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About this City Journal

Welcome to the viking village of lowelia it is peaceful and very friendly unless you get on their bad side This is a cultures city journal

Entries in this City Journal



i would like to continue this but i have to stop it because i have just reinstalled windows 7 and got most of my stuff working again

but just to inform everyone soon i shall be opening a new simcity 4 cj


double update 2/2

The development came quick but noone was expecting the amount of people that were coming from the mothers


in this picture you can clearly see the new houses that were built and the two people "mating" that was the beggining of all this development


here you can see in the top right the new woodcutters hut that was built. it was built on the edge of the forest for good wood but there were sightings before the construction that bears were killing people in the woods


here is the new construction that was going on around the bottom of the village you can see the iron mine at the bottom of the picture and the iron smelter roughly around the middle you can also see the new brewery at the top of this picture. the village was going well but the people were getting distressed about something


double update 1/2

the island was going very well but the vikings in lowelia said they had seen another village over the riverbed so sven (sounded out like ven) sent out a scout to see if this was true the scout reported this


it was amazing that such and advanced village was on this small island. the village elders consulted in the hall of the gods (lol fancy name for the ship i think it is well thought up) they said if they opened trade with these people it would greatly benefit them, so they opened up trade trading wheat for wooden tools


everybody was rejoicing cause now they knew they werent on the island alone. the people started to have more children and that day they started opening trade was called tradeness day (lol that was bad)


there was a lot of development going on after the trading here is the bakery built before the trading 


irrigation + roads

 the town of lowelia was progressing, the people loved living in the town so they built a new mill, but they needed water for the mill so they built irrigation all the way to the mill and built a well that they could get water from


here is the new mill and well and you can also see that they expanded the irrigation next to the wheat farm so that the farmer could get better crops


here you can see where the irrigation lines up with the ocean and the new stone mine that was built recently the people were so happy they built stone roads between the buissnesses 

thanks for looking next time we meet another tribe on this island. but will it be war or peace



Hey everyone and for those who read my other unique sc2 journal, sorry but i had to close it because of loading problems

but now i present you with another unique journal. welcome to lowelia 


the village of lowelia was new. it was founded when vikings crash landed on an abandoned island (or so they thought) and established the basic nescesseties of life (lol at my bad spelling) any way the sea was fairly calm most of the time


the vikings quite liked it on this island it was quiet and it was also very liked.

that is all for today but thanks for reading. next time development really picks up

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