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About this City Journal

An island nation somewhere in the South China Sea.

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Welcome to Izumo


Welcome to the Nation of Izumo.

Izumo is a small island nation located in the East China Sea.


Before we embark on our journey to Izumo, let's do a little background research.

Official Languages: Japanese/Chinese/English

Currency: Yen (IZY) (current exchange: 1 USD = 98 IZY)

Capital: Izumo City

Political System: Parliamentary Democracy

Population: 25,000,000

Below: the flag of Izumo


Here's a little history on the nation of Izumo...

Izumo was once a territorial possession of China during the early Ming Era, however, with the decline of the Ming Dynasty, Izumo eventually fell out of the Chinese orbit, and fell into the Japanese orbit. Izumo became a tributary state to Tokugawa Japan.

However, in the early 19th Century, the islands were opened up for trade by the British. The Tokugawa, seeing no particular value in the islands reliquished the islands to the British. Izumo became a British territory in 1845, and remained so until World War Two, when the Japanese invaded the islands.

The British regained control of the islands after 1945, however, by this time the islanders had become quite fed up with foreign rule, and were ready for some kind of self-rule. Izumo is granted semi-autonomy from the British, but remain a British possession until 2010.

Izumo becomes an indepedent republic in 2010. Its economy thriving, driven by trade with a prosperous China. Izumo has become an economic power house in the region, facilitating trade between all the East Asian nations, its ports now serve as a valuable processing zones for East Asian trade.

So here's a little teaser to Izumo....


Above: This is Kurashiki, the gate-way to Izumo.

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