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About this City Journal

Welcome to a new and glorious nation 124 miles east of Greenland. This nation is relatively new. The UFFU island was formed after the 1949 earth magnetic pole shift. As a result a new island...

Entries in this City Journal


Heart Isle

The newest edition to the UFFU union.... Heart Isles which has started colonization! So far there are about 14,000 settlers moving in. The population boomed in just 2 months. There has also been a new discovery on that island that wasn't anticipated or even thought of. There are NATIVES AND THERE HOSTILE. The UFFU Defense Department has been doing some research and realized that these natives actually originally came from Europe. In fact in 1956 this is the events that went down. First, a cruise ship going from Stockholm to New York disappeared from the Atlantic Ocean. The ship carried 4500 people. So the investigation concluded that the ship was hit by a rouge wave from the south and lost all electrical equipment. They got stranded on the west side of Heart Isle. On that ship was many resources for the natives to grow. There was enough food for all passengers to survive months and months. Also these cruise ships didn't contain any high class people, it contained broken and poor farmers and there families going to the United States to make a living. The natives have produced there own, rugged guns for warfare and have mastered making bombs. These natives live somewhere on Heart Isle. We haven't been able to locate them anywhere on the isle. There is also only 312 UFFU Federation Troops stationed on Heart Isle. The main bulk of the population has to protect themselves from native attack. Also this is classified material I am about to tell you. There was originally 430 troops stationed on Heart Isle. There was a fort on the north coast of the isle. It contained tanks, weapons, ammo, guns all the necessary materials to wage WW3. The only reason there was a lot of weapon material on the island was because we were afraid that Russia also might want the island and was willing to fight for it. Anyway to the point, On December 12, 2010 the fort was attacked and by the natives. They used brutal weapons to kill there enemy. They also used stealth there biggest advantage over any one. Every one in the fort was killed off, no survivors just bodies. All the weapons were taken including our....... only nuclear weapon. This is what haunts the defense department. Anyway lets look at some pictures:
heartisles1274012596.pngheartisles1274012610.pngI also must thank the creator of Heart Isle for letting simtropolis using this interesting region.



The city that has it all... Downtown.  Downtown has no official city name because when it was made, the settlers didn't that the UFFU would 2 downtown. Downtown contains all the big business for UFFU. Downtown's main transportation systems are buses, subways and highways. The subways were not suppose to built in Downtown. In fact Downtown and rest of UFFU was suppose to have the one of the worlds biggest monorail system. The settlers of UFFU tried and failed in their task because there wasn't enough money to support, so the settlers built a subway and bus system. All highways in UFFU ends here. It brings heavy traffic because most of the people are not in range of subways and bus stops. 63% of the entire UFFU workforce works in Downtown. Downtown first started getting their first skyscrapers after the oil crisis in which the UFFU stumbled upon vast amounts of algae. Most business here, like in the middle east, rely upon the production and selling of algae to different countries thought out the world. Anyway enough chit chat lets see some pic:


Sky pic.


downtowndec164431273313.pngThe downtown of the downtown :D


downtowndec244431273313.pngClackenon Intl. Airport.



downtowndec304431273313.pngAn extinct volcano.

downtownjan544412733135.pngMajor industrial area.

downtownjan844412733135.pngSome suburbs.

downtownjan104441273313.pngLakeland stadium and Belmont park.


 The company of Ultor and Gaumont Private Defense Services is the biggest private military in the world. The number of mercenaries it contains outnumbers the UFFU entire military. Scary I know ,but they are on our side. In the aftermath of the Colonial Rebellion, the UFFU gov't realized that even though the UFFU had a military, it was too small to be effective. Then, the gov't got in contact with the CEO of Ultor and Gaumont Private Defense Services. At that time, there main head quarters was in the United States. We started may contracts with them in 1986. Most contracts were against confidential targets around the world and some at home. I am allowed to tell you SOME of the targets. One target was our old private military contractor who actually try to overthrow the UFFU gov't. They were annihilated and resistance was quelled.The old private military contractor was called Beaumont Contracting. Since there resistance fell in UFFU they weren't demmed a threat but in 1991, they came back and launched a Tomahawk Missle toward the parliment building. It missed it and hit a skyscrapper that belongs to UFFU National Banking. Half of the building toppled down and 549 people and emergency workers. Since there headquarters were in Munich, Germany, we weren't allowed permission by Germany to enter and bomb the Beaumont building. We hired Ultor and Gaumont and they used 2 un-marked F/A-18Es and launched 4 JDAM "Smart Bombs". The building was destroyed. It also resulted in a massive cover up to protect the United States, UFFU, and Ultor and Gaumont. In 1994 Ultor and Gaumont was officaly merged into the UFFU and made a new headquarters in Lancaster. The treaty was that the company would ONLY serve the UFFU and its allies OR if permission was given to another country. The UFFU will know all missions that will occur. The UFFU will supervise all operations for the company if the company turned. Anyway here's 2 pics to cure your addiction. 


