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Massive Huddleston Bay, the largest body of water the felines have encountered with the exception of the ocean, is named for Henry Huddleston, the intrepid explorer who discovered the bay many years ago. He was sent overland by Queen Vera from Wirdleonia to search for the fabled southwest passage. He discovered the sea passage to Schulmauckland and the pristine bay he found carries his name.


Henry Huddleston, the most famous Bureau of Feline Affairs explorer


Huddleston's ship, the Volunteer, circumnavigated Harar, sailing around the whole nation from Robinia and then back. Truly a marvel of exploration.

Harar is a nation of feral felines. Or, as they like to call themselves "non domiciled felines". There are few settlements since most of the population prefers a traditional lifestyle. Most of the towns that are in Harar are Bureau of Feline Affairs outposts or small villages. Even the capital, Lake Felis, is quite small. One of the settlements on Huddleston Bay is the village of Huddleston. This village on the eastern shore serves mostly as a trading post for felines living in the interior. Let's see this small, strategically placed village.


Approaching Huddleston on a Harar vessel.


The port is a Bureau of Feline Affairs facility.


The town is just one block wide and includes several garden plots.


The Bureau of Feline Affairs Consulate and Harar Customs House are right by the port.


Several merchants are nearby, buying and selling to felines who venture in.


Huddleston, facing west toward the bay.


Mr. McGregor has fenced his garden due to an influx of bunnies getting into his lettuces...


A field of catnip grows next to St. Fritti Church.


Several fields are in cultivation on the south end of Huddleston.


Catnip is also the national flower of Harar.


The town is surrounded by thick deciduous forests, making it hard to see until you stumble upon it.


The small size of the town and its low buildings make it hard to spot from the sea as well.

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Recommended Comments

I love your update. It's really a great, small village. And your CJ always puts a smile on my face! Great idea using the retaining walls for streets, by the way. Those irregular stones looks just right. 

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Reikhardt   Thanks. It is the first completed town in the predominantly rural Harar. Lake Felis is the other but not quite finished yet.


Heitomat   Thanks. I am glad you like it. I thought the retaining wall would do a better job looking rustic, so I went with it instead.


Benedict   It does have some difference, but will have many similarities as well. The main difference is that Harar will not be anywhere near as built up as Schulmania. As if Schulmania was built up, of course!


Leech10   If The Great Region Map Rescue is successful, a map will show where the disappearing tile is (It’s Tile B-1 in Harar, for the record).


Hester   True. But they prefer the term “non domiciled felines”…


I am going to savor this for as long as it lasts...

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I am  glad of the rating.  You work hard making your journals and I appreciate allo that  goes into it.

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Hester Thanks. Unfortunately, the #1 did not last long, as I predicted. But it is still pretty good. For now.

Leech10  I figured I would get a screen capture of it before the inevitable occurred. It is a shame that people will vote down CJs... I try to be encouraging. I usually won't rate at all if I can't give at least a 3 and most of the time I skip rating unless I can give a 4 or 5. SC4 is a seven year old game (released on my birthday BTW!) and we in the SC4 community need to support one another to keep it alive since EA isn't updating it.

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Hester Thanks.:)

9988  Thank you. These are seasonal trees. I just caught a lot of them changing. Fall is, incidentally, my favorite season. Around here, it can be very colorful (the pix in Update 2 are a good indicator of the fall colors around here).

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