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Hochroth - Almost An Anniversary Update

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Almost An Anniversairy - Update.

It has been some month that I thought about what I should do on the fifth anniversairy of Urland. I planned a very special city / map but my malworking computer got in the way of it. So I checked my screenshots in order to make a bigger update that usual and go back in memories, back to 2005 and tell about the time of the great classic CJs on Simtropolis like Andrew George's "Norwich", JeroniJ's "Sculpting Columbia River", Whiteshark's "Crystal Junction" but especially Llewellan's Digby to name only a few of them, but that was also the timewhen Darmok's great "Anduin Valley Revisited" and dhoppeii's "La Plaisance County" started - just weeks before I nervously hacked the first posts of Urland in my PC. 

Would someone be interested in my villages and farms? At that time I haven't even installed the brand new BSC farms, and even c.p.'s wonderful trees needed quite some time to find their way into my CJ ...

Well, the first post came faster than I though they would! 18.gif  

Oh, and in that time I made my first contact with the NAM: downloaded it, started the game with anticipation for the first overpass and then: A window without text, and instead of the overpass: nothing. What a crap I thought and immediately deleted it ... Most probably I "forgot" to read the readme(not) and hence haven't installed some important files. 21.gif  

Today I can't imageine Sc4 without the NAM - but how many User made a similar first experience with the NAM?

In the end of 2005 I was first time nominated for the trixie, two times to be honest but didn't received any. Boy, I was so disappointed when the "Best Rural CJ" eventually went to my friend dhoppeii!

One year later, in one of all those breaks, I looked into the Trixie winner list - and there it was! My first "Best Rural CJ" trixie - I almost fell from my chair when I read my nick there! Meanwhile I've won the trixie a second time, Urland is one of the few MDs that have been three times OSITM but that first Trixie, it still means something special to me. 1.gif  

And then in 2005, this friendly and creative rivalry between me and Dan (dhoppeii), not only it made Darmok start farming in AVR, too, but sometimes I think that that was the start for all these nice rurally focussed CJs / MDs that should follow us. We haven't been the first ones who showed lots of farms but still IMHO we were pioneers in focussing on the rural aspect in Simcity.

Memories ...

Actually I wanted to do this update on the fifth anniversairy. Somehow June 29th burned itself in my brain but in fact the first Post of Urland was made on June 6th 2005. So I missed the anniversairy ... again!

Anyway .. let's celebrate the 5 year and 22 day anniversairy then ...

By the way I almost didn't wanted to show that map, it was merely my malworking pc made me showing you that map. I showed some screenshots of the map before. It is actuelly the last map ever where I used Peg's stream and pond kit, mostly because I wanted to do a dam after the works around hydroplant I showed some time before.

And when I just thought now I could use it for the next regular update Framly showed the first screenshots of the lake and dam of Rondnoir at the simforum. I thought the lake was a bit too small but after seeing Framly's pics I though I cannot show them anymore at all ... and forgot the map.

And well, no pc to play sc4 on, no more actual screenshots, thus Hochroth became active again.

I still have some updates left but my stock becomes smaller and smaller ...

But before we start as always:

@Benedict: Well, that bridge became the center of the map after it was clear that there would be a gorge. Glad you like it! 

And now let me present:

Hochroth - Almost An Anniversary Update!

I made the first woods with the treecontroller but in Klemmbach I discovered the MayorMode trees, especially the Simfox trees. They are dominating Hochroth - Hooha46's / c.p.'s MM trees weren't available there ...

Pic 20.0

The Overview. 

Hochroth is the direct neighbour map of Klemmbach and as I wrote in the Klemmback Update the reason for the Klemmbach gorge lies in the neighbour map - Hochroth: Somewhere I needed to create the height distance for the dam ...

I wouldn't do such a small lake on one single map anymore by now ..

Pic 20.1

The lake.

With a non-opaque ploppable water and a stone shore like Framly it would surely look better; PEG's stream and pond kit always looks like as its depth wouldn't be bigger than one foot ...

Pic 20.2

The Klemmbach dam and the begin of the gorge. It wasn't easy to plant these flanks halfway realistically ...

Pic 20.3

Same area from the other side. The street to the left leeds to Klemmbach, the street to the top serves some farms and the street goind downs leeds to the (center) village...

Pic 20.4

... that lies behind that forrested hill directly at the lake.

Pic 20.5

The center village with the church. There's only a handful of commercialy on this map and they are all situated at the main road that touches the center village ...

Pic 20.6

... as you can see here. Main employer in Hochroth is still agrar, ...

Pic 20.7

... as you can see very well here. The popplar trees at the road leeds us ...

Pic 20.8

... to some houses that have been erected along the main road.

Pic 20.9

This pictures shows again the differences between pure MayorMode forrest and Tree Controller forrest densified with some mayor mode trees.

Pic 20.10

Pic 20.11

A closeup. I might have shown it before.

Pic 20.12

Let's go back the main road to the village ...

Pic 20.13

... to the direction of the other border of the map. We pass this small water fall. Its height difference couldn't be used for the dam because Hochroth would have been disappeared behind a high dike.

Pic 20.14

Behind the small ridge the Klemmbach makes its way through some swampy meadows to its spring in the forrest. (As I stated this was the last time I used the - now outdated - stream kit)

Pic 20.15

There are some houses next to the old and the new main street.

Pic 20.16

The grey street between the farms leeds to the neighbour map. There are a lot of such side streets in the Black Forrest, Eifel, Westerwald and other mid range mountains in Germany ...

Pic 20.17

A Closeup of a farm at the edge of the forrest and the grey street winding up the hill.

Pic 20.18

And a last a screenshot of a farm close to the lake and the dam.

Today's update has been a bit larger than usual due to the missed anniversary, I hope you liked it and that my sentimanetal memories weren't too ... well ...

Have fun!

Bernhard 44.gif

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Fantastic update! Quite beautiful and enjoyed the little history at the top. Congrats on your almost anniversary

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