A day pic of company headquarters.


A night pic. Well here it is. A small update.




 The new commercial hub and the center of the UFFU government, the Capital city called Bellsport.UFFU is both. Bellsport is a new sprawling center of commercial buildings and some of the most beautiful government buildings. The population of the city is about 101k. The capital city was first thought up in 1989. There was a big controversy in whether to build a new capital city OR make Joanson's Landing a capital city. Years past from season to season. Finally on August 6th, 2009, the city was approved of building. You remember on my last pic of Bellsport it was a quite suburb with huge canals. Well now it is totally different. Bellsport has skyscrapers!. No more quite suburb it is now a roaring city. Bellsport contains mostly contains major banks such as the UFFU National Bank. Lots of criticism came to Bellsport on how it doesn't match the rest of the area. In fact the neighboring cities are going mostly medium residential because of the ample amount of jobs in Bellsport. Bellsport also helped drastically reduce commute times and help create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Instead of people having to take the train or drive on the interstate to get to downtown, they can just work in Bellsport. Also the first debate came along in the halls of the Parliament building. This is a major one so be ready for it. The Russian government found a UFFU spy we sent in to spy on the Russians. His objective was to collect intelligence on Russia's dealing with to Colonial Rebels and other enemies of the UFFU. He was caught and given the firing squad. One bullet to the head is heading toward war. Russian delegates refuse to talk and the Russians threatened Europe and the US not to get involved. Since the evidence is on us we lost all but one ally not mentioned. This ally is Canada. Canada has back our way eversince we were first formed. They gave us money to giving bullets and tanks. Soon Russia plans to invade the UFFU. It is going to be rough, but we will prevail. Anyway lets look at some pics of Bellsport.


Parliament building one and the Presidential Palace.

gov2.pngParliament building 2. These 2 buildings represent to different political parties that take each building.

highres1.pngResidential High rises.

jail.pngThe biggest UFFU prison complex.

buffu.pngThe UFFU National Bank.

downtown1.pngA picture of Downtown Bellsport.

res1d.pngThat very long building is the UFFU National Defense Building.

both1i.pngUnder construction.

both2.pngboth3to.pngFreedom Airport.

Another piece of news i haven't told you. The UFFU Nation Defense Department has announced a new territory will be taken over. This land has just been found in Northern Europe near Norway. This land actually breaks off from Norway, but on maps it is not owned by anybody. UFFU forces have seized and called it UFFU Territory. The maps in the world will soon change. On my next update, I will show Downtown then the new region. 


 The capital city is finished!! The city of Bellsport is finished with a few exceptions. I will release a more detailed entry on Saturday. Here is a night pic of Bellsport. 

bellsportapr91812715854.pngYes I know beautiful. I personally love this pic. This is all I can show now more to come soon. 2 more cities and then something special with shock and awe.


Since the UFFU has a small military and is one of the global economic centers, many countries have been interested in so called "aggressive negotiations" as said by the Russian ambassador in the UN. Russia is one of the most hated countries in the UFFU. This is because during the colonial rebellion, Russia supplied many weapons, tanks and yes a nuclear weapon. Thank god the rebels never used it or this country would never exist. The nuclear weapon was recovered in the basement of one man's house. Till this day, this nuke is the only nuclear weapon available to the UFFU defense. Today, since this country is a capitalist democracy, the colonial rebels have turned into an anti gov't group. Russia provides money to them. Russia also did supposedly "on accident" shot a cruise missile at the Montauk Algae Fuel company. The building collapsed along with 769 people. Montauk later rebuilt but for 2 years there was a rip in our economy, our own great depression. And it also looks like that the Soviet Union past there harassing traditions  to the Russian Federation.
The UFFU has a main ally. This ally is actually a group of countries. The group is called the European Union. There is a major debate whether the UFFU is part of Europe or North America since it is smack down in the middle. The EU became allies with the UFFU after the oil crisis. Since the UFFU had a lot of algae but no major way to ship it, the EU told us that we can sell the algae to them and then they would send it across the world. There was however a problem, which country would sell it. Since of this problem negotiations went on for 3 years until finally, a decision was made to equalize the selling with all EU countries with ways to import it. In conclusion we got 65% and the EU shared the 35% with its members. The United States is the most major buyer in the world. 72% of our cash is from the United States. These are the UFFU allies and enemies. My next entry will be on the capital city of the UFFU. Here's some pics:
Russian Federation
The Soviet Union
euflag.pngThe European Union.
American Flag.


