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Entry 10: Pandora Upgrades (Part 1 of 3)

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Hello there! The next three updates will focus on urban upgrades happening in and around Pandora (the city, not the colony). This one showcases Pandora's new seawalls. Tired of rock and sand shorelines that were prone to erosion, the Pandora City Council decided that it was time to upgrade to seawalls. In addition to putting in seawalls, the project included reclaiming land from the river to add to the city and create more of a waterfront.

(right click > view for full size)


Fig 10.1 How the city looked before


Fig 10.2 How the city looks after. Most of the land has been converted into either parks or zoned in for construction.


Fig 10.3 A little further upstream. The new land opened up opportunities for new developments, in this case, a world-class zoo with plenty of parking to go around.


Fig 10.4 Capitol Point also enjoyed some new land and new views.


Fig 10.5 An example of the new parks installed by the seawall project. You can see the old shoreline in the form of grass-covered slopes creating a line between the parks and suburbia.


Fig 10.6 Some land was used for developement, however. New mid-density developement has arisen on what was once a riverbed.


Fig 10.7 Most importantly, the new land created room for the central government to expand. The colony was no longer a few thousand people huddled around a city center. It is now over 300,000 people and rapidly expanding. It is simply too much to rule the entire colony from this tiny little point. Therefore, the Bureau of Counties (the smaller building just right of center, overshadowed by the Bureau of Bureaucracies (which houses all the other Bureaus)) was created to split the colony into counties and set up a regional capital in each. Below is a map of this new political developement.


Fig 10.8 Up-to-date map of the colony with county lines included. Right now there are only three counties, Greater Pandora, Southbrook, and Lake Creon. In addition, there is the Pandora Bureocratic District (a special area housing all of the government buildings, run by the government directly), and unincorporated lands (unsettled land). Each county was assigned a captial in which to govern itself from.

County stats:

Greater Pandora

Captial: Pandora

Population: 201,323

GDP per capita (in USD): $63,220

Economy: Service (53%), Industry (25%), Farming (12%), Government (6%), Aerospace (4%)

Lake Creon

Capital: Mercrutio

Population: 82,548

GDP per capita (in USD): $54,670

Economy: Service (48%), Tourism (19%), Industry (18%), Farming (10%), Oil (5%)


Capital: Cassio

Population: 17,672

GDP per capita (in USD): $24,880

Economy: Farming (84%), Service (11%), Industry (5%)

Pandora Bureocratic District

Capital: Bureau of Counties building, floor 4, first desk on the left after exiting the elevator. Ask for Jerry.

Population: 0

GDP per capita (in USD): $0

Economy: Government (100%)

Anyways, back to the issue on hand:


Fig 10.9 While the Bureau of the Interior easily filled in the rest of the uplifted riverbed with parks or zones, they were at a loss of what to do around the densly packed downtown area. They could not decide whether it would be better to build parks or zone in the land and cash off of huge property values. This is the generic "you're time to vote!" part of the journal! What should the Bureau do?

A. Zone it up!

B. Parks!

C. Some other idea I'll put in the comments!


It-it: It's HBS's "Californian Terrain".

Shulmanator: Thanks! I appreciate how you comment on all of my entries and seem so dedicated to my work! =)

Eldaldo: Thanks! Although I do think it has a tendency to become unrealistic if I'm not careful...

7smarty: It's Oppie Train Maintenance.

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Wow, I can't believe I missed your previous post, but things have really taken off! Great job on the seawalls, and I vote to have waterfront Office zones, with a park in the buffer area, so that the waterfront zones will have river views and parks close by

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The land reclamation looks nice? How easy is it to do it? I've never seen a good tutorial on land reclamation. We need one.

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