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Come explore San Jose!

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Hi again! Time for another San Jose update!

WrQv61Zw.jpgThis is the San Jose Regional Medical Center. It is one of the largest in the country. Built in 1967, it is currently undergoing expansion projects.

rgEsGWau.jpgThis is the newest part of the medical center. It is slated for completion in October 2011.

CyzApn1q.jpgMoving north on Enrique Gonzales Blvd, we see the San Jose Center on the right, and the San Jose Convention Center on the left. The parking garage is the E Deck in the downtown city parking system.

rpcFo9Ty.jpgIf we turn right on Culture St, we will pass into the Museum and Arts district, just next to Old Town San Jose.


If we look a little to the south, we will see the Mark Jackson Arboretum, named after San Jose's 5th mayor. It is a 20 acre park in the Arts District.


Going back to the convention center area, we will see Luchenhagen Field. It is the home to the San Jose Firecrackers in the Pacifica Baseball League.

lAjMos5b.jpgNow lets go to another part of downtown! This is Beacon Hill, home to San Jose's financial scene. Along with the San Jose Stock Exchange (SJSE), large banks like HSBC call this area home.

WG9wqRKe.jpgNow lets go toward the Riverfront District. Here, you can find several of San Jose's Hotels, such as the Hilton, Doubletree, Embassy Suites, Westin, and Marriott.

87cYZZ1A.jpgSan Jose is truly an amazing city, certainly one of my favorites that I've made so far!

So tell me what you think! Don't forget to comment and rate.



San Jose: Old Town

San Jose is a major city in Pacifica which was first founded as a Spanish Mission. It transferred hands several times, going from the Spanish, to the Russians, to the English, to the Canadians, and more recently in 1919, to Pacifica. Because of all its history, various architectural styles can be seen in the city. It has made it a large melting pot of cultures and it shows as you walk through the streets - smells of international foods drift out from small cafes, restaurants, bars, and pubs. Come explore the oldest section of the city, Old Town San Jose!

sanjosemar1557128718003.pngRow houses densely pack the streets. Although this area has a relatively young population, it is quiet at 5AM, as commuters get ready for a short commute downtown. Most people here either bike, walk, or take a free commuter shuttle to downtown, which is only half a mile away.

sanjosemar1757128718005.pngArchitecture flourishes in downtown San Jose. Here, two of San Jose's famous boutique hotels are visible, as well as Carson's, an internationally famous restaurant (See brick industrial building, bottom left). It's menu is seasonal and varies by day.


This is the north end of the Old Town. In the foreground, the W Hotel San Jose Old Town is visible. The building was built in 1934, and at the time was the tallest building in the city. The Building in the middle is the Spanish Market, and since 1897 there has been a farmers market every Wednesday at the market.

zt9h8x.jpgThe crossroads, as this part of Old Town is called, features architectural styles from all nations who once controlled this area. The left side of the picture has modern row houses that were restored in the last few years. If you want to live in this trendy area, fork over $1.5 million for a railside loft, and prices keep rising the closer you get to the river!

o6zn1h.jpgThe pinnacle of urban living. These loft apartments are located right on the river, and are within walking distance of downtown. They can run in the $4,000,000 range.

f27x2w.jpgAnd life goes on in San Jose...

Thanks for viewing ! Dont forget to comment and rate!



Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait for an update, but its finally here! I've been interested in dams since I was a little kid - I practically grew up around them in the area I live in, and my dad is an engineer who works with dams. With this, I have been exposed to a lot of things that have to do with dams in my childhood. I hope you find this tutorial useful, and I  also hope to see many dams in your CJs! 

HINT: Turn on the grid by pressing G! It will help out a lot in this tutorial with alignment and elevation! 2.gif

meridianjun802128706317.pngWe will start with a small plateau. This is best made with Mayor Mode terraforming tools. You will need a small opening at the front ~4 tiles wide where the dam lot will be placed. The tiles adjacent to the sides of the dam will be raised a little bit. This is the hard part -  you will need to play around with this stage a bit! Make sure the area on your plateau is flat, this is where your reservoir will be!

meridianjun602128706315.pngThis is a closer view of the area where the dam will be. Make sure yours looks very similar to this or else it will not work!

