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The National Fact Files | INFO

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The Congressional Republic of Llithustania.

SHORT'ER' Name: Llithustania

[This should have been the first release entry, but it slipped out of my mind.]

The Republic of Llithustania is a nation, based on europe somwhere I can't neccessarily

mention as the landmass will drastically enlarge europe. Therefore so have

not situated it specifically.


Future Independent State, South Toltarian Kingdom. not official.

Here is the main National Flag


Brief: The Stripes represent 9 minor states and in the coat of arms shield

is the three main states of power = 12 states in total.

More information on the coat of arms - scroll down.

And the National States and dependencies.


If you can identify The flag Seychelles, It is not a copy of the flag Seychelles as said below the flag.

[Try making a comparison]

The National Map. Located are the states


-*Orange Star - Primary National Capital

Red Points - Capital Cities

Yellow Points - Colonized Dominion Nations

The Picture did not come out right. The words are not identifyable

so here the capitals

Hannover, Mevrco Republic

Riverton, Alverona

*Maine, Llithustanian Central State [Llithustania]

Metropolis, Western Union [Dominion of Crovakia]

Port Harrissone, Unregistered state of Lenon

Iricini Sur Citti, South Bäelhoffen

Sevaio v`uur Préte, Dominican Union

Sylvia Park Citti, North Costal State

Halvado, Bjornstaadt

Welshington, New Kerogonhada Lands

Nordschleif, North Toltarian Kingdom

Lemproria, South Toltarian Kingdom

Vijlekfodev Citti, East Litusian Border [Vijlekfodev]



[I forgot to add the flag of the South Bäelhoffen State]

Coat of Arms [not ver clear as i faced a sort of problem, sorry]


Brief: Nation was formaly a French/English Colony

gained independence[flag on side] and considers not

to be part of the British Commonwealth. Pillars represent

the strength and stability of the Nation and the

flags in the center shield represent the Nations of power.

General Info / Fact File

Official Name - The Congressional Republic of Llithustania C.R.L.

Official Languages -

  • Litusiian: 59%
  • Crovak : 28%
  • Toltarian: 6%
  • (U.S.)English: 4%
  • French: 2.1%
  • Latin: 0.9%
National Flag Adoption - 1978

Date of founding - 1203 AD

National Hero - Herchell Gunutz - founder 1173-1255

Current President - Theadore Verredelle

Current Vice-President Catherine Ze Beniñ


Government: Democracy [ Congress ]


Litusian | West - Crovakian

Capital: Maine, LS

Largest City: Maine, LS

Major Cities: Densa, Hannover, Riverton, Metropolis, Hampton Downs ECT.

National Currency: Litusiian Euro [1 US$= 0.89 LT€]

C.R.L./ LT

Religions -

  • Roman Catholic - 81.1%
  • Anglican Christianity - 5.9%
  • Formal Christian/Protestant/Presbyterian/Methodist - 3.7%
  • Islam - 5.29%
  • Buddhism - 3%
  • Hindu - 1.01%
  • Atheism Unaccounted for.
Nation-Wide Population - 45,056,321citizens

                                             - 989,000 residents

                                             - 10,989 Working Visa

Immagration: 1902-2010 = 8,089,566

Main Ethnic Groups - Listed in Official Languages

  • Litusiian
  • Crovak [Western Union/Crovakia]
  • Toltarian
  • French
  • American
  • English
Minor Ethnic Groups - Languages not listed in Official

  • Reikaslovian
  • Alluevian
  • Callanian [Callahan Union]
  • Lenonian/Lenonese
  • Brondosian
  • Italian
  • Greek
  • Russian
  • German
Fertility Rate - 3.09

Birth Rate -


Death Rate - 27.0

Immagration Rate - 43.08

Life Expectancy - Nationaly

  • Male - 74 yrs
  • Female - 77 yrs
Literacy Rate - 93.89%


National GDP: 41.8 Trillion US$

Main Exports: Cotton, Dairy, Machinery, Vehicles, Iron, Nickel, Gold, Bronze

Rice, Certain Seafood, Canned Food, Fruits and Vegetable*

Main Fruits and Vegetable Exports

Apple, Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, Strawberry, Potato, Carrot

Litusian Account - 678 Billion US$

Tourism Revenue- 550 Million US$ Annually

Reserve Bank - N/A

Reserves of foriegn exchange and gold- $103,009,677,001


Phone Code - 000-000 [00]

Mobile Phone code - +789 #############

Internet code - .ls

Internet users - 43,800,677

Airports - Gathering Information.

City, Conflict and Climate [the 3 c's] -and don't forget population.

The nation of Llithustania is at the moment in a confusing location. The nation is stable and the climate varies with

within regions. It snows in the north and warmer at tropical temp. at the south. Cities are dense varied again by region.

Regions like Dominican Union and Bjornstaadt are often rural and lowly populated. The Western, North-Western and North

are highly concentrated locations, as more people live in these areas due to Political and Economic density. Eastern and Southern

regions have lower Political effect and low opportunites, therefore are left as low populated states.

There is growing conflict between the North Toltarian Kingdom and the South Toltarian Kingdom due to want of independence, land, religion [war between Catholic and Anglican] and political ideology. Communism is slowly developing in the south due to Russian connections and conflict also develop between Llithustanian Central State and Western Union as the two nations collaborate to prevent communism in a National State. South Bäelhoffen developing similar problems.

Thanks for viewing and much appreciated


and tell me if you like this entry!


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