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About this City Journal

Natural growth of a city called Batlen. From Small Hamlet to bustling town to busy metropolis (hopefully).

Entries in this City Journal



@andrew13: I will try to include as much voting as a can. But for now, lets jump into the next update.



John Miller, a painter who decided to pay a visit to Batlen, was an old daring man. He climbed a tree to paint the first painting ever to show a portion of Batlen. He introduced a new type of painting method where you apply the colours one by one, never to go back to the previous colour. So he started by adding alot of black to his canvas. Then went on to the other colours.

Black, alot of it (the orange is the canvas) :


Added green and some shades of brown over the black:


Here is the completed painting and the first coloured view of Batlen (historically accurate) :


In the painting above, "Route 37's new groove" is also shown along with a larger mayor's house for Mr. Doug Batlen. As the picture states, Route 37 has been upgraded again with new lane markings and a traffic light.

In Simcity: The Route 37 is now a Road in Batlen and a RHW-2 outside of Batlen.

Here is a region view of Batlen (My computer is slow, so there is really no point in rendering the city tiles before building on them) The little area at the bottom with farms is Batlen:


Click for - Err... Hey it's not Full Resolution!  Ahwell41.gif

Later Batlen Followers!


1921's Glories


@DC and Bajones: You were the only two whom voted other than my friend, who also chose industry. So here comes the smoke stacks!



This was the year of many changes to the town, both good and bad. During late Spring, construction of the newly planned Industrial Sector named "Bomb" was completed. Though some didn't want the aweful pollution that it would bring, they were surprised that it wasn't as bad is it sounded. The air they breathed still seamed like normal air.

The new Industrial sector east of Batlen:


CloseUp on Bomb:


The industrial sector did call in a few more citizens as Bajones, a farmer in Batlen, had stated. But not too many came, "We prefer driving 30 kilometres to work than live in the rusty old town of yours!" a worker declared to Mr. Batlen. This made Mr. Batlen angrier than a big fat duck (yes, big fat ducks are mad). He soon found out that a City Critic (I don't know if there is such thing) wrote in the newspapers about how run-down Batlen was and how "...when you turn on the lights in a house closer to the power generater, the next house will go blank..." This was not at all the truth, so Mayor Batlen called the Critic and threatened him: "...then, I will kill you with my own munitions! This city is alot better..."

Mayor Batlen decided the only way to get his city higher on the list was to renovate it step by step. One of the first things Doug Batlen did was add sidewalks to all the streets in the town centre (near Route 37/Finn St/Goater St). This was a big project but took only a few weeks to complete.

The new sidewalks at the Main intersection:


The side walks encouraged more people to walk or bike to work. This lowered the amount of gasoline imported into the gas station in Batlen and made people happy, especially parents who wanted a safe clean place for their kids to draw chalk on.

Remember Kurt? Well he's having a nice time too. He built a new barn and 2 new cottages with the help of the 5 men who live with him. Kurt renamed his settlement to Spets-Halvon or Tip of Peninsula in Swedish (yes, he's Swedish) because of the place his house is located (don't worry, I'll get a region picture soon).



Everyone is having a good time in the 1921. But something might happen next update.

Overview of Batlen 1921:


See ya' later folks!


Doug Batlen's Plans

@DC: I improvise half the time. So some intresting things appear without me even noticing!

Many believe that Doug is a very odd mayor. Some think he`s crazy; while others think of whom calls Doug crazy is crazy. This went on for months as half of the population argue with the other half about what would be good for this village. But one day in late August, Mayor Batlen announced a referendum (a voting for citizens to make a choice about Batlen). Doug is planning to expand Batlen a huge amount by spring next year.
"The village will still be growing at steady rate with farms growing on the outskirts and a busy citycentre in the middle," said Mayor Batlen, "But over the past few years during The Great War (what World War One was called then), I have managed to collect many additional funds with my 'Batlen Munitions Co', and yes I own a weapons manufacturer. So what I have decided is to use this extra money on a larger project. There is going to be a vote (This is where  you can vote) on what I will use the money for. Pick one of the three choices:

1. Grow a new Farm Zone south-west of Batlen:

2. Change these to farms into housing developement:

3. Construct a new industrial sector east of Batlen

Mayor Batlen only has enough money to do one of these tasks. Cast your vote in the comments and the referendum will be closed by next update.