HINT: Using terrain lifting lots can help out a lot when working with elevations!

meridiansep102128706342.pngNow lets put in some water! You will need the Peg PPond kit for this, a download link will be provided at the end of the tutorial. Also, after placing the water, make sure to have a shoreline. You can decide the material for yourself, in this instance I used pebbles. It depends on the climate of your CJ and how realistic you want it to be.

meridiansep180212870634.pngNext is the fun part! This is when you can place the dam. This will probably be the most expensive part other than the terraforming, but its a great source of power.

meridianoct802128706351.pngAt the base of the dam, you will need to place PPond Turbulence lots. These will simulate the dam spilling water. Make SURE these lots are oriented in the direction of the dam so that the water is animated correctly. You can adjust the orientation of lots by pressing the Home/End keys.

meridianoct130212870635.pngThe next step is to place a Peg PPond Dam Discharge lot. Make sure this is also oriented toward the dam. It must be placed adjacent to the three pipes coming out from the dam.

meridianjan150312870637.pngThis step is optional, but it helps with adding more water. Select a water PPond lot from the parks menu and place them next to the 4 tiles you have already placed, as shown. The orientation of these lots makes no difference.

meridianfeb250312870638.pngYou can now start filling in water for your river! You can get creative with this part if you like.

meridianjun230312870641.pngThis is an example of what yours may look like. Dont forget to add a shoreline just like you did with the reservoir!

meridiannov180312870645.pngThe final step is optional, but it does add some realism. This is where you can add a Saddle Dam. Saddle dams are earthen embankments that can help control flooding if a dam should fail. It is similar to a levee. The mayor mode elevation tools can help with this. Dams usually have 2 saddle dams, depending on the size of the main dam.

meridianoct140412870694.pngNow turn off the grid, add some trees, and your dam is complete! I hope you found this tutorial useful, if you want any more tutorials of anything you see in my CJ, post a comment! Dont forget to comment and rate!



NOTE: A Simpeg Account may be required.

Stuff in the tutorial!

Entire section of PPonds [PLEX]

PPond Kit [PLEX] [sTEX]

PPond Terrain Kit [PLEX]

Peg Hydroelectric Dam - Small [PLEX] [sTEX]

Other downloads you may find useful!

Peg Tower Power/Pylon Mod [PLEX] [sTEX]

Peg Power Substation [PLEX] [sTEX]

Peg PPond Locks [PLEX]


Watertown...Watertown is a lower middle class subrub in east Evergreen. It is located just south of the airport. Incorporated in 1934, it sprang up just as Evergreen did. Slowly though, in the mid 1990s, the area started to deteriorate. This event was known as "The Great Flight" because residents moved from Evergreen Lakefront International Airport to the Evergreen City Airport area, where newer homes and better schools were located. This mass exodus from Watertown left the community struggling to survive. The area has a large immigrant community. It is split between Syrian, Columbian, and Mexican immigrants. This has caused Watertown to be a large melting pot of cultures.

evergreenlakefrontinter.pngIn recent years, the area has been undergoing several revitalization attempts, none of which had any results to speak of. East Evergreen Mall was built in 1987, at the begining of Watertown's demise. It housed 3 department stores at its opening, now only one is in use, a Hechts on the north side of the mall. Sears and Nordstroms left the mall in 2003 and 2005, respectively. This stretch of Airport Blvd is littered with small strip malls, grocery stores, and gas stations.

evergreenlakefrontinter.pngThis is Mall Rd. It ends abruptly at a highway "Sound Barrier." The sound barriers were put up along International Expy. so that visitors to the city would not have to see the poverty that surrounds the airport, that is if they didnt already on their approach. But of course no one in the Evergreen City Council is going to tell you that... 2.gif

evergreenlakefrontinter.pngThe intended purpose of the sound barrier is to prevent sound from affecting the neighborhoods by International Expy. But locals see it as the city giving them a cold shoulder, giving travelers the illusion that poverty is non-existant in Pacifica. However, the lobbying power of Watertown is very weak, as many residents have low income jobs and some are not Pacifican citizens. Pacifica President Luis Gonzalez has made several visits to Watertown and federal aid money has been brought in as part of the stimulus for community centers, schools, and other community improvements.  Projects like these are occurring all over Pacifica, and as Luis Gonzalez nears the end of his second term as president, he will leave as a very popular man.


