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Tuesday - November 30, 2010 - Aoyama Standard Time

Hiiragi International Airport


12:00 Noon AST: By now, flights from Linktoria, Dragon Cities, New Chandler, and many more are awaiting arrival from North America, Asia, and Europe just to participate in the games.  Chartered buses await the teams amid possible crowds and media attention.

As a security precaution, some inbound and outbound flights were cancelled.  Civilians and media crew were pushed out of Hiiragi Airport to provide a secure escort.  With the terror level at red, some have thought the Prime Minister was crazy to hold such a game.


5:00 PM: N24 reports on the euphoria Aoyamans are feeling across the nation.  It has been nearly 8 years since Aoyama has competed in international games.


9:59:30 PM: Just a minute before the strike of 10, the ten-second countdown beams across the Nozomi Tower.  This is one of the few games in Aoyama to have used the famed countdown in its history.  The last event occurred nearly 20 years ago.  On all events, fireworks have said to have bloomed from nearly every stadium across the nation.

9:59:50 PM: Here it goes!!!













Himeoka Gliders Stadium, Himeoka City
nerima_sbwc1%20copy.jpgThe official colors of Himeoka City.

Mitsune Stadium, Minami City


Sakura Sekai Stadium, Sakura City

The official colors of the Aoyaman Flag.


Sakura Bayside Bridge

Sakura Centre

The official colors of the SIBF.

Absolutely Amazing!


10:08 PM: Whenever a huge event like this ever falls upon Aoyama, you'd bet politicians would take whatever chance possible to get some spotlight.  Here's Ministry of Foreign Affairs William Strait and his little speech in Parliament.


10:30 PM - Late in the night...: Dozens of unofficial celebration parties spark off across the country.  Some of the larger ones even get free coverage by the media!  So now, thousands from all over the world party off into the night, awaiting for a day of athletic fame and pride tomorrow.


If you're interested, here's the link to the game's forum! (Click Here)

Wacky has coverage of the events here on Simtropolis.

Thank you for reading! Please rate and comment!



Towerdude: You would believe how many plopping click it took to build this.18.gif

SimCity4IE: Thank you!9.gif

Samerton: Thank you!9.gif

tigeria: &Towerdude: Here's some stats I've gathered.  Right now the natl. pop. is about 7-8 mil.  Greater Sakura is 6 mil.  The whole bleedin' country is stuffed in one place!46.gif

Guibanez_: Thank you!9.gif



This will be a relatively small update.  It'll be just a few snippets of what I haven't put in the last update.  With each passing update, I'm losing every bit of stamina to keep up14.gif.  I'm right now working hard on Kagayaki City in the south as well as the airport near Himeoka.  I have a good feeling I will come back to redoing Himeoka one day.

(when my life ever gives me the chance18.gif).

Oh yeah, and one more thing.  While I was away, some snow went and covered the city...


NRG-FM Studios

Monday - November 8, 2010 - 7:00AM


DJ RED: Helloooooo Aoyama!  Are ur all tweakin’ why the world's gone white.  U all still high?  Well no worries everyone, it just snowed, that ecstasy ain’t causin that.  Sunday’s party felt like it shattered the universe, but it didn’t kill the sun...yet that is.  Well everyone, it’s 7:00 at the top of the hour and you’re listenin’ to the NRG Morning Wake Up Show, “your morning energy buzz” with me DJ RED and Sachiko, where right now I can’t seem to find her for my life!  Oh well.  Anyways, right now we got a real special guess today.  He flew all the way from Rule Britannia, and no, he ain’t ur ordinary Brit either.  He’s BBC Radio 1’s ganja-loving DJ, #1 in the UK Drum and Bass scene, and a real good friend of mine, here’s DJ Rastaman!

Rastaman: Hey hey hey Red!

DJ RED: Hoooo!  The weed is strong in this one!

Rastaman: Hahaha I know, you shoulda seen da studio back.  Dea fog an everyone scrambled.  Is legal hea I no can help!

