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The Story Continues...

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It's been 3 weeks since I first arrived at the Safe Zone. Life here is really really boring.. The soldiers are very strict, we have to be in bed by 9 pm, in our house by 6 pm, and wake up at 7 am. We get 2 meals a day, and aren't allowed to do much. We wear these horrible clothes, and it's just a bad place to live. But, atleast I am living.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself! I am Joe Froelich. I lived in St. Cloud MN for my life, or until the outbreak. My family of 4 siblings, and 2 parents, disintigrated. My 3 sisters passed away in 6 weeks after the outbreak, my mom and dad were killed, and my Brother, was forced into the military.

Now, I live in this Safe Zone, alone with 6 other people in 1 smal house. Anyways, it has been very boring.. Until lately, we've been put to work..

We were told to expand the Safe Zone, and build a Safe House. Now, I don't really know what they mean, but I have to get Started..


Above, is the wall we are going to destroy and rebuild to make it bigger...


And wow, it only took a week to build up the mounds again! Now to place the walls ontop of the mounds...


Well, I guess they made up build the Safe House first...


Wow, That was completed fast! Only 4 weeks of construction and we finished all this!


Above, is the entire Safe Zone, We now have 253 Civilians in it, and 498 Soldiers.

Anyways, some news..

China has now completely collapsed, it was over run with infected, and eventually Nuked many of it's own cities. Every Country has fallen under the OutBreak, in only 8 weeks. Estimated 4 billion people have become infected, of those 60% are zombie like creatures that barely resemble humans.

The Safe house was contructed, to house everyone in the case the infected manage to get inside the Safe Zone. Apparently, of the 60 Safe Zones across america, only 54 are inhabited now. That means that 6, have been overrun by infected.

Well, actually heres a report of one Safe Zone:

Theres a ocean of infected around our walls. We have all of our civilians in a safe house, and our soldiers have abandoned the walls. It took only 3 days for all of this to happen too. First a few started to crowd together. Then, they came in the hundreds, then thousands. We have only 4000 people at this Safe Zone, and well Their all doomed.

It's the 4th day, and it's terrible in this Safe House. We can hear the infected just outside, and it won't be long until they will be inside. I finally gave the call to bomb the Safe Zone. This is my Final Report, as Cheif of Military for Safe Zone 45.

4,000 people died within this Safe Zone, and nearly 6,000 infected.

Wow, that was a sad report. I seriosly hope it doesn't happen here.. They were by  a major city, and always had problems with infected..

Anyways, until next time..

~Joey, Survivor of the Outbreak.

Please note this is a fictional story! Though, some parts may be realistic, or molded off of real things. Such as the characters name, is also mine..

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Thanks everyone! I've seen the movie "I am Legend" And, i was really interested by the end part of it.. The very end.. Also, how the infection is and stuff, and I also like 28 days later, and 28 weeks later.. But, No.. This CJ is not based off anything from those movies. It is completely my idea, though it isn't a original idea.. It is a different one.. As you will see later on..


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