This is Airport High School. Contrary to the neighborhood, it is one of the highest ranked schools in the nation, with a dropout rate of only  .83%.

evergreenlakefrontinter.pngAlthough the economy and neighborhood is relatively poor, all public services are among the best funded in the nation.

evergreenlakefrontintern.pngOh my! As we were here, a local grocery store caught on fire! Luckily the local fire department was on it before it spread. It was caused from an air conditioning unit on the roof. The store will probably not be open for another few months, as most of the inside was damaged. Fortunately no one was injured. Looks like these residents have to shop at Save on Foods instead... 3.gif

Well thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to comment and rate! 4.gif



Evergreen Lakefront International AirportAs part of government stimulus money, concourse A at Evergreen Lakefront International Airport was rennovated. Built as the 2nd addition to the original airport, it was completed in 1974. The old concourse was old, crowded, and very old looking on the inside and out. This is the third project of seven total airport improvements, all of which include terminal renovations and additions. The original terminal and Concourse B have already been renovated, and Terminal 2 is currently under construction. With Delta Airlines looking at expanding their hub in  EVL, these improvements are long awaited.


As you can tell, the old concourse was very old looking. Passengers felt the same way, as did the airlines. The new concorse will feature larger windows, more bathrooms and stores, and 2 airline lounges (A Delta Sky Club, one of four in the airport, and an American Airlines Admirals Club, one of two at the airport.)

evergreenlakefrontinter.pngAfter over a year and a half of construction, the new concourse is finally complete.  This concourse mostly handles domestic and US bound flights, as well as a few Canadian and Japanese airlines as well.


The terminal is very busy. Flight destinations (clockwise from top left): DL342 New York JFK, DL89 Seattle, DL112 Houston IAH, DL Portland OR, DL543 Nashville, WS6503 Calgary, JL926 Tokyo Haneda.

evergreenlakefrontinter.pngAll in all, another day at the airport is over.

More updates on Evergreen-Lakefront International Airport soon to come, stay tuned!  4.gif



Lake Evergreen...

Lake Evergreen is Pacifica's Largest lake - it is 53 miles long and at its widest it is 39 miles across. In the 1980s, the city of Evergreen experienced rapid growth. This rapid growth made the area around the lake very attractive to residents. It took over an hour and a half in heavy traffic to go around the lake. So in 1985, the State of Evergreen DOT met to decide a permanent fix to the traffic problems. At first a regional railway was made, but it proved slow, crowded, and unreliable. The descision was finally made to build a causeway across the lake, cutting the commute time to just over 30 minutes, and 45 in heavy traffic.

Modeled after the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in New Orleans, the Lake Evergreen Causeway is the longest causeway in the world, at 34 miles long. Because of low shipping traffic in the lake, no high portions of the bridge were made for large ships to pass under.


This is S. Causeway Blvd. at the Lakeside Shopping Center. This road has recently been widened as part of a government stimulus.


There are several hotels and other suburban stores around the Lakefront Shopping Center.


The average fare on the bridge is ~$3.50 USD. It is free on Fridays and weekends.


Instead of boring you with 6 pictures of bridge span, Ill just show one pic for you to get an idea of it! 3.gif


The Causeway finally ends at the other end in Evergreen. Rather than being tolled at the North End of the bridge, the Toll Booth is located on S. Causeway Blvd.

Well I hope you enjoyed ! Took me 3 hours to make, spanning 3 city tiles.



