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Chapter 1: Morganfield Wins Lake Maureen

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Schulmanator:  Thanks for the comment, and I assume that Washam, would be the only one who'd pay for votes, unfortunately all the guys on CSG forums voted for morganfield, so . . .  But every vote counts right!?

It's been forever since I've updated, but that's the way things go sometimes. I have not forgotten Inakaye and plan to continue working on it when I can. I hope you all enjoy today's update. very plot heavy but necessary. I hope to have some nice sc4 heavy updates soon. there's lots of exciting stuff going on in inakaye!


Many people were excited to hear this morning that Mckinley Morganfield has been re-elected as the Mayor of Lake Maureen. Especially since the the last ditch efforts of opponent Rey Washam to fear the town's citizens into voting against Morganfield. Morganfield ended up winning by quite a landslide getting 72% of the votes. He is holding a town meeting tonight in downtown to give an re-election speech. We go now to the Morganfield residence where he discusses his feelings about his victory with his wife and good friend/store owner, Matt Redfelt:


Matt: You seem surprised Mick, did you think Washam had a chance?

Mckinley (Mick is his nickname): It was hard to tell, he certainly got pretty dirty at the end trying to appeal to the farmers. As if my entire family aren't farmers . . . but now i am relieved. I believe in this democratic vote, but I really don't trust Washam anymore, and I'm glad that he lost. there was a time a couple years ago when I started the LMBA (Lake Maureen Business association), when he seemed quite upstanding, but recently, with the parties and the yacht . . .

Laura Morganfield: I've heard that he holds secret meetings of the business association with his closest friends. They're just rumors of course, but it makes you wonder what he's really up to.

Matt: well he certainly doesn't invite me to any secret meetings. The business association has certainly split over the past year. there's Washam's group and then everyone esle. He has a big pull with the wealthy. He says alot about protecting Lake Maureen from the monopolistic and despotic Solace Bay Company, but part of me wonders how much he just wishes that he was the one with all the power.


The Lake Maureen Business association's offices were recently moved to a larger and considerably nicer building. This is a reflection of how far the town has come in the last few years

Laura: And seriously, Farmers? What has he ever done to improve the conditions of the farmers who supply his granary? He runs that company almost as iron-fisted as James Wyant does. Seriously Mick, he is only going to present more problems as time goes on. The LMBA was supposed to keep this town's businesses honest, but I fear he's turning it into something else.

Matt: Laura is right, you've defeated Washam for now, but he isn't going away, and as our town gets wealthier so will he. and with wealth comes power . . .

Mckinley: you have good points, but I don't know what you want me to do. as far as I know, he hasn't done anything illegal, we would have to prove that he us up to no good before we could do anything to him. he is a pain in the ass, and I will keep my eye on him, but for now i have to just keep doing what I have been and try to get this town to a population of 12,000 in two years. It shouldn't be that difficult with the way the city has been growing. If we can attract maybe 2 smaller manufacturing companies then we can probably reach that goal.

Matt: well what about starting that college of yours? have you changed your mind about how to improve education at all?

Mckinley: I haven't. The problem is going to be getting a faculty. none of our teachers are qualified as professors, and there are very few scholars out this far. But in a month I am going to take a trip to Mariston and visit the university there to see if I can get any professors to move out here and start a frontier college. I also want to visit Inakaye University in Auen. I doubt there will be any professors there willing to leave the best school in the country, but perhaps we can get some young graduates willing to teach for our college. If we can get the school started, then we will be the only higher education in the frontier and as the frontier grows so will our school, and following suit, Lake Maureen will be a center of knowledge. you know i have always believed that education is the key to a healthy and prosperous community.

Matt: you are certainly right there, but I think there is alot more to it than that. there are certainly thing you wouldn't want in a prosperous community . . .

Mckinley frowns at matt but says nothing

Matt changes the subject: Well, has that man contacted you again about building a park in Southlake? what's his name? Newsom?

Mckinley: Yeah, he just got elected to the town council by southlake. Owns that store on Havalina road. He's young but seems very capable. I like seeing him become a leader in that neighborhood. it's been getting bigger every year . . .


for more backstory on the young but promising Jake Newson, check out the entry Homesteading Heroes under "Nelson and Hudson" viewtopic.php?f=24&t=227#p2161

Their conversation from here wandered across the happening of the town and what Mckinley felt about them.



We now go to Rey Washam's house to hear what he says about Morganfield's win. With him are his usual crew of close confidants: Duane Denison, Edward Ingleson, and Brendan Canty. The are sitting around a small circular card table sipping premium Evanson Cottongrass Liqueur. Rey is noticeably perturbed.

Washam: This loss was to be expected. That man has such a golden reputation no one could have beat him. It just means we have to take more drastic measures. I told you a while ago about a contact I had made who would prove useful in our battle against the Solace Bay Co. Well, I have another meeting with him soon and I am hoping that we can come up with a plan together for the betterment of this region.

Edward Ingleson: Rey, you are so mysterious, won't you share your secret contact with us?

Washam: Not yet, his name is unimportant as of now, but soon, once we formulate a plan all of you will be implicated in the details I assure you. How did the rest of the elections turn out? did we get our friends on the council?

Brendan Canty: Everyone except the Southlake candidate. Some young guy named Newsom won that election.

Washam: young eh? well if money won't turn him to our side then I'm sure we can find some way. If the Association has a majority in the council then it will make my loss to Morganfield sting less. We must lay low for now though.

Duane: pick our battles . . .

Washam: exactly. And Duane, you still haven't told me, did you get director of police?

Duane: of course. who wouldn't vote for a handsome man like me?

Brendan laughs and Washam gives a wry smile. Edward however almost imperceptibly frowns at the young man.

Edward: well then it seems that things haven't turned out so badly for the Association after all. Morganfield can have his mayor-ship, but we have a majority power in the Town now.

Washam: Yes, I almost feel relieved. (he chuckles) I feel bad for Morganfield. He has no idea about our plans, but he is going to find out whether he likes them or not. Well, I suppose we can meet again in a week. remember to leave casually and cordially. this was a friendly business call, remember?

The four men go about the business of standing and adjusting themselves before shaking hands and exiting Washam's manor in a very carefree way, laughing and cajoling out the door, leaving Rey Washam in his parlor lost in thought. What is he thinking about? I wish I knew . . .

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