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About this City Journal

With the home planet of the blue alien race of sapients destine to be engaulf by their sun, the civilization must colonize earth, 13000 years before christ. In the time before the ice age...

Entries in this City Journal


Science and Coporatism

Now we know that it takes a year to travel to earth at near light speed, if your not he one traveling. Physicists say that if you travel at near light speed, time slows down, to a stop at light speed, and backwards if you go faster. This is because light speed is the universal speed limit, and say flying on a space ship going at light speed, and you go to use the toilet at the front of the ship, wouldn't your movement on top of the light speed make you go faster than light speed? So what happens is time slows down just enough that at whatever speed your moving, it dosen't exeed the limit, so from earth it would seem like it took you a week to get to the toilet, but you wouldn't notice anything.

The same thing will happen to our astronauts, although it takes a year to get to earth, they will only spend 6 months aboard the space ship, because times slows down on the ship, hard to understand, eh? (Canadian FTW)

Well coporatism is even harder to understand.

When people of the great planet of home learnt that it would be engaulfed in the sun, land prices plumeted, and coporations lost money, but when the government anouced a colonization mission, who was the greatest sponsor, the tax payers? No, in no way could the government afford to do that, they had to pay for health care, education, and services, and were in massive debt from wars of a long time ago. No corporation funded over 80% of the project, why would they do it if they were losing money? because the governement offered them land and rights to do whatever business they were in of the new planet earth, and thus people invested in the companies that had these rights, giving more money to the government for more rights and so on. The economy was being run on migrating the population to earth, and too a Desertian student like Schulman, who lived in communism in his childhood, this new concept inspired him to build his own corporation on this new planet. For the first few years of migration, only healthy sapients in their 20's are allowed to go, but the candidents have already been filled in for 5 years so the government started accepting 15 year olds that would apply to go in 5 years, and moved the cut of age from 25 year olds to 20 year olds, meaning, that by the time they did go, they'd be the right age.

With the launch so close, the next batch of astronauts are being train, they will leave as soon as the others arrive, in one year. When the original astronauts land, they will said a radio message through a wormhole, a major advance in communication technology. Scientists say that like all 3 dimentional surfaces, the 4th dimension isn't smooth, and has imperfections called wormholes. Which can instately teleport form one end of the universe to the other, the only problem is the worm holes are so small, that nothing can egt through, except things that don't have mass, like radio waves, so thanks to technological advancements, instant messages can be sent form earth to home and back. As soon as they land they will send a message that they are safe, and the next round of astronauts will come.

The schedual is as follows

Original launch: 1 year before first landing, Arriving 0 years after landing

Second launch: 0 years after first landing, Arriving 1 year after first landing

from then until the next year a space ship will be launched every month.

Then in the next year 4 launches per month (every week) for one year.

In the fourth year after landing (AL) a ship will launch every day and will continue until every sapient is on earth.

The first launch will have 30 spients and equipement on it. After that they will all have 50 on them.

If oen launch happens everyday, an the population of hoem remains stable (apart from emmigration) at 45 million. (not including 5 million newians, who, unless the newians make their own launches, the united nations government has no control of, and the 10 000 dragons who at the moment are negotiating a way to move to the new planet too) ( So the population of home is around 50 million sapients and 10 000 dragons) Now for the launch

3, 2, 3, 2, Liftoff!


The parents of the brave 30 look at the space ship goin up. Tears in their eyes, the astronauts are all 20-24, if they weren't heading to this new planet, they would be in university, in school. Coming to this new planet is a hard choice, but i hope you make it. (That's right subliminal advertising in a emotional part of the story, for you to make a character for you to join the new world)

In a year by our standards they will arive on this planet, ready to set up a new colony, and a new way of life.



It's one week before launch, and security has tightened, all the nations leaders are coming to see the launch, so security is above

normal levels, which normal levels are HIGH. But for now, even with security increases, life continues, even if people are working


Originaly the town was run by the space angency, but soon the town out grew it and elected a town council. The town council has

done wonderful work of beatifying the city, decreasing traffic, and increasing education. The population has hit 30 000 and

continues to rise, and will rise in the future more and more.

Because the rails were overloaded with supplies coming in, the provincial government asked that the agency and council build a

port to releive the rails


by size, its pretty modest, but it will grow as needed.

prior to the council, anythign the people wanted had to be acheived through protest, because the agency top dogs rode helicopters

to work at were distant to the troubles the people faced. The protest managed to get the highway leading into the site widened,

and got a elavated rail and monorail system put in.

WHen the council took power they lobbied for more entances to the site then just one, after much fighting they won. The council

also established a bus network.

Traffic is this a major issue, although the existing infastructure works, for now, the council is looking to the future, they

designed a sub division that has no road acess and relies entirely on monorail and buses to get to work, and the results are positive


You be the judge

As spending byt he goverment increased, so did the number of righ scientist who weren't content abotu leavign in small 2 story houses, so a new rich neiborhood opened up


Rich tend to huddle eachother

The downtown core contains small idependent businesses and small offices, not much.


As you can see many of the labourers live here.

The town can expand most easily to the east (Up on the overview picture) because the gorund is flat and the highway lets transportation easy, but for now the onyl thing on peoples minds is the launch, the town is a buzz, infact the world is a buzz.