On May 30th, 2010, history was made as the PSS Bailey touched down on Mars. Soon after, the PSS Gonzales and Edwards also touched down on a large flat plain dubbed "New Pacifica" Soon after, a base was set up, complete with basic facilities in anticipation of civilian population soon arriving.

marsbasemar160112752758.png(from top to bottom) The Edwards, Gonzales, and Bailey all are lined up as they landed near the base. It was set up in record time, as the materials were already ready inside the ships. The Gonzales and Bailey carried Supplies, while the Edwards was a transport that carried the 60 astronauts and engineers.

marsbasemar170112752758.pngOne part of the base is used as housing and residential use. The large tank is used for oil drilling, as several un-manned spacecraft have discovered traces of oil burried below the surface.

marsbasemar180112752758.pngThis section of the base is used for the solar power plants and agricultural domes, which can be expanded in the future.

Hope you liked the past 2 updates! More from Earth and Mars coming soon!



Ft. Sharpe is a military base built in the extremely sparsely populated region of Northeast Pacifica. It is home to the highest landing strip in Pacifica, at an elevation of 4,973 ft. above sea level. It is the home of the Imperial Rocket program, which are made to build a manned base on Mars. They took off last night, and are scheduled to arrive there later tonight (expect another update soon!) Enjoy!

ftsharpeoct220112752735.pngThe Imperial Shuttles are all ready to go! The countdown is at 12 minutes and 14 seconds for the first rocket, 15 minutes 14 seconds for the second, at 17 minutes 14 seconds on the third.

ftsharpeoct230112752736.pngWhile we wait for the shuttles to launch, lets go look at the landing strip. It is a non standard length, an extremely short and difficult approach for even experienced pilots. There have been over 13 fatal accident here, including one in 2006 in which a US KC-135 refueling plane crashed on approach, killing both pilots and 4 crew members.

ftsharpeoct260112752736.pngThe control tower was built in 2001, shortly after the 9/11 attacks in New York City. The long concourse was built in 2009 in preparation for the shuttle launch as mission control, and a backup mission control was also made in a facility 4 miles outside of Pacifica City in the Capital District as well.

ftsharpedec201127527371.pngOh my! Looks like the first 2 have launched already! Well there is only 1 minute left on the countdown for Shuttle #3, named the PSS (Pacifican Space Shuttle) Edwards.

Well we'll see you on Mars!


Its finally here! Enjoy!


The Ocean View Apartments occupied the site before the WTC, but the projects have been relocated to a new location.


pacificacityjun29121127.pngThe projects were simultaneously imploded at 11AM PST. Soon after, crews started clearing debris.

pacificacityjul41211274.pngDays later, construction began on the towers and roads. A portion of Pacific Ave. was closed due to road widening.

pacificacityjul61211274.pngThe Pacific Sphere is visible from the construction site. A major tourist attraction, it is expected to get 100,000-200,000 more visitors after the construction project is complete.

pacificacityjul71211274.pngFurther down Pacific Ave, construction cranes are still visible.

pacificacitysep15122127.pngOnly months later, the first towers are visible. Part of the plan also includes a subway station that will be the main hub for Pacifica's New Subway System, slated for completion in 2011.


pacificacitydec19125127.pngFinally! The main section is complete!

pacificacityapr19135127.pngThe entire complex is completed only 2 years after the begining of the project! It includes 8 Office Buildings, an IMAX Theatre, an Exhibition Hall, 2 underground parking garages with over a combined total of 6,000 parking spots, 3 Hotels, a transportation hub, and a stadium which is slated to be completed this summer. The trees are a mix of naitive trees to the area, a feature planned by architect William Austria.

pacificacityapr21135127.pngThe Westin Hotel and Carter Performing Arts center are visible, as well as the Bailey Memorial Stadium, which is opening this summer. A light rail line connects different venues in the city, installed for the Summer Simlympics Bid.

pacificacityapr27135127.pngThe Hilton Hotel and  WTC building IV.

pacificacityapr29135127.pngBuildings II, III, IV, VI, and VII are visible from this angle, as well as the Hilton Hotel.

pacificacitymay11351274.pngBuildings V, VIII, XI, the IMAX Theatre, Marriott Hotel on the Pacific, and the newly widened Pacific Ave.

pacificacityjun23135127.pngThe Marriott Hotel at Sunrise. The other building in the center of the parking lot is the Carter Performing Arts Center.

pacificacityjun26135127.pngBailey Memorial Stadium along with the newly installed exit ramp from the Bailey Pkwy to University Ave.


