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Chapter 1: Solace Bay Rebuilt

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It has been over a month in RL since there was news from Solace Bay. In Solace bay nearly a year has passed. It is nearing the end of 1910 and much has changed since the riots of March.

James Wyant (President of the Solace Bay Co.), has taken extreme measures to control the populace. He has created an elite police force in addition to the regular Solace Bay Police. This new force is called the Department of Security, or DOS.


Headquartered in Wyant's Landing, they have far reaching authority to monitor and arrest citizens supsected of socialist or anarchist activities. Along with the military-esque Solace Bay Police (below)


the Department of Security has kept the city Riot free since March. But tensions are still high between the workers and the employers in Solace Bay.

The Brotherhood of Derrik is still a mystery. With all his effort, James is still unable to find out anything about them.


Their posters still show up in alleys occasionaly, much to the annoyance of James. No overt actions appear to be taken by the Brotherhood, but machines in the factories have been needing maintenance far more frequently. Parts have been failing long before expected. It could just be shoddy craftsmanship to begin with, but it is still a strange coincidence . . . James is growing suspicious . . .

Other than the massive construction that has been done in the past year, the thing that has changed most in Solace Bay is it's population. The port of Mariston recieved an average of 5,000 immigrants a month this year, the most that Inakaye has ever seen. With all these immigrants there is literally no space anywhere in Mariston and the streets are overflowing with homeless immigrants. It is a bad situation in Mariston. James Wyant capitalized on it by sending recruiters there to sign immigrants to a contract with the Solace Bay company whereby they will receive shelter, food, and a wage (based on performance), but agree to stay with the company for five years. This is a welcome deal to most of the immigrants, who have no idea what the conditions are in Solace Bay. Therefore, in the year 1910, these recruiters were able to sign almost 8,000 employees to the Solace Bay Co.


increasing the population of solace bay to just over 20,000! And, More contracts are being signed each month!

Most of the construction going on is for housing these new employees, and most of the work that these new employees are doing is constructing more housing for new employees (it is an interesting cycle, But finally, more effort is being diverted back to the increase of factory output and lumber harvesting). Some of the new buildings can be seen below.



Some of the buildings have had more decoration and architecture built into them than is usual for James Wyant's taste, but he has decided that if he tries to make the city more beautiful, then the workers will be happier and more productive.


A Town hall was built on the ashes of the apartment buildings that had burned in the riots. This building serves as the council building, the court, and also houses some offices of the Solace Bay Co. for now.


The City also finished its full sized industrial port. Solace Bay now has the third largest industrial Port in the nation after Duluth and Mariston.


The first stages of the Prison camp for political prisoners has been built by the prisoners captured after the riots. The actual prison facility has yet to be built. For now the prisoners sleep in the empty warehouses at gunpoint of the Solace Bay Police Force. They are currently being put to work building new factories outside of the camp, but once those are complete, they will build their own prison that will house them until their sentences are complete . . .


A baseball field has been built in the western end. Baseball came to Inakaye recently with American immigrants, and has caught on around the country. It is being played at some informal level in every city. James sees this as a way to entertain his employees and also to divide the workers a little. Each neighborhood gets a team and they compete against each other in several series each year. and at the end of the year there is a playoff for the Solace Bay Championship. This provides entertainment for the workers and also causes the neighborhoods to compete against each other, which he hopes will lessen worker solidarity.


The only other news is for huge expansion of the western end factory development.


As 1910 closes, James Wyant sits pretty confident in his power. He has spent a good deal of the money left to him by his missing brother Robert to increase his workforce and make the Company/City safer and more efficient. He has essentially taken complete control over the functioning of the City, leaving "Mayor" Daniel Johnston an almost complete figurehead. This neglect of giving Daniel actual duties has put strain on their relationship. James has pretty much ignored Daniel and gathered a new group of confidants mainly the Cheif of Police Esko Juarez and the head of the Department of Security Alda Rent. It appears to Daniel that he has fallen out of James' trust due to his more moderate views. James has spent alot of time schemeing with his two new friends. Yet, he does not feel entirely safe. The brotherhood of Derrik's continued presence eats at him and sometimes keeps him up at night. How could such an organization hide in such a small city with all of his efforts being made to uncover them? Sometimes he Suspects that Daniel is against him, and has had a secret officer follow him on occasion. He knows there must be a Brotherhood mole somewhere . . . Who could it be?

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I'm not sure I understand tdc.  What isn't "socialism/communism/democracy"?  I don't think I claimed anything to be any of theose things.  but that the department of security had the authority to arrest people suspected of being socialist or anarchist.  If you could explain more maybe i could see where I went wrong.  but to be honest, precise definitions of those terms are very subjective given the differences between sociological theory and real world expressions of them.

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