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Chapter 1: Vote Morganfield! . . . No, Vote Washam! . . . No Vote! . . .

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Tigeria:  Thanks for stopping by!  Someday we'll probably check in on Daniel and see how he is . . .



There is a major election happening in Lake Maureen now. Mckinley Morganfield has done such a great job as the town's first mayor. But his term is up, and he is running for re-election. His opponent is the wealthy Rey Washam of the Lake Maureen Business association.

In the past few years, Morganfield has helped this tiny little farming community grow to a bustling town with a population of nearly 9,000.


He has taxed the citizens, but in exchange brought trade to the area via the Havalina Road and the creation of the Lake Maureen Business Association. Brought education to teach the children, and a police force to protect the citizens. He has also kept his promise to keep the dirty industry and the politically oppressive shadow of the extremely close neighbor city Solace Bay, out of Lake Maureen. He has been truly a great public servant, and has a strong support among the locals. especially in the newer neighborhoods like the neighborhood of Shilka seen below.


This neighborhood is named after the man, Hans Shilka. Whose farm used to be located on this site. Last year he sold his farm to developers and opened a "frontier style" clothing store in Downtown Lake Maureen. Rustic "Frontier" clothing is becoming popular among the wealthy of the nation. Shilka's business is hoping to expand and open a warehouse to produce his own line of frontier clothing.

Morganfield's platform for re-election is:

to reduce the pollution that comes from Solace Bay by planting a huge park on the abandoned farms that separate the cities.


This is what the border between solace Bay and Lake Maureen looks like now


Above is a concept image of what the park will look like


He also wishes to make Lake Maureen the center for learning in this whole frontier region by chartering a university or at least a college to draw students and intellectuals into the city.

He also promises to continue to regulate industry so that highly pollutive industries are not permitted to build in city limits.


Solace Bay's "Company Main" Factory complex, not a good skyline

Lastly, at a population of 8,946, Lake Maureen is just 3,000 inhabitants from being able to elect a representative to parliament next term.


The Parliament Building in the Capital city of Auen

So he vows to do all he can to encourage immigration to the town. And there is an urgency for this as well, because with the explosion of immigration the country has seen in the past five years, towns in the dozens are reaching the 12,000 population mark (which is how many citizens you need in a town for it to elect a representative), and the parliament is filling up. so the first minister Piccioto is discussing with the parliament on raising the cap to 36,000 to elect a minister to parliament. All cities that already have a representative would keep them, but new cities would have to reach 36,000 before they could be represented. This means that two years from now might be the last chance that Lake Maureen has for representation in parliament, because 36,000 inhabitants is science fiction to the Lake Maureen of today.

It would seem with a platform like that and a track record like he has, McKinley Morganfield would have no trouble getting re-elected. But, Rey Washam of the Lake Maureen Business Association has alot of people on his side. There is a new, wealthier, class of people living in the town, and Rey is to be found at the center of all the wealthy class happenings in the town.


Rey Washam's House

He owns the biggest house and holds the finest parties. His car is the finest Julian model available, and he owns his own steamer to travel to Mariston or Auen on business or for pleasure. Therefore, He is very well respected by the Higher class, and has found ways to poke holes into Morganfield in the eyes of the lower classes and farmers. He says that Morganfield does not fully appreciate the threat that Solace Bay presents. That more measures need to be taken to ensure that Solace Bay workers, should they riot again, can never destroy Lake Maureen. and to make sure that the anarchist Brotherhood of Derrik never is able to infiltrate the town of Lake Maureen.


He suggests that a wall is built around Lake Maureen, and that the militia is made full time to keep watches of those entering and leaving the city.

This rhetoric of fear has much more weight due to a recent pipe bomb explosion at the Solace Bay docks attributed to the Brotherhood of Derrik.

Washam also says that Morganfield is more interested in business and education than he is the common farmer. and that agriculture is the backbone of Lake Maureen and efforts must be made to bolster agriculture.


Restor creek and it's location in relation to Lake Maureen

He suggests building an irrigation resovior out of restor creek in the western edge of town to increase the irrigation capacity and thus the agriculture capacity of the town. He also proposes to tax Solace Bay for the crops they buy from Lake Maureen and use some of this money for agriculture benefits and give the rest to the farmers. These platforms have gathered a large support for Washam in Lake Maureen so that it is now unclear who will win. With the election two weeks away, and the fate of lake Maureen in the sway, it is a tense time. If you lived in Lake Maureen, who would you vote for?


Downtown Lake Maureen

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