DJ RED: Is that what happened to the crew?  Sachiko’s out there!  Oh god Rasta!  Oh well haha.  Anyways you’re not hear just to share some fine Dutch grass, you’re here to show us some fine music right?

Rastaman: Oh yes!  I brought on whole crate of tunes hea and I was like bloody hell!  At Heathrow, £100 to fly em’ over!

DJ RED: WHAT!? That’s like …150 American!

Rastaman:  Haha yes!  Dis show go on till 12 noon right?  Gotta bring da big one fo the hour!

DJ RED: Well you came at the perfect time!  What you gonna play for us!

Rastaman: Got it right here.  DJ Fresh’s newest album, just came out in the UK few months ago.

DJ RED: That’s awesome! Pop it in!  Well everyone, DJ Rastaman here in the house this morning!  Remember everyone, it’s snowing out there.  Be careful, drive safely, and please, don’t go crazy on the wheel, cuz this track is melting HOT!

-Sound Off-

: “This is NRG FM’s Morning Wake Up with DJ RED and Sachiko.  Your morning energy buzz.  Playing the anthems of the nation!”

Himeoka Commerce District



Mitsune Residential Area


Midland Suburbs


That's it for now, Thank you for reading!9.gif

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Himeoka City (Part 1)


Alright, It's been (I think) two weeks or so since I've updated this bugger and now I've neglected my readers too15.gif................oh well18.gif

During the past week, I've decided to make an archive of this CJ on the old journal section.  It will be a shortened, less flashy version of this CJ for those who browse in the old section.

Also, I've decided to update the banners slightly since they looked rushed.

tepodon: Thank you!9.gif

Waterclaw: Basically I used snippets of pictures and placed the like a puzzle.  If you have a graphics program like Photoshop, Adobe Fireworks, or GIMP, your set!  Also, since the CJ word program's HTML, try and experiment with HTML to make your page look really dynamic!9.gif

tankman: Thank you!9.gif

Guibanez_: Thank you!9.gif

TowerDude: Haha! Thank you!  and to even the field, I read a few of your CJ's.  I envy all of them9.gif  HK is brill!

Samerton: Thank you!9.gif

sloid: Thank you!9.gif

and Everyone: Haha!  I guess I fooled everyone!  It's not a newspaper, it a web page!18.gif


for those who haven't been looking in the CJ section daily, I've started a new CJ that supplements this CJ.  It's no ordinary CJ, it's a News CJ, a CJ made in news format.  This (fictional) news network will report on the happenings in this country, in every angle.

The banner below will take you to the homepage, just like any ordinary website.  Enjoy!


Now lets start!



About Himeoka City

Himeoka is situated directly east to Sakura City, and is essentially an extension to the Greater Sakura Area.  Historically an immigrant settlement, Himeoka was known in the 1950s as the place to live, caused by cheap land prices and vast space to the inlands.  During a 1960s to the 1980s, Himeoka in terms of size and economic power, was even greater than the capital.  It was an economic powerhouse until the 1990s.  Today, in the wake of a corrupt government, Himeoka spiraled into dilapidation and disrepair.  At first glance, it doesn't seem like such a bad place, but take time to listen into RTA News, you'll see the really ugly side of this city.

Quick Statistics

--City: 1,200,000

-Economy (City)

--GDP: USD: USD 44.4 billion

--Per Capita: USD 37,000 

*Since last update

-Akamatsu Shopping District-


-Victoria Heights-


Situated in the heart of Himeoka, Akamatsu is a massive shopping-only district that accolates nearly 1/4 of the entire city.  Since the turn of the century, crime has become rife.  It became one of the focuses as one of the key places involved in the human trafficking controversy back in Minami.

This area is a definite "don't go".


Victoria Heights is a collection of super-condos west of Akamatsu.  It was formerly known for it's luxury high-rises, but since the spikes in crime, the district fell into a state of disrepair.  Those who have the money to move moved, but others weren't so lucky.