The new skyline at night.

Hope you liked the update! More to come soon!



Edwards UniversityEdwards University was founded in 1898 by the aristocratic Edwards family, much like Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. It is considered to be one of the best schools in the country. It is a private institution.

pacificacityfeb13112127.pngThe newley widened University Ave. cuts through the center of the campus. The belltower was built in 1913, however it was partially destroyed in the Pacifica City race riots of 1992.


Dalton Bryce stadium is home to the Edwards Kings NCAA Baseball team. The Kings have been a member of the NCAA since 2001 as a Div. 2 school, although recently they have submitted an application to become a D1 school, which is still under review by the NCAA.

pacificacityfeb16112127.pngKing St. is the main commercial center for most students on the campus, located just on the edge of the campus. More development is planned soon.

pacificacityfeb17112127.pngLocated next to the Chris Institute of Engineering and Science, the all new state of the art medical center is under construction, slated for completion in late 2010.

pacificacityfeb18112127.pngThis is an overview of the  Chris Institute, the medical center, the belltower, and the 2 main stadiums. The basketball arena is called Edwards Forum, and the Soccer/Football stadium is known as Tanner Field.

pacificacityfeb20112127.pngPerhaps one of the best known symbols of the university, the Edwards Memorial looms high above the city on National Ridge. It is dedicated to all members of the Edwards Family. Leading up to the memorial is the original road paved in 1913 with spare bricks from the Belltower. Recently, there have been several acts of vandalism with people stealing bricks, and the city council has made the road a historic site, which makes vandalism a Felony Crime, with a minimum of 5 years in state prison.

pacificacityfeb31121274.pngEdwards University as shown from above.

Hope you enjoyed!


BACKGROUND INFO: The Edwards Family is a very well known family politically and economically in Pacifica, comparable to the Tudors, Vanderbilts, or Kennedys.


Downtown was originally planned for the east side of the highway, but it has since been moved westward. "Old downtown" as it is called now still exists, and is bustling with restoration efforts. This shows downtown from 1910-1997. Enjoy!


Downtown, c. 1910. Downtown was just starting to grow at the turn of the century, and with Pacifica's 50th anneversary from United States Independence, great celebrations are looming. Small family homes are located all around the "CBD," and with Pacifica's first skyscraper, the 18 story Shoevalle Tower, being erected, downtown was looking at a bright future...

pacificacityoct16971271.pngDowntown, c. 1946. Over 30 years after 1910, Downtown Pacifica City was a bustling industrial city. With the seaport and market under construction 4 miles north of downtown nearing completion, the old cobblestone streets of yester-year are being paved over with all new concrete and asfault streets. The Shoevalle Tower is no longer the tallest, it has since been surpassed by the Allingshower Housing Projects, another sign of the times in post-world war II Pacifica. A baby boom is soon approaching, can the city cope?

pacificacitynov15911271.pngDowntown, 1953. The 70 year old Gates of the Pacific Belltower has been torn down in 1950, and replaced by a large avenue. The newest downtown venue, the Pacific Dome, has just been completed, and a pre game crowd has gathered to watch the new National Hockey league innagural game between the Pacifica City Sabercats(PHL) and the Vancouver Canadiens(Now a member of the NHL). The main roads in downtown have also been widened to 4 lane avenues, as they still are today.

pacificacitydec19112713.pngDowntown, c. 1961. The Transnational Highway Act has a lasting effect on Pacifica City, as is visible in the modern times. Here, Transnational Highway 6, now known as the Downtown Expy, is being built, and construction cranes have been moving in to make accomodations for the new transportation system. The Shoevalle Tower is begining to be hidden by the more modern towers of the 1960s. At this rate, how will it compare in a newer higher level architecture market?

