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San Francisco

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About this City Journal

Hey this this my first City Journal, and probably one of my first posts ever... though i've been on simtropolis for quite some time :P Well this is my region that is on the ingame San...

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Oakland lies just south of San Francisco, and has several lines running to San Francisco's Union Station.  The 420 highway passes through the city, but has no immediate connection to San Francisco.



Oakland is mostly a residential, and the only sign of commercial is by the the Oakland Central Station, and in the new development that has neared completion in the south. Oakland also has a sizeable industrial presence, mostly high tech with a few manufacturing and dirty industries still located here.


In the new development i tried a totally different streetpattern to what I usually try.  As well the the new zone, is a test pilot for a overhaul on Oaklands education system.  In the new development  instead of large schools far apart, they would try placing small schools close to each other with amples green space, with additional community space.  The school near the buttom centre was the first school part of this project, and the cities current head branch of the library system located withen the same block.


The school in the top right was the first school built in this area, and hasn't been able to acquire close land for a park or community space.

     The park at the bottom is the location for the next school... the apartments and the road right of way have been acquire for the project to go ahead in the near future.



The cities north east quardrant. the complex and tower was just recently was finnished.


Oaklands only highschool.


Mostly apartments, townhomes and condos exist in most of Oakland, with a few homes and estates owned by the wealthy.


Sliver Isle was orginaly just a tiny mountain sticking out.  Then the 410 highway was built through the mountain connecting San Franciso Region with the Regal Ridge Region.  Today Sliver Isle has developed into the mountain being under heavy terraforming all the time to accomadate the large population demands.  The rich from San Francisco moe here in droves because of the easy Bay ferry connections to San Francisco and the Regal Ridge regions.  Though Sliver island is quite a wealthy city, the city and senior levels of government  have been providing afforadable housing from day one of the transformation of the namesake mountain.


This is north point, it is a major employment zone on  the island.  The city's stock exchange located right on the waterfront, at the terminus for Brady Blv.  (the one way roads)


this is the Lower Cliff District and has the Lower Cliff subway terminal, as its main focus.


South Piers neighbourhood.  In Sliver Isle the city founders from the start had a focus on mass transit, and today that message is still strong with over half the population using transit to get to work.


Another view of the South Pier neighbourhood.


A view of South Port, with Brady Blv. in the foreground.  The Waterfront and Mountain-View ER lines connect  here.


Overview of South Port Area



Picture of the Smitherman International Airport with supporting high tech industries and Sliver Isle's ports.


This is the old town on the mainland, the 410 highway has only 2 interchanges on this side of land.. with none in the old town.


A small upscale neighbourhood, isolated on the northern slope of the island.  The mayors house is located in this naighbourhood with a watefront and cliff view.


This is the San Francisco suburb of Orangeville, its fairly dense, and has a population of about 70,000 ppl.  It has good rail connections to San Francisco.


The main employement centre of Orangeville


The 420 Connection to San Francisco, with a small industrial park located near the entrance to the highway .


A typical view of Orangeville




location of orangeville in context to the San Francisco Region.


Here is a update of San Franciso specifically its inner city neighbourhoods/suburbs.  The inner most neighbourhoods are under threat of redvelopment because of the waterfront and downtown expanding into the neighbourhoods.


San Francisco's newest suburb, with an extension of the elevated downtown rail line.


The suburb was developed around the city zoo, and high density apartments and condos have started to develop around the ER line



Overview of San Fransico's north End, with Langley Mountain at the bottom, with Elenor Rose International Airport at its base.  Also at the bottom of the mounatin is San Francisco's downtown , connecting with midtown and the waterfront .    In the centre left is the inner city neighbourhood that is under intense pressure to redevelop.     To the right is San Francisco's new suburb and an extension of the ER line from downtown.


San Francisco's inner city neighbourhood, orginaly was bounded by the 4  avenues that createa diamond image.. this has led to the areas nickname of the diamond district.   With development coming in at every angle the diamond district, is will probably be almost redeveloped completety as three subway lines travel underneath the area to  connect downtown to the waterfront and the rail lands. 

At the bottom of the picture is where highway 420 (the one trabeling up/down) and highway 400 meet at mid town.


overview of the Central and Eastern waterfronts, the raillands, old town, the diamond district, and downtown


Hey, sorry I took so long to update this but I went to my dads on toronto island, and there is no internet there.

But  I was able to get a few more shots of San Fransico. 


San Francisco's Main Waterfront with a Bay Ferry Company terminal with the Eastern Waterfront in the background.


Eastern waterfront with Maple Wood Forest Park

Sorry this post is short, it was suppose to be longer, but the image uploader was starting not to work.

next update inner-city suburbs of San Francisco


This is San Fransico, the economic enginge of both regions.  It's also the largest city of the entire Region with a population of about 710,000 residents.  The city developed from a massive collection of single-detached homes into the towering city of commerce it is today. 


This is San Francisco's Waterfront.. though it is not the densest part of the city,  it has become the Business District, and has the highest concentration of jobs in the region.

This is the beginning site of the village of San Francisco, though nowadays only a few homes date back to that time

This is the historic 'village' of San Francisco, though not many orginal or old buildings remain these days... and a park added in that has changed some of the orginal street layout.


St. Josephs park lies near the village's downtown and was donated by Jean Joseph whom also built one of the office towers in the city (located at the head of the park).


This is an overview of main parts of the city.  The Main Waterfronts are to the top, the village to the left and the Strip is at the bottom right.  (i will upload more pictures of the Strip tomorrow, as it is the densest and busiest place in the whole Region.

If anyone knows how to take a picture without going into the menu bar, it would be very helpful.


Hi, well this is my first post, and i do not have many pictures of my actual cities, at the monent.  But i do have a region shot of the San Francisco Region side  of the bay.   I will post more pictures either tonight or tomorrow of the Main City of San Francisco and maybe some of its suburbs ;D

This is the transport view

On the right side of the bay, the yellow is rail... but on the left side its elevated rail.


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