-Himeoka Convention Centre-


One of the few meccas for anime and manga in the country.  Similar to Comiket, HiCoCe is famous for running comic market gatherings.  Unlike Comiket, it runs the gathering once every month for 3 days to ease congestion.  As of 2010, HiCoCe is planned to be demolished in favor of a larger center.


-Twin Spica Bldg.-


Perhaps the only memorable thing in the city, the magnificent Twin Spica Building.  In the night, it illuminates it's two adverts blindingly as drivers past by in awe.  In this coldly consumer-driven country, such souless signs are considered art.


An Overview...


Well, that's it for now, and I think with six entries, that means this CJ's up for ratings!

Please rate and comment!

Thank you for reading!9.gif


News Flash


-?Maître?: Thank you!9.gif

-tigeria: Thank you!9.gif

-n-wilson: It's the official BTM train by APTX.  Credit goes to him.9.gif

-TowerDude: Me too!18.gif

-Samerton: Thank you!9.gif

-tankman: I completely forgot about that.  All updates will now be tileless.18.gif

-ImVhOzzi: Thank you!9.gif

-skyscraper241: Most all came from this site!9.gif  Apartments for instance all came from the "Hong Kong/Asia Team" by bixels and others.  Most of theirs are all on the STEX like this.  There are some I found on Japanese sites like bripizza.  I don't think SC4 is a huge game in Japan so finding a good Japanese BAT hosting site is hard.  This forum on SC4 Devotion can help on hunting down for J-BAT sites.

Alright now that most of Sakura City is covered, state news provider RTA News has just broke some news on the much anticipated street train Monday morning...







Sakura City (Part 2)


Despite how ugly the page will look like, I've decided to move the comments section to the top of every update.  Now anyone who commented can see their comments on the next update.

Also, since about a week ago, my schedule has become more packed.  Since I have to maintain a life of my own, I'll be updating less often that usual.  Before I could update this page every 3-5 days, now it may be 1 to 2 weeks at best!


Adrianor: Done!9.gif

tepodon: Actually it's not a custom BAT of my own.  It's the parliament for the SCJU Union.  I have to say though, it's one of the best buildings I've ever seen!  It's perfect for an island country like this!  Here's the link for it5.gif.

Skimbo: Thank you!

tankman: I've asked this question too18.gif For three years I've tried fixing only to fail utterly.  I know this is a game, but really this country has a mind of its own.  If these "citizens" want to build 20 of the same buildings next to each other in a straight line, they'll do it.  In a way, it ain't my country anymore18.gif.



Here's a few random snippet of areas in the SFD.  These will be elaborated on in their respective updates.


Mitasu District


Like Shinatama, Mitasu houses both stores and residetial housing due to Sakura's aimless zoning plans.

Chuo Shopping District



Chuo Centre: In the middle, the new Metroline Ground rail lines are finished and ready for use on launch day.


RTA Headquarters:  Current location of Radio-Television of Aoyama, the nation's state-run media network and largest Aoyaman broacasting network.  It's also a major news provider.  This network, along with some six other networks will handle the news updates on this CJ.  Aoyama's media is extremely competitive, with every network fighting for the very few advertising cash left.  Due to that, the news networks will do anything to get the most eye-opening stories to the screen.

If you thought Fox News was bad, think again.



Nogizaka Crossway: Named after the first Prime Minister of Aoyama, Satoshi Nogizaka.


E2 Expressway, Westbound

(Top) Bumper to bumper traffic at 7:30 AM in Rush Hour.

(Bottom) Mitasu E2 Toll Booth.  Modeled after the Japanese expressway model, Aoyama's expressways are extremely advanced.  However, construction of it brought massive public debt.  With such a huge burden, the entire Seikoku network has now been written off to private corporations.