pacificacityjun12921271.pngDowntown, 1969. Almost in the 1970s, Pacifica's Economy is bustling. However, this is a very important year in the city's history - it was the year Pacifica City was made the new National Capital. It was moved on April 13th, 1969, from Harramore to Pacifica City, due to an increased commercial, industrial, and political market in the Pacifica City area. The National Tower, a temporary parliament, has been constructed out of stock materials and is now the tallest building in the city.

pacificacityjul28921271.pngDowntown, 1973. In the late 1960s and early 1970s, a skyscraper boom hit downtown. Several buildings were constructed, including the tallest building in the country at the time, the 35 story Chase Bank Tower (Now Edwards National Bank Complex 1). With the recent economic boom, the government also rebuilt the coal power plants located next to the university.

pacificacitysep14921271.pngDowntown, 1988. The highway is finally completed with all extra exits! New towers have been built yet again, and the Shoevalle Tower looks like a ghost building among the new glass mid rises. What could be in store for this construction site? A "new" midrise, the Chase Building B (Now Edwards National Bank Complex 4) has been built along the highway.

pacificacityoct13921271.pngDowntown, 1997. The most recent picture is of downtown in 1997. The all new Citigroup Center is the tallest building in the country, standing at a tall 51 stories. And in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of downtown, a new Ballpark has been built. Since 1997, downtown has gone through some MAJOR changes, as you can see in previous updates. For one, Downtown Expy. has been expanded to an 8-lane superhighway, and the industrial park has been bought by private developers for residential development. The area to the south of downtown has been purchased by several government agencies, including the University of Pacifica and the Capital State Dpt. of Transportation. A new campus is to be completed by the end of 2010, and the Edwards Loop is to connect all parts of the inner-downtown area. Restoration projects have just begun on old buildings, such as the Shoevalle Tower.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the history of downtown!



Pacific City...

A New Direction?

Pacific City is a new part of Pacifica located on the Pacific Coast. It is going to house the new Pacific Life Arena and several condos and hotels.


This is the current project on the area known as "Penninsular Village,"  as it extends on a penninsula out into the ocean. The arena will be located here.


Ah, coming along nicely eh? The new arena will be able to hold 34,000 fans, making it one of the largest in the country.


Hm, what will become of this space? Speculation time!

KEEP IN MIND: This update is not complete, more pics to be added soon!

Remember, your comments, feedback, and suggestions are taken seriously! Don't forget to comment!



New City Hall a Reality...This month, the Downtown Vision Taskforce approved the construction of a new city hall. The descision was faced with much opposition, as the old city hall is over 120 years old. The new city hall will be bigger and have more office space.


Development was occuring all around the old city hall. Before the approval of demolition, the plan was to fill the area with public parking and garages.


The demolition was met by many protestors. However, the wall prevented them from crossing into the construction zone.


This is the new city hall, costing around 27 million USD.

Hope y'all liked the update! Thanks for the great comments guys!



Welcome, to Pacifica City...Hello again, and welcome to Pacifica City. Pacifica City is located on an island in the Pacific Northwest, just off the coast of British Columbia, Canada. It gained its independence from England in 1842, making it a fairly new nation. I hope you enjoy this CJ!

And finally... Thepokemaniac Productions presents...


This is downtown Pacifica City. As you can see, it is very dense! The main interchange here is the Jct. between the Luchenhagen Freeway and Westchase Expswy. There is also much construction, part of the city's controversial Downtown Vision Project. The main purpose is to revitalize the downtown area with new developments, including parking garages, museums, a new stadium, and a new proposed city hall.


The Luchenhagen Freeway, nicknamed "The L" by locals, is the main highway into downtown. With 10 lanesin some parts, it is heavily used. It includes 2 express lanes and 3 regular highway lanes. There is a proposed plan to elevate the express lanes, which is being considered by the Downtown Vision Taskforce. Most of the construction along the highway is for parking garages and one skyscraper. In the lower half of the picture, the Luchenhagen Galleria peeks through the towers that surround.

Well thats all for now! Stay tuned!


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