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About this City Journal

My newest region.

Entries in this City Journal



Sorry been ages since I was on last I will no longer be doing this city journal and will start a new one about my city of Los Angeles.

P.S. It is not a replica of the real city.



            I am writing several updates to the journal:

        1. I will now write dialouge diffrentley.


           Soldier: Were under attack!

           Officer: All soldiers! Fire!!!!

        2. I will try to put in more detail.


            I may try to get some pictures! 17.gif


Defence of Westtown

   Sir! Denver's Communicating with us said private blakely. Denver's hit with heavy casualtys! Were next! Denvers fighters are alredy prepared for defence. Good said seargeant howard. Number 1 coming. Missles shot out of the fighters Boom! Missle 1 gone! Missle 2 coming Boooooom!!! Gone!

      The cities saved!!


Denver hit!

      7:00 A.M. Denver largest city in Bayside east

       army base radar center

        Captain! We have four unadentefied objects approaching! Track it! said the captain. First one 10 miles and closing. 

  Ready the airbases! Scramble fighters! Put us on yellow alert! Sir! shall we prepare the silos? Yes. Alarms begin blaring. First one coming.  Its headed for the northeast industrial! Boom! Ahuge flash of light comes in A mushroom appears. Number two headed for downtown! Boom! We can't see the bell towers! The franklin buildings gone too! Begin firing silos! Yes sir! Number 3 Going in for state circle! Boom! Number four shoot it down! Planes fly toward the last one. Targeting lock on! Fire! Deadly missles shoot out at the missle! Boom. We got the last one! Sir we have 20,000 dead at least half the citie's uninhabitable. Man we must start rebuilding imediatly! We must clean up the radiation! Sir missles headed for westown! We have to warn them. They do not deserve our fate.




              6:30 am bayside west nuclear silos

              Control Center

         How are we doing?  Wave 1 almost ready sir! The controller looked at his moniter. Good! said the seargent gruffly. What are the stats? Numbers 1,2, and 3 ready sir. Number 4 80% ready.  Well hurry up, were supposed to launch at 5 min past the half hour. Yes, sir. said the controller.

              6:35 same location

            Ready and on standby came an announncment from the PA system Sargent, said major Macarl over radio order launch teams to pull back into the safe zone. Yes sir. Launch teams pull out! Launch teams pulled out sir. We are beginning launch. 3,2,1, fire!

   Four missles lifted off into the sky leaving behind a cloud of black smoke




Bayside was created thousands of years ago when a group of nomads arrived by a huge bay. They built a settlement and lived in harmony for 3,000 years. Then a violent civil war split the flourishing civilization in two creating Bayside east and Baside west. The east was good and taught peace and justice to their children. They only belived in fight in fighting if they had to, in self defence. The west was a evil civilization bent on destroying all in their path. They hated thir peace-loving ways. So in the year 2233 they were ready to destroy the east!1

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