@DC: I didn't quite understand it either! It was just for fun9.gif


(Cont'd from last update) ... All the citizens wondered what had happened inside Travis' house. When they went inside, he was gone. No where to be seen. Everyone was puzzled, but it never occurred to anyone that he wasn't even in the house during the break-in.

Travis drove his car back from the Capital (somewhere far away!) with his grandson, Allen in the back seat. They had a warm welcome as Allen was going to stay here in Travistown forever. The next day, the citizens had a discussion about the person with the gun (PWTG). Travis sent a group of 5 men out on Goater St to stalk the PWTG. But the group never returned for an entire day, so Travis begins to worry that there is a murderer in town. He decides to go find out himself. He reaches the end of Goater st with some Capital officers just to encounter 2 little houses. The PWTG was standing on the porch of one of the houses! Travis sends the Capital officers to the house to arrest the PWTG. They argued a long time when the 5 men that left the day before show up. It was all a misunderstanding! Kurt, the PWTG, was a retired soldier. He broke Travis' window by accident and went inside to clean up! He ws a good guy after all and had served the 5 men tea. But when Travis welcomes him to his town, Kurt rejects and says he's happy with his own settlement!

Kurt's Settlement along with his dock used to order in supplies:


Sad News!!!!!

The following week, Travis died of heart failure 15.gif.

Everyone in town was sad for the death of their part mayor. Travis logging Inc workers are also aware that now, the CEO of their company will be Allen. Allen also had to be the village's new mayor, But Allen had other plans. He wanted to bring Travis Logging Inc to its full potential...

Travis Logging Inc working at full production:


...So he sells the town to someone named ( here comes the great...) Doug. Doug Batlen renames the village after him (Finally, the actual beginning of Batlen) and renovates his house.

Doug Batlen's new manor:


The rest of the village has also renovated into larger houses (From stage 1 to 2, but still low density)

That will be it for this update.

Feel free to make suggestions and ask "where can I find this?"


Farms Galore!


Travistown is aging... and so is Travis. Travistown is 6 1/2 years old, while Travis is 76 1/2 years old (never knew he was that old, did you?)

Travis Logging Inc was busy cutting down the trees in the north for the citizens to farm on for the last few years. The company that almost built everything so far in this village was about to build barns (BTW, they are called Gaie Construction Co). Now most of the citizens aren't employees of Travis anymore, most are farmers! The demand for clean freshwater pumped into the people's houses went up due to all the agricultural goods. People were tired of waiting for any volunteer to take his/her truck west out of town to a creek for water. So Travis (more mayor now), got the Gaie construction people to build a pipe that leads up to a water tower.

Completed watertower south of Route 37:


All the citizens were happy that they had working toilets now. But one day an outsider came to Travistown. He had a rifle with him. One that no one had seen before. It was big, fat and look like it could hold alot of lead. This stranger stopped at Travis' house and smashed a window. He then went inside. After a minute or so, he came back out and left east on Goater St (above), which leads nowhere.... (to be continued)

A 1907 overview picture of Travistown or soon... Batlen:


See ya later folks!



@Pipelad: Thanks! I know some detail is lost but it supposed to look old and 1900's.

I got a new Banner! (you can see the city has developed a lot over the years.


Last entry, some workers got to rent out small houses. So Travis thinks he's doing pretty well. He decides to call in the contruction company again to build more. This time, there was enough houses for everyone to share. All the workers are happy with more time on their hands, while Travis is happy with all the money on the hands3.gif!

Days go by years come forth. Travistown (what he calls it) is 3 1/2 years old when randomly, Travis' company hit a barrel of dynamite (it's supposed to be an idiom) and their budget went boom. Travis could barely pay for his company let alone all the wages. So he decides money is worth more than productivity. He resigns a few of his workers that: 1. do almost nothing, like the janitor in Travistown 2. big guys that get alot of money, like corporate officers.

Now that his profit isn't in the negatives, he needs something to increase his budget. He anounces to his workers that the houses are for sale! This actually made the people happy as they were tired of paying rent to Travis. Travis gains a light amount of money (the houses aren't even really houses for goodness sakes) and uses them to build more houses. By the time one year goes by, he was rich.

