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The History of Delta Democratic Republic

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Welcome to my new UB CJ and "Multi-Region", Delta Democratic Republic, or DDR. Its about a country on an island that just recently established (or just changed its name). In this UB CJ I will write about how I construct various parts of my cities, stories that happen in my finished cities, and other extra fun things.

How I will construct this Region
Due to the shear size of Delta Democratic Republic (approx. 140km x 100km), It will be done in many separate 24km x 24km regions each the size of 36 large city tiles, hence the name "Multi-Region". Each region will be usually one city/town with its satellite towns and farms. I will start with the capital city Delta City (DC) and move on to smaller ones, commencing from the downtown/CBD and moving my way to the suburbia. 

I'll start off with the History which is quite long
History of DDR

Not much was known about this island before the 8th century, but it is believed to have been uninhabited by humans. In the year 712CE, Norse settlers landed on the east coast of Delta Island. Small settlements of a few hundred people started to scatter about the eastern coast.

It was not until the 1100's had the British finally taken control over Delta Island. Immigrants from Europe started to move in to the island. A castle, now a popular tourist attraction, was built on the island for a lord in charge of the Delta Island on behalf of the King. This was the time of many first landlocked settlements along with the discovery of the Potts Iron Vein. This discovery lead to more migration from Europe as well as more commerce and trade between Delta Island and British Mainland. From 12th century to the 19th century was a time of great change. The population of Delta Island went from 100's of thousands to millions.

By the early 20th century, citizens started to complain about the government and how Britain still held Delta Island under its control. After World War II, the simple complaints became demonstrations. The British Government decided to please the people of Delta Island, and so on January 1st, 1967 Delta Island became the independent country of Delta Federation (DF).

The federation led by Bill Hill wasn't an actual federation at all. Only 30 years after the Demonstration against Britain, another one started against Bill Hill. There were many reasons why the rebellions started. Bill Hill did not let women vote (which is quite behind most other countries at their time), if there were any elections at all. He had harsh tax rates and strict laws on religion. In 1997 a farmer very into politics named John Smith marched out of his house, started to the capital city on foot, and shouted "Let's kill, Bill Hill". As weird as it sounds, people started to join in on the march, from a dozen people the group grew to a few 100, and by the time Smith reached New Birmingham, they had a few hundred thousand (including soldiers from the DF military, other politicians, news reporters, hobos, and Bill Hill's retarded brother). When they reached the Parliament building, more citizens from all over Delta Island joined in on the rally. By the end of the day, Bill Hill was successfully overthrown.

On March 17th 1997, a new government was established along with a new government centre in Delta City. Citizens voted in John Smith of the Democratic Party to lead they're new Democratic Republic. This is the beginning of Delta Democratic Republic or DDR.

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Heheh, DDR (is that a reference to East Germany?) Basically building on what deatHoFKingBlack said.

Looking forward to more.

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Deutsche Demokratik Republik. I'm sure it's a pun, though the story has nothing to do with East Germany ^^

I like this region for now, I'd love to see more ^^

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