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About this City Journal

The Natural Growth journal - chapter 2. The Multiplayer Region Project hands over control of various projects to readers and members of the MPR, creating the first truly multiplayer single...

Entries in this City Journal



After the disaster of the 89H air crash, strong political pressure moved Boston v2 in a direction that resulted in drastically upgrading it's international air-traffic abilities.  Ultimately this lead to the submission of several tenders to producing an airport in the region, the contract being won by the Eurasian Multinational Group.

The EMG produced a number of drafted proposals, and began construction on Phase #1 of a multi-phase project that would see the region leapfrog into a national standing with what would ultimately become one of Simnations largest and most renowned airports.








This airport was produced by emgmod (aka "Eurasian Multinational Group") as part of the Multiplayer Region Project on CSGforums.



The Burkestaan's were not a wealthy family, by any means.

So they considered themselves extremely fortunate to find the residence that they did, near the new rail bridge that had extended the Daegon line out across the river to the western suburb of Goldfinch.

Imagine - seeing those huge trains rumble over this awesome bridge RIGHT OUTSIDE THEIR BEDROOM WINDOW (more or less).  A dream come true... only in Simnation!







Such a beautiful place to live.

They even have music every night from their neighbours till 2am... FREE!  What a country.



Boston v2 has grown a lot in the last couple of years.

It has begun to attract sims from far and wide, and is quickly becoming a large and well-known city, popular in a range of arenas.

One such attracted family of sims was the Burkestaan family, from SherridadFerry, from a small town in the southern parts of The Royal Gansbaai Kingdoms that had been their homes for many years.

Mr Jan Burkestaan, Mrs Myalli Burkestaan, and their two daughters Bjork and Blurk were from a poor walk in life with their eyes set on the "land of opportunity" - Boston v2 in Simnation.


The cruise was three weeks of little more than ocean views and tinned catfood, but eventually the Burkestaan's reached their destination.


It was time for a new beginning for the Burkestaans.

It was time to leave behind their life of mediocre hand-to-mouth existence and really make something of their time in this world.

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