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A former U.S.S.R member that has taken it's position as one of the most economically, and Culturally powerful Countries

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Mountain Dew


Update #1

Budoia -

The old church -


Mayors sea-side cabin-


The high school -


Budoia local park -


Bernedett memorial next to the new church -


Budoia town hall -


Local commercial shopping center -


Residential areas -



Budoia Lake -





Budoia private college -



Budoia drafting and design college -


well, that's it for today!

Enjoy and comment!

Mountain Dew

Breif History

A former U.S.S.R member that has taken it's position as one of the most economically, and Culturally powerful Countries. Klosgow received it's independence on April 17th from 1743... As a colony of Britain, they were economically viable in a very stable system... Britain feared the success and the popularity of a new Country, with men who had many different ideals than that of the Royal family...

Detailed History

The war with Britain was finally started when It was learned that the king had ordered the assassination of a very popular Governor in Klosgow... The war was something that the British definetely did not want to deal with, at the time there was a "cold war" with France... Both sides were on the ready for attack, and the king realized that if he went into a full scale war with Klosgow, that he would be vulnerable to attack by the French... The king thought that a small force could quell the rebellion, but he was surprised to learn that a militia force was there to ambush his forces and quickly routed them...


During the next few centuries, Klosgow swallowed in mediocraty... They never became the country that their founders had believed they would be... In 1911 Just before World War I, poland absorbed The

small country... During the war, Austria-Hungary invaded Poland and once again Klosgow was under controll of another country...

During the First World war, Klosgow put up a small fight, but there Armies were much smaller than Austria-Hungary's armies... Klosgow had 3 battles that sealed their fate... The battle at Budoia, La Guardia and San Danielle


After WWII, Klosgow breifly became independent, and Soon joined the U.S.S.R... During the countries time in the U.S.S.R, the (now) territory was the #1 most economically viable territory in the entire U.S.S.R... During their time in the U.S.S.R, their was much turmoil, especially over the Cold war...


For the final time, on April 17th of 1978, Klosgow gained its independence... During the last 32 years, Klosgow has become one of the top economically and culturally powerfull countries in Eastern Europe... As well as being one of the most econmically powerfull countries, Klosgow has one of the most advanced armies in the world (albeit not very large) Congress passed A selective service act, which is a "draft" for those between the ages of 21-30 years of age... Only to be enacted during times of war...



Klosgow still has ties to the form of government run in the U.S.S.R... Klosgow has a mix of Socialism, with Capitalism. Klosgowian government controlls many of the large business, which usually leads to an income surplus... Klosgow has a bicameral legislation, territories have a set number of representatives in the Senate, and have a moveable number of representatives in the House of Representatives, based on the Population of each territory...

The government resembles the government in many ways:

branches.jpg (41293 bytes)

As you can see by this simple illustration, there are three branches:


  1. Executive branch - The executive branch gives the president the power to either, veto a bill sent to him/her by congress...


  2. Judicial branch directly oversees the rights of the peopel

3. The Legislative branch proposes new laws/taxes etc. for the president to look over





GDP: 3,987,089 (in millions of USD)

^ 4th in the world

Klosgow is the base of many Companies that are the leaders in their industry. While most of the international companies that are based within Klosgow are privately owned, many businesess are controlled by the government (including: The National Banking system, Healthcare, many of the largest companies in Klosgow).

Klosgow has a tariff on all incoming goods set at 11.2%...



Additional info

Languages spoken - Polish/Russian/Hungarian

Population - 12 Mil.

Uses the euro Monetary system



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