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A Rich History

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This will be an update that shows the history of the planet home.

A long time ago, the first sapients started to settle down and build citiesm the most powerful city of it's age was Romia, it quickely conquered vast territorie's neer the equator, but didn't stry to far from it, because the Romians beleive that the world was frozen down south and up north, they also belived that to the far east, the land was an arid desert. All of these assumtions were partly right, it was colder far away form the equator, and to the far east their was a dry climate, but still 4 different civilizations thrive there. Slowly Romia met it's neibors to the southwest (canixia) south (Hispanixia) east (Japinia) north, (Creaturia) the romians look down on these civilizations as barabarians, but soon their arrogance of supeiriority would be their downfall, in a period a a few years all four barabarians declared war on romia, and invaded, in the begining romia was able to hold back, but soon they lost ground and began to crumble. Canixia launched a seige on romia and conquered it, Romia surrendered, and gave the remander of it territory to canixia.

The other powers thoght that they deserved a peice too because they weakend romia, but canixia denied them it, Japinia was happy with being isolated and didn't mind, but hispanixia and creaturia both declared war on canixia, and sought to take by force what they thought was theirs. Creaturia made gains, but hispanixia conquered valuable territory, but canixia conquered territory reach into their homeland, this war would reafirm the two as enemies for a long time.

The next few century's were mostly peaceful, although the canix and hispanix were still enemies, the creature and canix sign a treaty of non-agression and became trading partnerns. During this time Canixia flourished and it need more grain than it could produce, they new that japinia had plenty of grain, but the hispanix were in the way, and trade through creaturia was impossible since the japinians and creature were at war over some islands. So the  canix decided to head west, across the ocean until they reached japinia.

But Captain Magician instead found an entirely new continet, a new world, the canix quickely colonised it. Another attempt to find japinia resulted in the canix discorvering an archipegalo inhabitad by a race of dragons.

The hispanix and creatures were quic to set up their own colonies in the new world, but then war, the canix invaded the hispanix colony and won, but meanwhile in the canix colony a guy named Carl Narx was trying to liberate the colony form the evil rule of the canix, and to establish a communist regime, which was an idea he came up with. During this time one of magicians ancestors invented the plane.

But then the creatures invaded the canix colony and won, they pushed the communists to the south and then they set up a new country, Newia.

Although the newian revolution was a failure, it inspired the people of all the country's to revolt agianst their kings, and capitalist and communist revolution took fold throughout the world.

The king of Creaturia arrange for his colony to became independent since he could no afford to keep military stationed there, so they called them selves the Canixtures since they were both canixian, and creaturian. They were capitalist.

Soon every nation overthrough their leader and established their own regime, the capitalist were the canix, creatures, and canixtures, the communsit were newia and hispanixia.

2 agaisnt 3 seems like the capitalist had the advantage, however the communist nations were war machines and could do what ever they pleased, but the capitalist had to listen to the coporations, oops, i mean the people, what they wanted.

Newia and hispanixia both hated the Canix, so naturaly capitalsim became a enemy of communism, but their was a deadlock, the only nation that still was a monarchy was japinia, which had been isolated, so had no news of new developments, however soon the other nations became trying to convince the king to convert to their beliefs of economy, the people began to question the kings leadership and revolted.

But the revolutionary began to plit over communism vs capitalism and form 2 differnt factions. Soon the other nation intervened and the kingdom of japinian was no more, but instead their was a commusist japinia and a capitalist that were fighting with the support of the rest of the world. Afetr much blood shed the communistwere consentrated in the southern desert regions of japinia, and the capitalist int the northern plains region.

The two sides began developing nuclear weopans and they built they both at the same time, both sides realized that they were equal and signed an armistice, and the nations of japinia(Capitalist) and Desertia (communist were formed).

for the next half century the wrodl had a cold war and the build up a nuclear weopans and conventional weopans was the concern of the day, they sent spies and did other things similar to our cold war.

Remember those dragons, well some of them didn't like being influenced by the sapients, and they learnt that dragons were imune to radiation, so should ther be a war, the little blu oppresor would be destroyed and the dragons would live, so a secret plan led by Blue the Dragon was made, they would develop their own nuke, just one, and would shoot it at newia, the newians would think the canix had nukes stationed in the dragon islands and would nuke canixia, and boom the rest of the world is gone. The dragons did this, and the rest is onlt desribable with hell on earth
the peace that came with the rebuilding allowed the hispanix the opportunity to overthrough the government, and as soon as this became known to the capitalist,t hey automacticaly supported it. Evntualy after bloodbatles hispanixia became capitalist, but the fighting continued until the capitalist scientist discovered that the sun was about to expand in 1000 years, which resulted in a cease fire being declared, and although the newians refused to talk, the desertians did, and they agreed to join the capitalist, if they could keep their socailist government, the capitalists which were astonished that they would ever want to join them, even with strings attached, agreed, adn now we get to the current day.

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