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PEG PPond Dam Tutorial

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Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait for an update, but its finally here! I've been interested in dams since I was a little kid - I practically grew up around them in the area I live in, and my dad is an engineer who works with dams. With this, I have been exposed to a lot of things that have to do with dams in my childhood. I hope you find this tutorial useful, and I  also hope to see many dams in your CJs! 

HINT: Turn on the grid by pressing G! It will help out a lot in this tutorial with alignment and elevation! 2.gif

meridianjun802128706317.pngWe will start with a small plateau. This is best made with Mayor Mode terraforming tools. You will need a small opening at the front ~4 tiles wide where the dam lot will be placed. The tiles adjacent to the sides of the dam will be raised a little bit. This is the hard part -  you will need to play around with this stage a bit! Make sure the area on your plateau is flat, this is where your reservoir will be!

meridianjun602128706315.pngThis is a closer view of the area where the dam will be. Make sure yours looks very similar to this or else it will not work!

HINT: Using terrain lifting lots can help out a lot when working with elevations!

meridiansep102128706342.pngNow lets put in some water! You will need the Peg PPond kit for this, a download link will be provided at the end of the tutorial. Also, after placing the water, make sure to have a shoreline. You can decide the material for yourself, in this instance I used pebbles. It depends on the climate of your CJ and how realistic you want it to be.

meridiansep180212870634.pngNext is the fun part! This is when you can place the dam. This will probably be the most expensive part other than the terraforming, but its a great source of power.

meridianoct802128706351.pngAt the base of the dam, you will need to place PPond Turbulence lots. These will simulate the dam spilling water. Make SURE these lots are oriented in the direction of the dam so that the water is animated correctly. You can adjust the orientation of lots by pressing the Home/End keys.

meridianoct130212870635.pngThe next step is to place a Peg PPond Dam Discharge lot. Make sure this is also oriented toward the dam. It must be placed adjacent to the three pipes coming out from the dam.

meridianjan150312870637.pngThis step is optional, but it helps with adding more water. Select a water PPond lot from the parks menu and place them next to the 4 tiles you have already placed, as shown. The orientation of these lots makes no difference.

meridianfeb250312870638.pngYou can now start filling in water for your river! You can get creative with this part if you like.

meridianjun230312870641.pngThis is an example of what yours may look like. Dont forget to add a shoreline just like you did with the reservoir!

meridiannov180312870645.pngThe final step is optional, but it does add some realism. This is where you can add a Saddle Dam. Saddle dams are earthen embankments that can help control flooding if a dam should fail. It is similar to a levee. The mayor mode elevation tools can help with this. Dams usually have 2 saddle dams, depending on the size of the main dam.

meridianoct140412870694.pngNow turn off the grid, add some trees, and your dam is complete! I hope you found this tutorial useful, if you want any more tutorials of anything you see in my CJ, post a comment! Dont forget to comment and rate!



NOTE: A Simpeg Account may be required.

Stuff in the tutorial!

Entire section of PPonds [PLEX]

PPond Kit [PLEX] [sTEX]

PPond Terrain Kit [PLEX]

Peg Hydroelectric Dam - Small [PLEX] [sTEX]

Other downloads you may find useful!

Peg Tower Power/Pylon Mod [PLEX] [sTEX]

Peg Power Substation [PLEX] [sTEX]

Peg PPond Locks [PLEX]

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Very cool job, Adam! I've never used any rural stuff nor PEGs PPond; but after watching at this tutorial I'm thinking on give this stuff a try!

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TekindusT: Glad you like it! Good luck with the PPonds!

Reikhardt: Thank you! I was once able to do something where i used the dam with maxis water, but it was very difficult and had a few problems.

DCMetro34: Good luck to you!

Schulmanator: Thanks! I thought it was pretty dam good too!

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