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About this City Journal

Take a look into the fictional region of Antinika, featuring small farming towns to bustling cities! Watch as the region grows from the very beginning, and how I, a newbie at Sim City, grow...

Entries in this City Journal



 A relatively small city of 100,000, Araguy is a scenic city situated on the isthmus connecting the smaller Northern portion of Venika Island to the larger southern mainland. 


The city has a sprawling commercial district on the Northern shore of the isthmus along with large, high wealth, high rises on the southern shore. The cities two busiest avenues, Araguy Avenue and University Avenue intersect at what is considered the heart of the city:


Seen below is the southern shore high rises:


The city also has a major highway running through it, that connects it with the other large cities in the region:


And one small municipal airport to further connect it with the rest of the world:


But, to the east of all wealthy southern shore and booming northern shore, there is a dirty industrial district where the middle and lower class citizens work.  It puts a permanently ugly mark on what is otherwise a beautiful city.


Sorry, for my first real post being so late, I've been very busy lately with theatre and haven't had the time to make a post. Hope you enjoyed it!

What's Next?

Expect to see posts soon on Antinika's geography, the small but extremely wealthy town of Estre, the concentrated metropolis of Fentai, and the largest city of the region so far... Eshtawn!  All coming soon!





Welcome to Antinika. This city journal will show you how this region grows. It will take you deep into the heart of emerging big cites, and also to the rural farming towns. I am relatively new to Sim City, so these cities will be far, far, far from perfect. I was also just recently introduced to the Sim City Community, as I had no idea such a community actually existed (ignorant me). So at first, you will see relatively little mod and custom content, but hopefully as I develop as a gamer, I will work on getting some more stuff to fill my plugins folder. For now, you will just have to deal with the normal game content, and hopefully my cities will still be interesting and unique.

This city journal is not only for you, but it is also for me... so please critique my work and give me tips on how to improve as a city planner, and a writer. I really want to hear your feedback!  

Quite a short introduction, I know, but it does its job, for I have nothing more to say about the region of Antinika.


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