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About this City Journal

It's about how is play SC4 in Linux with Wine emulator and the results. Also the history of a country with modern socialism.

Entries in this City Journal


Well, the CJ "Made In Linux" finish here. The reason Is when I was updating the OS (from Linux Mint 8 to Linux Mint 9) I loosed the region that I named "Prypjat" and all the plugins packet. I Try to recover the plugins, It was not too hard, but the region was too hard to do again without the "special" thing I founded when I was building Sibik, Latz (screenshots in the first entry) and Karvek, the new city.

So I want to say thanks for those who had readed the only two entries I did.

But every bad thing has another good side. I learned too much things about the behavoir of SimCity 4 in Linux. Also I readed this topic in the forum: http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=22&threadid=96881&enterthread=y  and I founded solutions to some problems illustrated there.

So I want to say too that I have the recipe and the methods to play SimCity in Linux, If you (Simtropolis comunity) wants an entry in the Omnibus with the instructions I will be happy to do it. For now I have a daft with explicity instructions in my blog: http://alejandro24blog.blogspot.com/2010/04/simcity-4-en-linux.html

Soon I will to do another entry in my blog with more detailed instructions about the version of Wine (the emulator) and the management of the plugins with Linux, the perfomance of the game and how to exchange regions and plugins between Linux and Windows (this last it's only a theory) to play the same in both OS.

That's not the end of my journals, of course not. I have planning once named "Valles Marineris City States", that I will start soon but with the same objectives that "Made In Linux" (showing the gaming in Linux and the exchange between Linux and Windows in the same computer and in differents computers).

So very thanks.

Postscript: sorry my english, sometimes I get confused speaking it.


Experiment with SimMars 2.
Don't worry Tux, You're going to show to the world what you can do with Liberty.


As everbody know, this CJ is completly made with Linux, exception the plugins order. Thank's to CHR to recommend me the SC4 Dat Packer.

Prefecture of Sibik

Sibik is a prefecture located at the north center of Prypiat. This prefecture has a small city, Sibik; four towns, Traina, Jeuvs, Nehv Sibik north and Nehv Sibik south; and an industrial complex. The population is about 12000 people.

Prefecture View:


1.- Sibik: center of the Prefecture of Sibik government.

2.- Jeuvs: satellital town of Sibik. Founded some years after Sibik by dissidents.

3.- Traina: Isolated town, only has comunication by railway.

4.- Nehv Sibik North: experimental town, satellital from Sibik.

5.- Nehv Sibik South: experimental town, stellital from Sibik.

6.- Sibik Industrial Complex: like the name says, new Industrial complex of Prefecture of Sibik. The old complex is in the north of Sibik.

Prefecture of Sibik Headquarters.


Old Sibik, with the firsts founders houses still.


Sibik Skycrappers: despiste being a small city, Sibik has Skycrappers. There are skycrappers of every kind, residential, bussines and offices, including Skycrappers for vertical farming.


At the south, Sibik has a big park. At the right and left there are two bridges that brings communication with Jeuvs and Nehv Sibik South.


Jeuvs, satellital town of Sibik, with the lighthouse in the cape of Jeuvs island. This small town was foundend by dissidents.


Aliance Bridge, at the north Nehv Sibik North.


New Industrial Complex of Sibik, with another vertical farming Skycrappers. At the center left theres the cut bridge, some people thinks that location are bewitched, because about 10 workers of the construction died and the night workers of the insdustrial complex ensure in that place happens strangely things.


Traina, with the railway station, who brings communication with the rest of the prefecture. The isolation of this little town is because at the west are a big fault.


Nehv Sibik Sout, this experimental town was builded for a social experiment in the 80's decade. Actually still has living pleople who works in Sibik or in the Industrial Complex. The new generations preffer leave the experimental town and live in Sibik or Jeuvs, so the government decide close the town to the year 2030.


Detail of Nehv Sibik North, before the economic reforms in the 70's years there was a vast slum area.


Detail of the railway bridge crossing the Jeuvs island.





Well, I was reading in this forum about play SimCity 4 in Linux. I use Linux Mint 8, I have downloaded Wine and installed the game... and it runs.

I have to say that to use SC4 in Linux are very easy, is more rapid than play in Windows. The only disvantage is the plugins folder, It can have around 50 - 60 plugins installed. If it have more that number, the game doesn't runs. So, the plugins are not a limit to enjoy the game and create cities (amazing cities).

In my plugins folder are for example the NAM, radical one mods, Maxis locker, and plugins from SimCity Polska.


There's a capture of the game in region view. The name of the region is "Prypiat", and it is made with a grayscale of Prypiat, but something get wrong and doesn't look like that. So I recommend create regions with Windows.



This is a capture of the game, in a city named Latz, at day and night.

This city journal will be about a federation with Socialism, but modern socialism, like Linux, free software and infoanarchism propose.

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