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The Elvell Project

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About this City Journal

All of it is based on fake reasoning. What I say may not be true in real life, but for my story to work, I must word it like this. This is not realistic building, this is interesting...

Entries in this City Journal


The beginning

As I say in the start, EVERYTHING I do is not based on real life, but what I think I would like for this CJ. Because, after all, do we have to go back to reality? Does everything have to be real? Does rating matter on realism?

Okay, this is a new CJ... my last city journal, I had no water or terrian mods. I had the grid on for the first 2 updates. I lacked detail.

This time around, I still have nearly 99% maxis RCI buildings, but, I'll try to pay more attention detail.

This first update is very short, but like my last CJ, it'll grow in the same way.

I'm going to incorporate things in different ways than they are supposed to be used... by the way.

Okay, before I start...

El vel means we are in a langauge, (NOT A REAL LANGUAGE).

Combined, like most phrases it adds together to the end.

So if it meant this is, and you said Elvel it would mean this is together.

Elvel means we are together.

A modifaction to the language by the Elvret society, said adding an l at the end adds strong or hard or definentely.

Elvell comes into play to mean: We are together and strong.

As there is no ands in this lanuage it would ACTUALLY translate to 'We are together, strong.'

Such a short word, meaning something so long...

Anyways, what would become a metropolis had to start with the tiniest of things. A man named Bobby was travelling to his new area of work. Cutting down trees for new development.


He had been to an already updated version of the ferry service and was already at his home...


His job was at #3 cutting area:


Larger image:


After the area was cut down:


The whole area cut down, areas #1-3, ready for development:


Area #5 to cut down, (next to industry)


Areas #1-3 roads:


Area 5 cut down and developed:


There is demand for lumber. There is a demand for agriculture. Area #7 will become a farm after it is cut down.


The area of trees have been cut down, and it is now ready for agriculture development.


Farm developed:


The new industry and farm brings on residential demand which then follows through to commercial demand. This area is now officially going to become a village!




New paved area at popular demand:


Development area #10 is created... for a new farm because of increasing lumber and agriculture demand.


And a city shot with both the farms, the industry, the shops and the houses:


Please comment and rate... and in the next update there will be much more to see... and a night shot, :D.

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