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Himeoka City (Part 2 - Small Snippets)

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Towerdude: You would believe how many plopping click it took to build this.18.gif

SimCity4IE: Thank you!9.gif

Samerton: Thank you!9.gif

tigeria: &Towerdude: Here's some stats I've gathered.  Right now the natl. pop. is about 7-8 mil.  Greater Sakura is 6 mil.  The whole bleedin' country is stuffed in one place!46.gif

Guibanez_: Thank you!9.gif



This will be a relatively small update.  It'll be just a few snippets of what I haven't put in the last update.  With each passing update, I'm losing every bit of stamina to keep up14.gif.  I'm right now working hard on Kagayaki City in the south as well as the airport near Himeoka.  I have a good feeling I will come back to redoing Himeoka one day.

(when my life ever gives me the chance18.gif).

Oh yeah, and one more thing.  While I was away, some snow went and covered the city...


NRG-FM Studios

Monday - November 8, 2010 - 7:00AM


DJ RED: Helloooooo Aoyama!  Are ur all tweakin’ why the world's gone white.  U all still high?  Well no worries everyone, it just snowed, that ecstasy ain’t causin that.  Sunday’s party felt like it shattered the universe, but it didn’t kill the sun...yet that is.  Well everyone, it’s 7:00 at the top of the hour and you’re listenin’ to the NRG Morning Wake Up Show, “your morning energy buzz” with me DJ RED and Sachiko, where right now I can’t seem to find her for my life!  Oh well.  Anyways, right now we got a real special guess today.  He flew all the way from Rule Britannia, and no, he ain’t ur ordinary Brit either.  He’s BBC Radio 1’s ganja-loving DJ, #1 in the UK Drum and Bass scene, and a real good friend of mine, here’s DJ Rastaman!

Rastaman: Hey hey hey Red!

DJ RED: Hoooo!  The weed is strong in this one!

Rastaman: Hahaha I know, you shoulda seen da studio back.  Dea fog an everyone scrambled.  Is legal hea I no can help!

DJ RED: Is that what happened to the crew?  Sachiko’s out there!  Oh god Rasta!  Oh well haha.  Anyways you’re not hear just to share some fine Dutch grass, you’re here to show us some fine music right?

Rastaman: Oh yes!  I brought on whole crate of tunes hea and I was like bloody hell!  At Heathrow, £100 to fly em’ over!

DJ RED: WHAT!? That’s like …150 American!

Rastaman:  Haha yes!  Dis show go on till 12 noon right?  Gotta bring da big one fo the hour!

DJ RED: Well you came at the perfect time!  What you gonna play for us!

Rastaman: Got it right here.  DJ Fresh’s newest album, just came out in the UK few months ago.

DJ RED: That’s awesome! Pop it in!  Well everyone, DJ Rastaman here in the house this morning!  Remember everyone, it’s snowing out there.  Be careful, drive safely, and please, don’t go crazy on the wheel, cuz this track is melting HOT!

-Sound Off-

: “This is NRG FM’s Morning Wake Up with DJ RED and Sachiko.  Your morning energy buzz.  Playing the anthems of the nation!”

Himeoka Commerce District



Mitsune Residential Area


Midland Suburbs


That's it for now, Thank you for reading!9.gif

Please rate and comment!  Criticism is always welcome!

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Recommended Comments

arg! very late reader replies (I am such a procrastinator!)

simfreak1998: Thank you!
Huston: Thank you!
kench: It's on this site Tokyo Urban Lab!  Bear in mind, it's all in Japanese.  If you know some Japanese, surfing it should be easy.  If not, just click on the links with the KB's and MB's.  Also, I don't know why but the site separates the LOT and models i.e. You have to download everything seperately.  Also, download everything on this Link.  This page has all the dependencies for the apartments.  Lastly, some BATs are up for renewals so chances are later on these bats may disappear off the site for a while so get them while you can!

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