Travistown one intersection of Route 37 and Finn st:


As depicted in the picture above, there are many new small shops in the village. This is because some that have been fired are now starting up their own businesses, which virtually could be more successful than Travis Logging Inc. Most however are asking Travis favors to cut down more trees north of the village. Travis agrees (he's a nice guy) and for the next 2 years, the Travistown section of Travis Logging Inc is busy cutting down the forest for farming use.

Alvin's Snacks, a smart folk set up his shop aprox 300m before the intersection of Finn st:


(note: the east/west road is Route 37,  the tee road leads to the industry)

During the span of these two years, Travis built alot of warehouses for all the wood being cut. Previously, the wood would be shipped out of the processing plant right after being cut, but now he needs to keep them in sheds for over a month! He also got a new office as shown below. Behind the warehouses are new employee snack trailers (Travis finally gives them a luch break)!

Travis' new warehousing:


Folks, thats it for this entry! Hope you enjoyed it 2.gif

Bonus to this update: A poem about wood! Try to understand it 3.gif

Esau Wood sawed wood. Esau Wood would saw wood. All the wood Esau Wood saw, Esau Wood would saw. In other words, all the wood Esau saw to saw, Esau sought to saw. Oh, the wood Wood would saw! And, oh the wood-saw with which Wood would saw wood! But one day, Wood's wood-saw would saw no wood, and thus the wood Wood sawed was not the wood Wood would saw if Wood's wood-saw would saw wood. Now, Wood would saw wood with a wood-saw that would saw wood, so Esau sought a saw that would saw wood. One day, Esau saw a saw saw wood as no other wood-saw Wood saw would saw wood. In fact, of all the wood-saws Wood ever saw saw wood, Wood never saw a wood-saw that would saw wood as the wood-saw Wood saw saw wood would saw wood, and I never saw a wood-saw that would saw as the wood-saw Wood saw would saw until I saw Esau Wood saw wood with the wood-saw Wood saw saw wood. Now Wood saws wood with the wood-saw Wood saw saw wood.



Version 2 of Batlen

 I have decided to obliterate the previous city as it wasn't so good. The map and general stats are still the same but instead of an all natural feel at the begining, I have decided to start with an highway, Route 37 (ingame streets). Here is my new approach on this cj:


(I have to yet change the banner for my new batlen!)

Long, long time ago on a far distant planet, there was a fat guy with pink underwear... Just kidding! 3.gif

So... Sometime in 1900, a fisherman from British Columbia named Finn decided he could bear no more. So he set sail on the pacific. After aprox. 3 months, he reached a land no one else had been to... (well at least no one's in my region at the beginning) ...He decide to settle in. He found out that there was enough cod for him to last over 10 lifetimes!

An old picture of Finn's landing:


Finn's landing was originally composed of his house & dock, huge refrigerated cod storage shed, and "Finn's Cod Shop".

This attracted many passerbyers. And oddly, someone actually decided to settle in with Finn. This guy named Travis was actually some really rich tycoon who wanted a low-life. So he hired a huge construction crew to build his house at the intersection of Route 37 and the so-called "Finn street".

Picture of Travis Manor under construction, preetty low-life if you ask me:


It seems like Finn also has quality "cod cement". As depicted in the picture above showing the cement mixer appearing from Finn St.

Soon, this old tycoon got tired of his low-life although he had 24/7 security on his property. So he moved his logging company to this place (city-tile) and got a new wood processing factory up and running alittle north of his house.

Travis Logging Inc:


Travis Logging Inc in action:


This Travis guy has his logging company working 10 hours per shift with no lunch break in some areas. Here, its already hard for the workers to drive 30km to and fro work. And this Travis is a nice guy, as long as it doesn't take too much of his money! So he thought of this really cool idea of building a housing project for some of his workers to rent. And, wow, was he lucky! The moment he announced this to his workers, EVERYONE wanted to rent them. So the prices went up and up and up until only 3 people were willing to take it.

The 3 houses Travis built (well actually...):


This will conclude this update. I'm telling you that I will not give up (like in my previous ones) on this CJ!

Feel free to comment, give suggestions or ask "where can I find this?"


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