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About this City Journal

Now more simplified... Share a networked region with several Sim City 4 Players. Network, Trade, Manage, Develop upon an ever expanding region in which updates REAL TIME automatically onto...

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Update 04 _ BluePorts Interstate System - By Ralverdo

As urban centers develope and suburban sprawl occurs, the need for high speed commute between distant cities grows. Mayor Ralverdo of Dabbersburgh provides the plans and funding to build the states first Interstate Highways. The consist of I-B1, I-B2, and I-B3. I-B1 and I-B3 are to be North and South expressways while I-B2 are to be east and west. Ralverdo spent time to consider quality of the infastructure and most of the system was built under ground highway standards, and feature night lighting throughout the majority of their route and are seperated by a divider. a small portion just south of Strathpine is built under RHW standards.


Ralverdo's deed will be presented in the next update along with close up photos of the system and a major update showing recent development throughout the region.


Update 03

Good afternoon ladies and gentleman. BlueHope is quickly gaining members and I am very proud of the development and sprawl throughout the BluePort area. Currently we have two new cities on the rise and quickly becoming populous kings. But before we get into all of that, I have a few votes and proposals I would like to hear your feedback on the comments section on...

Blue Port News and Voting


State Highway Act:

Indeed, The metropolitan areas of BluePort are growing and route consistancy is lacking. BluePort is in need of interconnectivity roadways in which travel throughout the metropolitan areas, rural areas, and interconnect cities. BluePorts state government will fund the act but are currently seeking the best route herald to use.

VOTE:  Which Herald should BluePort use on its STATE Highways?

1. RouteSign1.jpg

2. RouteSign2.jpg




The HIGHEST vote wins the state highway herald for route designation. The SECOND highest vote will become The BluePort CITY County Road Herald.

Mall of BluePort:

The Mall of Blue Port is to be planned in the Northern sector of the city of BluePort. Developement plans are listed below...


It will be outlined by Capital Avenue and possibly have heavy rail access. It will be circled by Mall Circle. Capital Avenue serves interconnectivity into the main city. The Mall also plans to bring several highrises and apartments to serve for live/work communities.

Vote: What Mall package should I use?

Railroads without wheels: Indeed, BluePort is outlined with the infastructure of railroads but hardly any trains use it. BluePort is still searching for the appropiate rail and station system. BluePort is asking for outsider advice upon which station style to use upon building its passenger rail system.

Vote: What Train Stations should I use?

Now on to the main update!



BluePort is growing considerably, shown above is a more current map of the city limits and development around the western half of the island. BluePort is now seeking interconnectivity methods and will have route proposal maps within the near future to determine how roadways should service the state. Currently the most pressing issue would be the rise of Dabbersburgh just east of BluePort. Roadways with efficient capacity would need to be developed out eastward to serve interconnectivity between Dabbersburgh and BluePort, and further east into Jacksonville. The Mayors of these cities are commended for their efficient city planning. So while we're talking about Dabbersburgh, lets have a closer look at it with the Mayors own words...

Dabbersburgh - By Ralverdo



Ralverdo:  The city of Dabbersburg is a very young city, though it may not look it because of its rapid growth. The city grew quickly into a Metropolis because of its excellent waterways and it’s fairly even ground, and experienced mayor. Dabbersburg features significant mass transit, it has a elevated rail and subway system that transports thousands of people to their workplace each day (See Figure 1 for Ele-rail system photograph)

CJPhoto1.jpgFigure 1


But the city does have a bad side, like all cities. It has a poor district, nicknamed “the Poor Houses” by its citizens it also has very little fire coverage because the mayor states that “Placing fire coverage citywide is useless, we only need one in each district to dispatch trucks to put out fires.”  The city also has a medium sized industrial district, but that is slowly being killed and replaced by high tech industry.


