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About this City Journal

A small farming community with everyday changes! A typical prairie town!

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Jesse Swiss

Plankton is now at 11,000 people strong  and is facing many new problems. As most cities develop transportation becomes a problem. As you see in this picture plankton needs a better highway.cxlscreenshotplankton6.jpg

Traffic going out of town is out of line and needs to be dealt with, The main reason why theres so much traffic is due to Plankton's farming community growing by 178% as you can see in this picture many Froot Loops and Honey Nut Cheerios are being made in Plankton.


The City is growing quickly and Plankton is running out of room, farms must be demolished to build more houses and other services and utilities. In this picture you can see that Plankton is getting larger but also facing many new challenges in the fields beyond the city limits.


The mountains/hills surrounding Plankton are tall and offer great photos from the top of them, 2 days ago a tourist went up Polosky Hill and submitted this photo of the city.


Plankton is showing signs of growth and is keeping secrets for plans that will come in years when the city grows bigger.

Plankton says " Good Night", simtropolers!

Jesse Swiss

The town of Plankton has 2300 people. The town of Plankton was founded in 1905 as a farming community. In 1940 the community had become bigger and was needing expansion. The community sent a proposal to the Ploropkosdok government to get permission to build a town. In 5 years it became a town rather than a village, at 2300 people the town is thriving in agriculture and small office businesses, the town also has a lumber business that is west of the town. Plankton is facing growth problems right now as the town is attracting many new people.

Plankton is a great town for tourism and other things. Today in 1945 the town is becoming close to larger cities like Swift Rock, Apples Creek, and Polar Dip. If you come to Plankton there is no such thing as Asphalt or a typical city road just a country dirt road, no one has been sent to tell the citizens of different types of roads, but the citizens are fine with that dirt roads work well too :) .The first picture is of the town itself today:


2nd picture is of the agriculture in Plankton


Overhead view of the county/region, notice all dirt highways :)


That's all from Plankton , suposively the photographer was scared from the storm last week so he could'nt take much more photos :) !

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