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About this City Journal

The coastal city with everyday changing aspects

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Jesse Swiss

My fare well to Roxtellop is over but i am now creating a new journal on another map due to limited size, this final entry for the city of Roxtellop highlights the final traffic map and the top 5 frequently used highways/ roads so here we go!

Final traffic report : 66% of people experiences rush hour during their way to work in Roxtellop


The #5 most used road network : Dolly Honson Parkway connecting with Chuck Norris Freeway 80km/h speed limit 140,000 daily users


#4 Most used road system : Pinton Expressway with the speed limit being 125 km/h 250,000 daily users


3rd most used road network : Chuck Norris Freeway connecting to 401 highway leading to downtown            

110 km/h speed limit      265,000 average users


2nd most used road network : Roxtellop Expressway conecting to downtown 120 km/h speed limit 450,000 daily users


THE 1ST MOST USED ROAD NETWORK : THE 401 HIGHWAY CONNECTING TO DOWNTOWN 90 km/h speed limit 476,000 users daily!!!


This is the end of Roxtellop, i now fly to the new designated city1.gif

- Jesse Swiss

Jesse Swiss

This will be my last entry due to no one commenting ( which makes me feel bad 8.gif) and i have noo more room in my city but for the thing i stayed up this night doing, so ladies and gentleman The University of Roxtellop complete with 32 buildings that are still getting built at the moment so here we go ... my only pic becuse it crashed


I will do one more entry in a few minutes highlighting the traffic report, top 5 used highways and new info on next city, so stay tuned!

Jesse Swiss

After  1 good hour of playing im finally done all the projects i was estimating ... but the last entry i showed a picture of a sort of harbor which i said was not normal and now i unveil it here is... The Roxtellop Tourist Center and Yacht club , 8 of them were built the building gives me 2 holiday tokens and -10% noise and air pollution



Rush hour on Lux boulevard which connects the suburbs to the downtown and shopping areas


New Residential area called Palm Acres Red= Skilled Greenish blueish= Elites Purple= Un- skilled


New office area that provides tourists and airplanes from Ploropkosdok City A large skyline along the beach but work is still in progress


Both Palm Acres and Beach Offices from airplane arriving in the city


That is all the news from the city of Ploropkosdok. Some of my future projects will be: a university , Central Park , New highway and a project from a viewer of this journal, so if you want to see your project in my city comment on this and i will give it a good lesson, if people comment i will get more entry's out so i have fun ,

Next update 1-7 days due to commenting, school and work thank you for reading this update and have a nice day!10.gif

Jesse Swiss

my new post is coming soon! i am resuming back to Roxtellop because i fixed my computer and now can have a lag free game :)

Here's the first teaser :


There's 8 new harbors but are not normal harbors , the answer will be told in the next post P.S Stay tuned!

Some general facts about Roxtellop: Pop. 3,159,693              Cash Flow: +96,785                 Cash: 995,513,821 

1% Unemployed or 3,159,693 x 0.01= 30,890 jobless citizens          Avg. Satisfaction: 72%                Services:70%                                                            Enviroment: 34%                       Jobs: 69% 

Next update 1-2 days ( maybe less if someone comments 3.gif

Traffic 64%

Jesse Swiss

Big updates

March 17th- Transportation+ High-Tech+ New Neighborhoods

Transportation: New Highway 401 built along border. The RTD ( Roxtellop Transportation Department) reported that the highway is finished and is now available to people. The RTD released a report saying that the 401 highway is 13.69 km long and costed $1.7 million to complete.

High- Tech: The new high-tech zone is finally built and is massive. The New high Tech zone in the North end is Expected to make 50,000 to 65,000 jobs. The total cost of the whole project was $2.1 million.

Neighborhoods: 2 new neighbor hoods were made today, the 2 neighborhoods names are Keefer's Palace and Foxgreen Meadows. Both neighborhoods are expected to have up to 25,000 people inhabit the 2 neighborhoods. The total cost of the project was $790,000. In both neighborhoods there are 2 medical clinics, 1 private school, 2 high schools, 1 middle school, and 2 elementary schools. There is also a police station and 1 large fire hall. There is also the Presidents Place Mall, ferris wheel, bowling alley, tennis courts, and the New science museum that was expected to be the tallest museum of all time at 26 floors.

That is all  the news today from the city of Roxtellop today, your friendly station 980 C-J-M-E.

Picture 1 New high tech zone


Picture #2 New Expressway will be known as highway 401  Outlining map


Picture #3 Available space left


pIC #4 New neighborhood Foxgreen Meadows


Pic#5 Neighborhood next to Foxgreen Meadows- Keefer's Palace


Last Pic ( #6) Custom Interchange on the 401 Highway


Jesse Swiss

In This image is the Bon Aventure Expressway that links the residents to the Jobs as you can see the road is majorly conjested with traffic. This is a radio broadcast from 980 CJME radio. In the interview questons were raised about the expressway and all the mayor came up with was " The road speed limit will be increased and the road will be made into a asphalt road which will make the road less prone to potholes.

The mayor said that a new Expressway could be added.


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