There are parts of the city that are secure, save and employed, such as the wealthy district, inhabited by upper-class and middle-upper class (see Figure 2 for Wealthy District). The city has a huge 20% tax on all polluting industries to make room for the High-Tech Industry expansion that will have, in the long run been a worthwhile investment to have all polluting industry to be eliminated (see Figure 3 for High Tech  Indstry District).   


Figure 2



Update 02 - BluePort, The Capital City.


Good morning and welcome to my first update for the Blue Hope City Journal II. This update will feature the capital city of the interactive region, located on the western shores of the state of BluePort. BluePort City is a small but prosperous town in which incorporates its economic stimulus through the importing and exporting of goods through a small seaport which resides on the shores.  Taxxes allow for Industry's of several types to make land fall and build a strong foundation near the city and develop products and export them, while commerce takes advantage of the imports. Many firms are growing here in hopes to fund their oil exploration projects. Farms are sprouting around the under developed portions taking advantage of the fertile land.

BluePort retains the capital status of the state and is always looking to expand further. Currently the city's only givernment official office for the state resides in the city hall. The city is still searching for a state governement complex and a site to lay it upon - any suggestions from Simtropolis would be excellent.

BluePort is also in process of developing a state and county road system in which will be used for formal interconnectivity throughout the city, and region.

Have a look around.



This is the small and humble Industrial Seaport in which BluePort thrives upon. Goods are imported and exported here for the populous of the island. The railroad gives Industrial access to the Seaport. Currently the railroad offers no passenger services however, there are plans to make this available in the near future.


Just to the east of the port, we enter Downtown BluePort. Main street is depicted in the center as an avenue with a center left turn lane. The Central Business Community is but a small town, mostly a live work community in which dense residents have opportunities to work in businesses or shoping centers which are all supported by the rising industry.


South of Downtown, we find the University of BluePort in which sets its hope high in producing scholars throughout the region.


The residential and farming communities of BluePort.


Moving farther north, we enter Holiday Isle, which is a section of BluePort which is segragated into the upper class...


A closer look. The Road with the center left turn lane leads into BluePort, eventually its farming communities and exits the BluePort city limits to the south.







More images of Holiday Isle...

I hope you enjoyed this update. I'm sorry for my innactivity, I've just been busy. There will be longer updated to come however, I promise.



This is it, reading through all of those guidelines, rules, descriptions, and instructions, the city journal FINALLY begins. This page is dedicated to the cities that both myself and users created, aswell as developments. This will show an overview of each city and a few key images. A region shot, Central Business District, and a few other photos. Contractor Projects will also be displayed here. Furthermore... Each City will also attain its own page upon the City Journal to go more in depth of it and its attributes. Updates will follow concurrent pages.


BluePort - By Need4Camaro




Located in the far western harbors of the BluePort island, resides the foundation of the capital. Settlers have docked upon the western coast and mitigated eastward, however; the known route into the island has become a trade corridoor and set itself into a Seaport in which goods are imported and exported into and out of the island.

Barely tapping into fresh water, BluePort is destined to strive with its rocketing industrial and trade demand. The capital of the island will be constructed here.

Jacksonville - By Yoshiisland


Further east into the island we meet lush inland flowing rivers and thriving vegetation. About 30 Miles East of BluePort, the foundation of Jacksonville rests, awaiting development to spur through its mighty rivers.

NorthPort - by JeeKTaN:


About 30 Miles north of BluePort, resides the foundation of NorthPort by JeekTan. portions barely landlocked, it sits on the bay awaiting heavy commercial and industrial shipping traffic. We welcome JeekTan and bid him happy developing.r

Dabbersburg - by Ralverd:


15 Miles East of Blue Port, in a foundation residing between Blue Port and Jacksonville, a metropolis rises to sprawl, funded by mighty banks eager to set foot into the Blue Port state. Idustrial complexes sprawl while towers scream into the atmosphere. Dabbersburg currently seats the largest population in the BluePort region.