 Poonpuck...... Poonpuck....... it has a very weird name. You can't really get it out of your head. The town of Poonpuck was founded on October the, 1996. Poonpuck was just a town back then. There was nothing going on there. The town had about 500 Sims back then and no major industrial and commercial areas. This was because it wasn't connected to a inter-state highway system so it was just a blimp on a map. It was just a town. Then, after the construction of inter-state rail system, Poonpuck burst into life. The island's southern tip was now home to a major port and an industrial area. By 2005, the population soared to over 1,000. Today the population of Poonpuck is 2,115.

Poonpuck has 2 bridges. The expressway bridge called the Crystal Twilight bridge. It is called this because of legend that you can see the best twilight happen on the bridge. The 2nd bridge is called Victorian End Bridge. This is because this train system only runs from Poonpuck to Victorian Transit Hub. Here's some pics:

theindustrialarea.pngThe industrial area with a developing community behind it. 

closerindustrial.pngA close up of the eastern industrial area.

anotherindustrial.pngWestern industrial area.

port1.pngThis is 1 of 2 ports.

port2.pngPort 2 of 2.

estates.pngThe beautiful estates and some retail areas.

closerestates.pngdevelopingburbs.pngDeveloping area. Well there you go simtropolis, my new entry. 



 The city of Portsmouth. Don't get confused with the name because it has nothing to do with a major port area. The reason it is actually called Portsmouth, is because it is a mouth of a port. It basically means that the nearest port, Lindenhurst is the major port and it is a gate way to it. Well it once was. During the Colonial Rebellion, the operated a what is now called Manhassett. Manhassett was once part of Portsmouth. Portsmouth swore its allegiance to the UFFU and the other side of Portsmouth didn't. This why Portsmouth got its name. Here is a pic of both cities and the region.

uffu1270894543.pngAs you can see, Manhassett is now the true gateway to Lindenhurst.

Here is some pics of Portsmouth. 

portsmouthsep3046127089.pngA beautiful suburb in Portsmouth at sunset.

portsmouthsep2846127089.pngPortsmouth does have some what of a small industrial area around the city.

portsmouthsep2646127089.pngAn airplane view of Portsmouth at sunset.

portsmouthsep2346127089.pngThese 2 high schools were actually suppose to combine into one big one ,but the budget deficit of Portsmouth allowed it not to make a big high school.

portsmouthsep1246127089.pngOne of the one-way strip roads with mid- rises in the middle.

portsmouthsep1446127089.pngThis is pretty self-explanatory. 

portsmouthsep3461270894.pngSt. Bendict's Hospital and the surronding suburbs.

portsmouthaug2846127089.pngA major IS-781 highway ramp.

portsmouthaug2546127089.pngportsmouthaug2146127089.pngA major area where garbage and water treatment occurs. The power plant is still operational but it is rusting.

portsmouthaug1746127089.pngAnother airplane view. Well here it is simtropolis. Portsmouth. Next we will occur the strange city of Poonpuck and why it got its name.


 The UFFU ,since of its small size, has some what of a moderate military force. The military of UFFU is an advanced one but lacks the manpower of lets say Israel. The UFFU right now only has about 1,000,000 citizens. The size of the army is about 70,000 strong with 10 major divisions. The UFFU has a Navy but it doesn't operate ships so it is some what of the Marines would do. The so called "Navy" is about 10,000 strong with 25 landing craft and 45 amphibious assault vehicles. It also has one major battle ship called the UFS Fiske after the general who fought gallantly with his forces aganist the so called Colonial Rebels. It was a bloody battle in 1987. At the end 578 UFFU soldiers died along with their general. The Colonial rebels were crushed and a true body count was never clear. Officals say about 800 Colonial Rebels died. Here's some pics of the army and Navy:

The UFFU Army.


Since the UFFU Navy is relatively new,  it has no coat arms. The UFFU Navy has only been established in 2005. The UFFU Army had been establish in 1980. Well here it  is simtropolis. I also say it one more time that I won't be able to upload city journals on the week days. On my next intro, we will explore the southern coastal area. 


 United City....... United City was once a very pristine area. This area held the first major industrial and commercial areas. United City has a population of 37k. United City once contained over 54k of Sims but after the crime wave everything changed. The crime wave started as first a homicide which escalated in to a full blown Mafia war. Police were unable to stop the fighting. 1998 saw the first civilian casualties to this. The 2 main Mafia groups who were fighting each other was the Russian Mafia and the Italian Mafia. The fighting was primarily who would control key parts of  Joanson's Landing and United City. In 2007 the fighting stopped. The Russian Mafia emerged victorious. The once outer beautiful city was now left in ruins. Here's a epic of United City now:

uffu1270289754.pngUnited City is directly east of Joanson Landing. It is directly southeast of downtown. It contains to major highways, the IS-781 and the DEXW which stands for the Downtown Express Way. 


