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About this City Journal

In the growing town of Ma

Entries in this City Journal


 Before I begin, I was awaken at 5 pm(hey, being a mayor is a hard job!). Anyway, Jonas Sparks told me that the cities generating station was

ablaze. And I was like,"What are you talking about? We got a world class fire department!" Anyway, he turned on my giant flatscreen on and

tuned it to Llama 7 News. How was I supposed to know what I was about to see? Oh yea, Mr. Sparks told me.


Just as he turned the t.v. on, the power plant finally collapsed. The news report said,"This is a giant..." I couldn't know what he said next

because the power went out. Oh well, time to get the portable generators.

DANG! A major accident on the 219. Aww, I wanted to go to Newcastle today. 8.gif


 Don't you just love the suburbs? I sure do. But, Maiche hasn't invested in any garbage disposal technologies yet. So guess what happens . . .



Fortually, we have found a company that may help Maiche out. A company by the name of Pegadyne Industries has given Maiche a grant to

build their garbage disposal chutes in our city. How exciting!


Now, I can sleep well at night, knowing Maiche is as clean as my imported china glasses.


The sidewalks are so clean you can eat off of it. But I wouldn't.



 If you saw the last entry, the No Power Zots were atop of the zones. Oh well. Maiche has enough money so that we could build a brand new coal power plant! Actually, we already built one! 4.gif


The town, with power, now starts to grow.


Oh yea!17.gif

Unfortunately, Maiche is bone dry, since there is no water. Time to build the water systems.


Now, the city will grow to it's leaps and bounds.


Being the mayor of Maiche, I decide where the zones are going to be formed. So, I decided to start building at the south-western corner of the city tile.


But, sadly, no power plants exist in Maiche! 8.gif

Pretty soon, Maiche would have a small population of Sims, and would be totally self sufficient until adjacent cities are founded.

Have I showed you the region yet? I don't think so.


The Region of Flatlands: Population 4,653, 705 with great transportation options. Flatlands has a major highway network, connecting almost every incorporated city in the region.

Do you see the grid at the bottom of the map legend? Yea, that's Maiche! (Just telling you, if you can't see the legend, open the image in a new window)

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