Projects and Current Events

County and State Highway Act:

The government system of BluePort is working dilligantly to develop a County Road system for the city of BluePort, and an state highway system in which will traverse the island and connect to neighboring cities.

Current Status:

Developing County and State Heralds.

Vote upon the County and State Heralds.

Collect Road Network Maps

Decide County Road Routing

Decide State Road Routing

Implement Routing

BluePort Capital: Decide upon the best foundation to settle the BluePort State Capital

Current Status:

Choose Government Complex Style

Choose Location

Choose Design Style

Opening Ceremony

Mall of BluePort:


Coming Soon

This page will display Resource Maps and Transportation Systems of the Island of BluePort.


#1 - County Roads - These roads will only retain their designations within a users city limits. They CAN leave the city however will lose their designition afterward. County Roads do NOT need to follow a numbering scheme and are very flexible. The County Road shield is up to the user to provide.

  • User County Road Networks-
    • BluePort (Need4Camaro)
    • Jacksonville (Yoshiisland)

#2 - State Roads - Blue Port is property of the Island of Newark and the United States. State Roads will carry a State Shield and a Number and can retain their designition throughout the island. State Road designitions however are not as flexible as county roads and will require council before they can placed. State Roads are not limited to the type of roadway they can utilize so they can be one way roads, standard roadways, or expressways both tolled and untolled.

#3 - Interstates - Blue Port is apart of the United States and elligible for federally funded expressways. To qualify for Interstate Designition, the roadway must be access controlled and free of tolls. Also there are standards and grades of which an Interstate must meet. However the advantage is the user who builds them is funded 75% of the cost to build it and 50% of the monthly maintenance fees. Like state roads, counciling is necessary to determine its routes.

#4 - Tollroads & Turnpikes - Hi Capacity Expressways that are necessary when the federal or state funds are unavailable for them can be built by a contractor. Contractors can negotiate the terms of pay and tolling schedule for them. Tollroads are individual highways while Turnpikes are typically longer tollroads that carry subsidary systematic tollroads along with them. Turnpikes and Tollroads CAN carry state or county roads but they must also be provided with their own route designition from the contractor


#1 - Heavy Rail - Can carry freight or passengers throughout your city. You can have contractors develope a rail line between destinations and/or throughout your city. There's no limit to use of the heavy rail, but be respectfull that railroads have much less tollerance to grades than roadways.

#2 - Light Rail / Subways / Monorail - BEST used between suburban areas and the inner city, but once again there is no limit to use and they will be allowed to travel over long distances.



West BluePort Island


Current Plugins

  • NAM June 2010
  • RHW June 2010
  • NWM June 2010
  • Hole Diggers
  • BRF TunnelAndSlopeMod
  • Darker Ocean Mod
  • White Sand Beach Mod
  • RHW Texture Mod
  • GHW Texture Mod
  • BSC Textures
  • SeaPort

Members and Statistics






BluePort (2 Tiles)




Jacksonville (2 Tiles)




NorthPort (2 Tiles)




Strathpine (2 Tiles)




Dabbersburg (3 Tiles)












The Score System:


Unlike previous versions of Blue Hope, The Score System is a lot more passive. It takes a lot less time to manage your points (if you even want to) and having a score isn’t always necessary to develop if you’re a mayor. The score really only become a concern when you’re either trying to expand your city limits, or if you’re a contractor. Anything outside your city limits will be deducted from your points to purchase and maintain it. You will need a Deed for anything outside of your property. Deeds tell you the amount of points in which you receive per month and that will be added (or subtracted) from your score every month.


Anything OUTSIDE of your city limits that resemble that of Utilities, Transit Stations, and Toll Booths, will require monthly audits to receive your exact score. Make sure that whatever you build, you can also manage. If you build something with variable expenses or income, just put “AUDIT” in the deed and it will be audited accordingly.


To keep up with your score, BHCJ has a calculator for you to use located in the File Share folder which makes things extremely simple.