Today, the expressway has become one of the world's most expensive motorways to drive on.  Motorist are now charged by the kilometer, in addition to huge entrance and exit fees.  A trip from the SFD to Saitama (about 8 kilometers) can cost as much as 350 Aoyaman yen ($15)!?


(don't mind the boxy brown grass18.gif, I'm going to experiment with changing the BATs textures for the wall barriers one day)


E3 Expressway, Northbound


ATA Bullet train stationed at Parliament Park Station in Chuo.

Thank you for reading!  Please comment!9.gif



Sakura City (Part 1)




About Sakura City

Sakura City, home to over 5 million residents, is the political, financial, and cultural capital of the entire country.  It houses parliament, hundreds of international blue-chip companies, and much more.  In this update, I'll be covering the first 3 districts of the Sakura Federal District (SFD), home to approximately 2.2 million residents.

Quick City Statistics


-Metro: 5,000,000*

-City: 2,200,000*

-Economy (City)

-GDP: USD: USD 158.4 billion

-Per Capita: USD 72,000

*Since last update

Parliament Park



The heart of Aoyaman politics, the Aoyaman National Parliament houses 150 representatives in both the House of Commons and 50 in the House of Lords. Outside surrounding parliament is Parliament Park, a one acre field, with 8 white cherry blossoms blooming by the side.


In front of Parliament stand 8 illuminating pillars, near the statues of the first ruling family. Like the 8 cherry blossoms, they represent good luck (8 is a number commonly represented for good luck in Asian cultures). It’s been said however if all eight lights are lit, and one light suddenly breaks, the light must either be replaced immediately, or another light has to be broken. If not, an undetermined time of suffering will befall Aoyama. This rumor started since the sudden death of Former Prime Minister Taro Isei died on the day over 20 years ago when one of the pillar’s lights broke. To this day, the coroners haven't concluded if he was assassinated.  The case to this day, is still a mystery.

 In December 2007, one light did break, but repairs for the light were postponed for nearly a week. That was said to have caused the global credit crunch.

Dominion Centre



The financial powerhouse of Aoyama.  Only the toughest of Aoyamans survive.

Here, Aoyama's ruthless business CEO’s and ambitious salaryman commute to their offices in black luxury Toyota Crown's, ready to take on the next corporate takeover, financial merger, backroom deal, and government bailout.

Shinatama Development Area




Shinatama is home to nearly 300,000 of Sakura City’s residents. Like most of Sakura City’s architecture, it comprises of tall, slim, greenish-blue glass buildings.
Shinatama is a multiuse area, with residential and commercial property near at close vicinity between each other to save commute time. This however, was accidental. Shinatama was supposed to be Sakura’s enlarged financial capital, but the engineers didn’t read the plans right. This is what happens when you live in a place where people are forced to speak 5 languages, and make them read a blueprint in one.



Next Update: Sakura City Part 2




About Aoyama

The Kingdom of Aoyama is a small archipelago nation situated north of the Island of Hokkaido of Japan and west to the Sakhalin Island of Russia in the Sea of Okhotsk.  The entire map consists of about 225 large tiles in a 15x15 grid.  The climate of Aoyama is cold and dry.



Official Name

Informal Name

Kingdom of Aoyama

Meikyu Kingdom

National Anthem Nation's Unite!
Language(s) English, Japanese

-Land Size

-Population (Proper)

-Population (Alliance)


6,200,000* **



-Prime Minister

Unitary Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Elected Monarchy

Masanori Kitaro


-GDP (Proper)

-GDP (Alliance)

-Per Capita (Proper)

-Per Capita (Alliance)


300 billion USD* **

1.088 trillion USD*

48,000 USD* **

32,000 USD*

Aoyaman Yen

Gini 41.4 (High)
HDI 0.891
Time Zone


Aoyaman Standard Time** (UTC+9)

Not Observed

Drives On Left
Note(s) * As of last update

**Applies only to Aoyaman Mainland.

Next Update: History of Aoyama

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