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About this City Journal

this CJ is about a real town getting fictional upgrades by two people who live in this town in real life

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 hey everybody i bring grave news with me this day my simcity 4 has been totally screwed over and i had to uninstall and reinstall when i did that it was still not working so i will have to get my plugins and delete the region in order to play it meaning im very sorry but this cj is going down i know there were people who enjoyed it and also people who didnt enjoy it but now its gone i shall be keeping it up on the site for the people who wanna read it again and again (rofl) but im sorry and before i leave i will put up rememberance pictures




its is saddening for me to bring this information for i enjoyed making it just as u enjoyed reading it please post your saddening comments and all you be safe and have fun 


farming and expansion

 beachmere was upgrading very well and everything was going good


welcome to the beachmere outskirts aka the farming district... the farming district has a bit of commerce a bit of residental and alot of farms (lol) when andrew and jordan got home from school they went to the takeaway and bought chips with some of their new found wealth... while they were eating them they had a discussion

jordany.jpg "i think we should expand the farming area it could be bigger and better and bring a view to incoming people into the town"

60156915.jpg "that would be a good idea but we also have to consider the assets we have to build up here aswell"

so they immediatly got to work doing different things at the same time


jordan upgraded the farming area with a residental area and more residents moved in quickly it was good knowing that he had changed this small farming community


he also added some more commerce area and it developed pretty good but not good enough

while jordan was developing the farmland outside of the town andrew was on the inside fixing up different things in the town and making sure that everything was top notch


they built a high school so that they didnt have to travel to caboolture by bus to go to school (if u live in australia near bribie you will know these places) and immediatly jordan and andrew enrolled as a matter of fact they were the first two students in there because they hated going by bus every morning


andrew also zoned a new area for residental there is also a landfill (that i cant get rid of26.gif) ... the new area was filled in basically instantly and it was very good for beachmere for now the population was booming


he also added a new commercial zone that was well liked by the people and it was a good addon for beachmere

Next update: a conflict and a good purpose


the planners

 Meet andrew48984220.jpgand jordanjordang.jpg

these two have lived in beachmere for quite some time and were now wanting to change it around they had a meeting at andrews house

74312289.jpg "we need to change this town around it's good but i think we can make it better

jordanq.jpg "i agree but how are we gonna get into the council so we can change things

66410671.jpg "dont worry that is all done i have got enough power to let us build in beachmere so thanks to me for that bit"

so they started immediatly adding different buildings all along the way


that is the new area constructed with the mech police station (yes i know there is a box but i dont know what file it is so i cant delete it) most of the commerce area was built on but there was still holes in the area and all of the residental area was built upon after this upgrade the town got it's first a 1000 sims and jordan and andrew were happy for that


this is also another residental area that was added behind the police station with that the population was now 1127 its amazing cause it had only been a few months since the population was 750 both jordan and andrew sat back in happiness for they knew they had changed beachmere and were gonna do more

Am looking foward to comments (especcialy how i should improve) thx

Next Update: a medical centre more industrial and we meet the farming lands of outer beachmere



hey whats up people hope your all ok

welcome to the quaint town of beachmere


it has a stable population happy and living properly and also a very nice beach lets take a closer look at the school area


as you can see the school is well fortified with houses around it and also in this picture there are new people moving in


this is the shopping area and the parking lanes and also there is a freight station(that dosnt exist in real life lol) anyways thanks for visiting and we hope you have fun during the duration of the upgrades

Next Time: you meet the main protaganers and the story begins to take a toll

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