Most Infrastructures only incurs expenses, unlike zoning which incurs income.


For a more detailed list, look below…











When you purchase a property, you will need a deed to claim ownership of it. Deeds tell you when you purchased the property and the monthly effect it will present to your score. Items which have an income which may vary between month to month should note “AUDIT” instead of a number… and your score should be updated accordingly to what you’ve earned during the month (PM me your figures.) An example of a deed and the format it should carry is listed below.


The "Cost to Purchase, Monthly Profit, and Total Income" field are to be derived from the "Total Expense vs Income" field of your calculator.  An example show below...


Cost to Purchase: 314

Monthly Profit: 48

Total Income: -266

IMPORTANT: Many utilities have a cost to BIULD which is DIFFERENT from the cost to OPERATE. Make sure your cost to BIULD is SILENTLY deducted from your score when you build them!

I have spent alittle time revising this system in effort to give users more options and a simple system in which they can follow.  I truly hope this helps things out as far as understanding and simplicity is concerned.



Installation Instructions



Windows XP, Vista, or 7

Simtropolis Account

Windows Live Mesh Account

Windows Live Messenger PREFERRED but not necessary… Any IM program will do.

SimCity 4

1 Gig of Ram

At least 1 Gigabyte of free hard disk, 5 Gigabytes preferred but not necessary.



  1. Download Windows Live Mesh at https://www.mesh.com
  2. Optional, Download Windows Live Messenger here…
  3. Add christforbluehopecjlive.com to your Windows Live Messenger. Upon adding, send me a message requesting an invite. OR Send an email to the above email address with the subject title “BHCJ Join Request” with your Simtropolis alias and your Windows Live Mesh account email address. OR Send a private message to Need4Camaro on ST with the subject title “BHCJ Join request” and your Windows Live Mesh account email address.
  4. Upon receiving the request in your email address, accept it and follow the steps. Windows Live Mesh will automatically place a shortcut on your DESKTOP to a folder called “FileShare”. Double click this shortcut and select the location you wish to save the “FileShare” folder. I highly recommend the My Documents folder. DO NOT SELECT ANY REMOVABLE STORAGE DEVICES SUCH AS FLASH DRIVES, CD ROMS, OR AUXILLARY HARDDRIVES TO STORE BLUE HOPE ON AS THESE HAVE A TENDENCY OF CHANGING DRIVE LETTERS WHICH WILL NOT BE RECONFIGURED IN THE NEW FILE PATH FOR THE SHORTCUT OR WINDOWS LIVE MESH!
  5. You PC will automatically begin downloading the Region, depending on your connection it will probably take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours. Upon its completion, any changes you now make to the Region, or Plugins will take effect to ANYONE connected to the BHCJ network.
  6. You will now need to perform the SC4 Shortcut technique to tell SC4 where to load the region and plugins from… This CAN get alittle tricky so I will divide this into sub steps.


a.    Right click your existing SC4 Shortcut on your desktop and select COPY… Right click anywhere on the desktop and select PASTE, HOWEVER; if you do not have a shortcut, locate your SimCity 4.exe or Rushhour.exe and right click it and select “Send to… > Desktop as a Shortcut”

b.    Right click the shortcut on your Desktop, rename the shortcut into BlueHope as this shortcut will only be used to connect to the networked region, and not your regular game files. YOUR regions and plugins will be COMPLETELY unaffected by the region of Newarks

c.     Right click the shortcut on your Desktop and select “Properties” Then select your “Target” field. You should see something similar to this …

"C:\Program Files\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe"

Place the cursor at the end of this string, right after the right-most quotation mark and then press the space bar once. After the space, type…

–UserDir: "C:\Documents and Settings\(Your Windows Account)\My Documents\FileShare\BlueHope/"


This tells the shortcut when SC4 is loaded, to load the Regions and Plugin files from the “BlueHope” directory which is located in the FileShare directory. The forward slash IS necessary. The red bold text states your windows account name found in your Address bar for your My Documents folder. Be careful NOT to use your Windows Account name you use to login to your PC as they can sometimes differ on the address bar. If you want a accurate directory location, open windows explorer and browse to the FileShare directory and then select BlueHope. Copy everything in your address bar of Windows Explorer and paste it after the –UserDir: string of the shortcut. Make sure you put a forward slash “/” at the end of the string and enclose the address string with quotation marks.


