizations. More specifically, the first radio signal that was decrypted was a letter sequence:




Scientists, after many years of research, are sure that these may be names of other glorious civilizations and their ancestors, somewhere out there.

After decrypting the message, they have announced the letter sequence is a list with each new word starting with a capital letter.So, list is:

Harar by Sculmanator

Corsica from Yan

077 from Shuto

Empire from Tower

Dude from World

I from Like

Hot from Dog

A from Lot

UK from Vercelli

Amerikaner from Berlin

Kelistmac from Trivordam

Damastius from Castiana

Ion ( 1 ) from Ion

Ion ( 2 ) from Tenement & Rust

Tekindus from T

Hyperborea from Avrelivs

Heavy criticism on this decryption has been raised by some scientists some days later.

More specifically, a “Floating Llama Search” scientist, called Nick, at a not at all Nyelandic style, could be heard screaming:

“How can a country's name be 'Dude'?

Other scientists were heard responding:

"This is it. You have to believe it. There is no way the list is wrong. It is like saying our world is not

consisted by 16 nice squares with something really nice on each”.



Did it ever happen to you?

You close your eyes when you drive, only to find yourself at the other end of the highway, not being able to remember how you got there.

This, just a second after you closed your eyes.

Or was it not a second?

Nick was pretty sure everything was, once more, slightly different.

Everything was there: the marina, the sunken avenue running through the center, the long square everybody was calling "the Spaghetti".

Nevertheless, details, once more, were not the same. Some of the builfings were new, new roads could be seen here and there.

It was just this morning Nick had driven to the monastery at the North, not many hours before.

Or was it just a second?

Nick was sure.

He started shouting "No! No! This is not my city!"


Nearing his home, he decided what he had to do next.

It was still Sunday afternoon.

He definitely had time for this.



     It was a very familiar place to him.

The library room in the monastery has always been the place to find answers.

In fact, he was quite sure he will find something in there today.

     Littfort has been standing on the top of this cliffed hill for a long time, more than 350 years. It looked more like a little fort, rather than a monastery. That could easily explain the name the locals have been using for this walled world.


     All the bandit raids during the centuries were either repelled or just paid no attention to the books. All the books in the basement library had been preserved, despite the events that had taken place on the region. During the centuries, villages were created, fields were cultivated, local rulers were coming and going. Still. . .the monastery and these books that contained all known knowledge about Nyeland were remaining the same.


     Reverend Larson was there once more.

“You seem worried today. Again” he said.

   Nick was really looking exhausted. Not because of the long winding drive up the hill. He had driven the road many times. It was just that. . .all the things he has been thinking have been keeping him awake for many nights now.

"I am pretty sure my life is controlled by someone else”. “Not only MY life but all the lives in the area. It’s difficult to explain but. . . I have the feeling someone is watching us, even right now. That someone is clicking some buttons and makes our city, our lives, our whole universe, change whenever I go to sleep”.

Reverend seemed calm. “You never know God modes, my child. You never know them”.

That’s all he remembered.

Some hours and a lot of reading later, he started descending the hill, driving back to his home.


Littfort was getting a distant shadow when. . .


Nick had a very strange feeling this misty morning. He had a very hard time to conceive what he was seeing.

Reality is that he had been thinking about his strange feelings lately. He even had been going to the doctor about them.

In fact, doctor was far less anxious than him:

“Tiredness my friend Nick. Exhaustion. All these feelings you have somebody is altering your world overnight, are a typical symptom of fatigue”.

Nevertheless, Nick had a very hard time to conceive what was going on.

Until this misty morning.

During one of his long walks in Uthavn, he saw this small plate. Dug in the port’s muddy seashore, it seemed like an old piece of clay.


Two hours later he has finished all the tests.

This clay tile was definitely older than him; older than his grandfather Larson; older than his great grandfather too that has made the large sail from the sunny country. Older than everything.

What seemed as a rugged piece of clay was actually a 350 yrs old clay tile.

Days came, days passed. Things were getting stranger by the day.

Reality was in front of his eyes: what he was looking at was a map of Verdensby. But. . .how could this be?

This 350 yrs old clay tile was showing how Verdensby is. The layout was identical with all the images he found in his Your World software.



All was there, depicted in the finest possible detail. . . Storbit, the main island in the middle, Andrebrikke where the port is. . . even Ulvoy, the Wolves’ island was there. Something was wrong.

Something was very wrong.

Nick was very sure he will wake up again tommorow to find a new world.

Once more.


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