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Construction site report 4: Heimsheim

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You might have guessed it:

I AM BACK!!!! 29.gif 

It took some time but eventually I got Sc4 running under winXP on my antique box - and it's even running a bit better than under Win7 RC/beta!

So what did I do:

I created a new hardware profile and rebooted the box

After rebooting I disabled all drivers and services in that profile that are not crucial to run sc4 - including network card, 1394 adapter and all netword services incl. AV program and firewall.

After this I had to re-activate my XP - strange ...

Sound was disabled both in the game and by command line parameter

And now it's running again!

See this tiny little picture: 

Tiny Little Picture

So the very special about the tiny little pic is that the map was one of the last maps I started under Win7 RC - the picture however was made under WinXP!

And because I needed to cheer up a bit after the soccer world cup semi finals I did the one or the other click on that map. Actual results are here, replies and answer will come a bit later!

  And now, ladies and gentlemen, may I present you 

Construction site report 4: Heimsheim

This village is a bit inspired by the village at the German Autobahn A8 near Stuttgart as well as by other villages that have been cut in two parts by a highway.

CS 4.01


It took me hours to get railways and highway the way I wanted and there's still some fine tuning for the railway but for now, it's rather OK I guess ...

CS 4.02

The railway station is a small village station where a STR and a DTR meet each other. The STR is a connection line with some freight trains and not much passenger trauns, that's why all its traffic is done over track No. 1, the station itself has no function as a railway knot.

CS 4.03

OK, some switches are missing, but with the actual possibility I couldn't get it better ...

CS 4.04

The other railway station head.

CS 4.05

The highway in the village. I do know some similar situations IRL ...

CS 4.06

The village center. Not much to say about it ...

CS 4.07

Feasible. Got to get some rust off my mousefinger though.

On the lower edge of the picture you can see the world famous Urland bananas. Thanks to outstanding culture techniques (only very very bad persons assume genetic engineering!) they grow very well in Middle European climate of Urland!

CS 4.08

I just like that place!

CS 4.09

Well, As I said before, I got a bit dust & rust on my mousefinger .... 

That's it for today!

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif

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Recommended Comments

I'm happy you got SC4 working!

I do have a not about one entrance of the station, the one with the curve. If a train wants to pass the station, it has to make a 90 degree turn on a dime. I don't think those trains enjoy doing that. My solution would be to have this second track making a ortho/diagonal crossing with the main track. In other words: an incoming train from the diagonal end can either turn right at the switch, and pass the station without stopping, or go right ahead, to turn a tile later, and stop at the station.


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Its wonderful that you manage to get SC4 working again! So can we safely say that Urland will be here to stay for at least some time?

The "world famous Urland banana" farms look great! I've tried searching but I cannot seem to able to find it. Any idea how I can plant bananas in my own farms too? (Don't worry, I won't use genetic engineering!)

The small car park in picture "CS4.09:Close up 3" is totally neat and interesting. May i suggest putting some tiny stairs up the slope across the road, and then build some kind of viewing platform (and perhaps with the small old shack you used before too?) among the green woods up there? After a long drive, it would be lovely for folks to stop for a moment to stretch their legs while taking in the beautiful rural view (especially the scenic rolling hills and peaceful village of Heimsheim!) as well as having some fresh mountain air!

Great update and nice details! You can be sure that I'll be waiting for more updates... Take care!  

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@korot:  Basically, you are alright with that 90 degree kurve. But I must commit that I haven't found a better solution for that place especially since the are is sloped - slightly but it is. IRL The hole Station head would be in a long sloped curve with curved switches - unfortunately I cannot do that (yet) in SC4. 
Even Papa Nardo is not perfect ... just almost ... 

 The Banana farms ... whoa, it is so long in my plugin folder ... I'd say it's a jmyers2043 farm but in which pack is a really good question! I haven't found it either, need to check that again next time I fire up the game!
The small parking area isn't so much a recreational area but a park & Ride (together) area where car drivers from different villages can meet, share one care to go to work etc. and park the other non needed car there - a nice alternative to driving alone in areas with rather thin seddlements! 

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