Your overall directory string in your Target field should appear in this format


"Directory to SimCity 4.exe" -UserDir:"Directory to BlueHope Folder located in Fileshare/"


This is how MINE is setup, yours will have slight variations in the text however the overall format will remain the same.
Click Apply and OK



What is Blue Hope?

Blue Hope is an Interactive City Journal in which members can ACTIVELY contribute toward the development of the region. Formerly, Blue Hope was known for its Island of Newark in which hosted several oil reserves that the United Nations took interest upon and decided to settle and develop during a peak oil crisis. The story plot remains mostly the same, however; the adventure has been taken into a new (more manageable) island in which sustains heavy oil reserves. Now that the political debates have been secured, the island colonies of Newark have been secured into the 51st state of the United States and industrial demand has sky rocketed to drill for oil. 


What’s YOUR role?


Your job is to colonize and feed the demand for development amongst the island through the development of urban areas, industry, sea / airports, and infrastructure.


How it works?


The Concept:


Blue Hopes regions and plugins are located on Windows Live Mesh (http://www.mesh.com) which allows for real-time sharing of files and folders. This means, when I save a file, the changes that I make are INSTANTLY sent to everyone sharing my file through online syncing. When I save a city file, the file is also updated on your PC so you can see my changes. How this works is, you download Windows Live Mesh and Messenger and add my account at christforbluehopecj@live.com. Upon adding me, you will receive a request to join the “Fileshare” folder. When you do, you are going to create a new shortcut for SC4 which will allow the game to load Blue Hopes Region and Plugins INDEPENDTLY of your own Region and Plugins. This means you won’t have to worry about overwriting your plugins or having a super massive cluster of unnecessary plugins in your Regions.



Methods of Playing:


There are two modes in Blue Hope. There is Mayor and Contractor Mode. In Mayor Mode, you’re the Mayor of a city and you begin with 2 Large City Tiles and no points until you build enough structures. In the long run this is probably the most prosperous way to play, but it is very constrictive if you desire to develop anything outside of your city limits.  In Contractor Mode you begin with 6,000 points but no city tiles. You can use these points to make developments on land that is not considered your property but you will need to be careful to ensure that you will be making a profit. You CAN perform dual modes, for example a Major in Mayor Mode and Minor in Contractor mode means you will start with 2 Large City Tiles and all the points you earn in Mayor Mode can be used in your Contractor setup. Contractors can be under company names, for example if you’re running a transportation railway system, you can setup a company and dedicate points to that company.


            Mayor Mode: Begin with 2 Large City tiles and develop freely within those tiles. You gain points based on your residents, commerce, or industrial Sims. If you wish to develop further you will need to pay 3,000 points to purchase another large city tile, or use your points to develop outside the mayor mode. You can also hire contractors to develop infrastructure of developments within your land or to create networks to different cities. Mayors can also work as contractors.


            Contractor Mode: Begin with 6,000 points to use region wide for development. TYPICALLY contractors are assigned by company names. You gain points based on the deals and agreements you make. Contractors can also make income based off of    residential, industrial, and commercial property, but their expenses ARE set.             Contractors can partner with Mayors, Work Independently, or spawn from Mayors.