There is three major industrial areas in the area. These once contained a refuge for hi-tech industry.

unitedcitymar3094127028.pngThe main bridges and the 2 major industrial areas. The IS-781 ends here, but continues all the way up to Bellsport.

unitedcityapr1594127028.pngSome areas are still left pristine.

unitedcityapr1394127028.pngAn outer safe haven for commercial and hi-tech industry.

unitedcityapr1194127028.pngSome slum apartments next to a remnant  of the better days.

unitedcityapr1941270289.pngAn abandoned area.

unitedcityapr5941270289.pngThey tried going green. But due a large deficit they couldn't. The only they main revenue came was by United City picking up everybody's trash from around the region.


 Ahh... the city of Joanson's Landing. A suburb just south of downtown. Joanson's Landing has a population of 25k, 11k commercial jobs, and 1,000 industrial jobs.

          This city is where the UFFU was founded by a US citizen named Houston Joanson. His hometown is actually Seldon, New York. Since he was born in 1941, he expirenced the pole shift himself. The pole shift completly destroyed Seldon and the rest of Long Island, New York. After, his parents took him to Canada where they expirenced hardships. Finally after his parents' death, his group of 214 people took a ship to the island of UFFU.

           Joanson's Landing is also home to a lot other things as well. As the first major port up until 1991, it served the nation well by allowing new settlers and business to open up. Here is a couple of pics:

joansonlandingmay291121.png A airplane view of the area of Joanson's Landing. The major industrial area is on the small island.joansonlandingjun141121i.pngOne of the major ferrying services that carry around people all across the UFFU.

joansonlandingjun121121.pngAnother airplane view of a high-wealth  residential area. 

joansonlandingjun101121.pngThe main industrial area with the Cross-Ocean Avenue Bridge. 

joansonlandingjun911212.pngHeavy traffic on the Cross-Ocean Avenue Bridge.

joansonlandingjun711212.pngOne of the most important bridges in the UFFU connecting Joanson's Landing to the rest of the Coastal IS-781 Highway. Joanson's Landing is the birthplace of the UFFU inter-state highway system. The UFFU congress in 1984 due to the rapid expansion of the island to build a similar but perfected interstate highway system such as the United States.


This area shows a main commercial surronded by some residential apartments. This area once was pristine but, after the crime wave this area is under a lot of pressure to restore peace.

Well thats all for today folks. My next entry will show the once thriving United City gone wrong.


Regional Info

 The UFFU an island craved by tectonic forces from the 20th century. The island in the most part, has no mountain range. This intrigues scientists because if this island was craved out by tectonic forces, there should be at least some type of mountain range. In reality there is only one mountainous area. Here it is.

hhhAs you can see one side of the area is mountainous while other is a complete plain.Scientists have no idea why this happened.  Scientists do know that the island is expanding in a rapid rate. Scientists believe by the year 2135, the island will be bigger than Great Britain and Iceland combined. This island is volcanically un-stable because of a major magma pool 30 miles under the island. This posses a great danger to the inhabitants of the island. The islands has 4 seasons as usual.  Most time it follows this: The winters are frigid with heavy snowfall. The spring is usually slightly warmer with highs of 56 degrees Fahrenheit. Summers are at a comfortable highs of 82 degrees Fahrenheit with heavy rainfall. And fall is just like the spring with the exception of leaves changing color. Here is a screens of the entire region.

uffu1270120879.pnguffu1270120862.pnguffu1270120849h.pnguffu1270120836.pngthere you go you simtropolians. Here is my first 4 in-game pics. Enjoy! More to come on the way.



 The UFFU is an island nation in the northern hemisphere. The government has also had many power struggles with the many political parties formed during the colonization. The UFFU is currently in a state of where communists from the Chinese minority are trying to seize control of the Democratic-Federalists party. The UFFU is currently socialist.

When the UFFU island was formed it contained very low amounts of wanted minerals such as oil or natural gas. It did have one thing though that may not be important in the past, but now it is.....algae and lots of it.The UFFU is currently the only major nation that is running on pure algae. The UFFU also ,has a small income from ethanol. These resources help the the dying oil industry by replacing them with new and cleaner options. Since it is the year 2013, oil is scarce across the world. Cities like Dubai have become abandoned ghost towns. Since the fall of Dubai, the UFFU has taken center stage as one of the global nations which will drive economies. The UFFU island though, is so far 50% inhabited with a roaring downtown. The UFFU nation al-together has 550k of Sims. In this we will not just see the cities already made, but see the making of the other 50% of the island. I'll be posting updates every other day hopefully. Pics are soon to come also. Here is the nation's flag.


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