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Krestelvale and the Mountains

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Today we're going to Krestelvale, a town on Daffadelya's north coast. This coast is very mountainous and settlements are restricted to the very west and east of the north coast. Krestelvale is the only town on the northeast coast, and thus is a destination for those who wish to take in the Daffadelyan Mountains. We were in Sandstone last time, which is in island situated right near Daffadelya's northeast coast. Though train lines go almost anywhere in Daffadelya, there are none to Krestelvale, as the terrain is too forbidding and the population not enough to justify building a railway. So we'll take the bus, which leaves from Sandstone's train station (which you saw two entries ago):


After crossing the straight between Sandstone Is. and the mainland, we end up on Daff. Rt. 4, going nothward:


The first stop is Flowerbloom, a town across the straight from Sandstone. This was an old shipbuilding center in the socialist era (1933-67) and unfortunately still bears many of the old buildings constructed then. Though revitalization has been attempted, many see this town as the ugliest in Daffadelya, and many have just plain moved out, leaving the old apartments to rot.


After passing here, our bus drives up the rocky coast. The next stop is a small village at the foot of the Daffadelya Mnts:


Next, we drive though the farming area around here and get back on to Rt. 4. The following is a pic Krestel Ridge, which we'll drive over to reach Krestelvale on the other side. The curve you see is known as the most harrowing in the nation, as daredevil cars coming down the hill often speed up for thrills.


We stop on top of the hill at the castle lodge. Here, the trail to the castle at the top of this mountain begins. We'll be back to see it!


And finally! We're in the valley and we've arrived in Krestelvale!! What a pretty little town.


Uh. Ok, well lets check it out. People here are chiefly engaged in fishing and farming. Here is the harbor, and then some cows grazing outside of town. The ferry you see goes to Accoana and Kalma Is. daily, places we'll evenually get to.



Right! Now let's go camping! There's a hostel/campground right outside of town. And, as long as we help out to maintain the place while we're there, it's free!


Now let's take a few days to explore.

Here is the view from the top of a mighty mountain we've hiked up (somehow):


And here, on another mountaintop, is Altavea Castle. This castle was built in the 800s AD when Daffadelya was under serious threat from a great empire, the Femmelians. This castle watched over the entire north coast and set fire signals to Sandstone when threatened.  One hundred years later the empire fell due to internal strife, but the castle was still used the the 1200s when continental raiders beset the country. In the peaceful age of today, it's an impressive ruin.


It's time to light up the fire back at the campsite and cook some potatoes under the flames! It will be our last night in Krestelvale before we head south to check out Daffadelya's major cities!




An overview of Krestelvale!

THANKS for reading and for the feedback!

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I really like how lush your pictures look lots of green with lots of colour. The Nature detail you are putting in is really paying off.

In Pic 3 the one intersection with some pieces of road and street makes my head spin makes my head spin. Not entirely unrealistic just google image search for "confusion corner winnipeg" for a real life example.

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