Previously, Blue Hope was sustained by a points / deed system in which members owned their own property, developments, factories, buildings, roads or railroads. While the system still exists, it is in a milder passive form as you are now allowed to freely develop upon your own land.  Basically, you will not need to worry about your scores, deeds, or points to develop in your land. You will also not be limited to what you can and cannot build.  You gain points based on the amount of residents you have in your city. You will be given a check in a month in which you can use to develop assets (roadways, toll roads, turnpikes, utilities, ect) OUTSIDE of your city limits, or just use it to expand your city limits by purchasing another city tile…


·         You start off with 2 Large City Tiles.

o   You gain 0.2 Points per Resident Sim in your city every month.

o   You gain 0.4 Points per Commercial Sim in your city every month.

o   You gain 0.3 Points per Industrial Sim in your city every month.

·         A large city tiles costs 3,000 Points

o   A city of 20,000 residents would net you 4,000 Points per month.

·         Everything you develop INSIDE your city limits is excluded from the scoring system.

·         Everything you develop OUTSIDE your city limits will cost a monthly fee.


Score System:


The score system basically determines what you can and cannot purchase outside of your city limits. Everything INSIDE your city limits is free. Everything OUTSIDE of your city will require you pay points out of your score and you will also need a deed to own the property. Usually the only reason the develop anything outside of your city limits is for the construction of Highways or Transit routes between cities, or if you want to set up a power or water deal to your neighbors. It is NOT MANDATORY that you use the score system while you’re in your own city tiles. If you just want to stick with the two tiles you have, that is perfectly fine. If you want to only expand your tiles and not build anything outside of those tiles, that is also fine.


Gameplay Rules:
1.      Your score will be updated at the end of every month. If you’re a Contractor I ask that you create your own deed based on the BHCJ Calculator. Mayors incur no expenses for the city tiles they manage and also do not need deeds.
2.      You CANNOT build outside of your city limits without points and permissions. You can hire a contractor, or become a contractor and use points however, but you must be ready to pay points and incur a monthly fee.
3.      No complaining. Seriously this gets old. The Blue Hope System is MORE than fair and it is very easy to rack up points to develop whatever and wherever you wish. If I gave land out freely it would become a big mess of over development and cause the region to become cluttered relatively easily.
4.      No sabotaging. If you are caught wrecking havoc in another person’s city tile, you will be automatically banned. If you misuse to file share center and flood it with miscellaneous useless files or use it to spread virus’s or corrupt files, you will find yourself banned. If you delete cities, the region, plug ins, or all of the above I will only restore them as they are periodically backed up and you will find yourself banned.
5.      You ARE allowed to add plugins of your choosing even without permission, but I ask that you don’t take advantage and overuse this privilege.
6.      No modifying default BH files such as the NAM, slope mods, terrain mods, ect.
            Development Guidelines:
1.      In Mayor Mode, you will be able to select any two large city tiles you desire. They don’t even have to be connected.
a.      You gain points per sim in your city.
b.      It costs 3,000 Points to purchase a large city tile.
c.       City tiles do not incur monthly expenses so there is no deed required for them.
d.      You can develop anywhere on your city tile without costs or restrictions except for ordinances if they apply.
e.      Your points can be used to expand your boundaries, pay a contractor, or become a contractor to extend projects outside your city limits.
2.      In Contractor Mode, you will begin with 6,000 Points. You CAN purchase city tiles and develop freely. However; everything outside your city limits will incur a monthly cost.
a.      Zoning does not incur an expense, only an income. You are paid based on the zoning, density, and wealth.
b.      You can still purchase a large city tile for 3,000 Points.
c.       Any infrastructure you develop that is not within your city limits will incur a monthly charge. Not all infrastructures will result in a net income. Toll Booths, Rail Stations, and Bus services can result in an income but they must be used.
d.      If you are a contractor developing within another person’s city, you can negotiate terms of how much you desire to receive per month in alternative to your expected monthly earnings for usage.
e.      You will need a deed for everything you develop that does not exist within your city tiles.
I will perform all major updates upon your request. All you must do is request an update. If you have any special requests for your update then you will need to send me your update in a word document with the photos you wish to display attached to it along with the statements and claims.



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