Now here's the ages of the charaters and how long a way they are from their journey to earth.

Magician / Will / Smarty : 20 years old, 1 week from launch, about a year from landing,

(Colonel) Blue (Curently a Lieutenant Colonel): 25 years old, about 1 year to launch and 2 years to land

Schulman: 15 years old, 5 years to launch, 6 years to land

Remeber if you want a charater just let me know, and i'll get you a ticket on a flight to earth.


Other Major Nations

The other nations histroyies have all  been covered by the first two, and they really arn't important enough to mention in their own update, the Newians and Canixturians will have their updates covered in the mordern history update.



Orange is the hispanix national colour, and the sheild represents the citenzens duty to protect the country form harms way.



Yellow (National colour) represent the vast grain feilds, the gray represents the moutaisn that kept the nation isloated, and the blue represents the two rivers which watered the country.

Note: After the revolution, the capitalist japinians kept the name and flag of the old monarchy.



Cyan was the colour that represnted the revolution, it is neither blu nor green, it's not even a perfect mix, it represented the individuality of the revolution and the Hammer and Sickle and star represent Communism

Occupying the southern  desertic portions of old japinia, the new nation was forced to accept that they would not control all od japinia, and they change their name to desertia, and adopted a new flag.

After the japinian wars, history wasn't defined by nations, but by alliances, the two nations that occupy the new world will have their flag in the next update.

until then, enjoy.


The Creatures


The creaturian national colour has always been purple. The flag depicts the capital region, there is a lake that flows into two river going to 2 different coasts, there also is moutains nearby

The creatures have humble origins on the shores of the great lake that linked two oceans, this space was very favroable and they soon conquered aorund the lake and down the rivers. They expanded into the taiga in the north and to the jungles in the south, but Romia was there first.

They declared war on romia when they had enough treachery and romia and the other barabarians did the same.

After wars with Romia, and later the canix, they managed to secure a coastline on the tropical sea. They sign a treaty of non agression with the canix and turned there atention east ward, they expanded until the reach a bay that seperated them from the japinians. They set up colonies in the island in the bay, but the Japininians did the same, and soon a war broke out.

the creatures learnt of the canix colony in the new world and set up there own. They also learnt of the trading between the canix and japinians.

They declared war on canixia and conquered the colony, but a revolution was taking place in creaturia, they overhtrough the governement and the colony became idependent.

The creaturians joined the capitalist side and would fight communism untilt he present day.

Now a picture of Creaturiaduring the romian wars



The Canix

I admire anyones dedication to anything if they read the last entry, but you can get a good understanding of the history just with these country bio's

The national colour of Canixia has always been green, the sword represents military might.

The most possible explanation for the green national colour is the green forests the canixians inhabitad when they weren't civilized. After a while they became the dominant tribe in their area and began to expand.

After awhile they reached the borders of the Romian empire. The two nations traded goods, but never really liked eachother that much. When Canixia heard of the Creaturian, and Hispanixian invasion, they decided to invade also. They captured romia, and therefore the remainder of the empire.

When the hispanix and creatures asked them to cede romian territory, they refused and sparked a new war with the two. The canix lost alot of tropical maritime territory, but they made massive gains into hispanixia, which made the two deep rivals. At the end of the war, the creatures signed a treaty of non agression, but they remained enemies with the hispanix.

In the peace time, canixia boomed beyond it's capability to support it's population, so they desired the grain that japinia had, but the hispanix were in the way, and the creatures and Japinians were at war, trade was impossible to the east, but across the great ocean, to the west it would be possible.

On the way they discovered an entire new continet and set up a colony. They also discovered a island group inhabitad by dragons. after many failed voyages they reach japinia and began to trade.

All was not well in the colony Carl Narx was having a communist revolution, and to make matters worse, the hispanix and Creatures also set up colonies. The Canix invaded the hispanix colony and won, but the revolution continued.

The creatures using the discovery that the canix traded with japinia as an excuse, invaded the canix colony and pushed the revolters out, the canix had lost there colony.

But then in the homeland, a revolution took place, the people wanted to overthrow the king, and they did. They set up a democratic government.

In the choas that ensued, to dominant forces, capitalism and communism arose, the next period of time the histories of the capitalist countries would join together and be one.

Now a picture of the canixian capital, Canixia... 

The city wasn't allways that way, it started out like this



A Rich History

This will be an update that shows the history of the planet home.

A long time ago, the first sapients started to settle down and build citiesm the most powerful city of it's age was Romia, it quickely conquered vast territorie's neer the equator, but didn't stry to far from it, because the Romians beleive that the world was frozen down south and up north, they also belived that to the far east, the land was an arid desert. All of these assumtions were partly right, it was colder far away form the equator, and to the far east their was a dry climate, but still 4 different civilizations thrive there. Slowly Romia met it's neibors to the southwest (canixia) south (Hispanixia) east (Japinia) north, (Creaturia) the romians look down on these civilizations as barabarians, but soon their arrogance of supeiriority would be their downfall, in a period a a few years all four barabarians declared war on romia, and invaded, in the begining romia was able to hold back, but soon they lost ground and began to crumble. Canixia launched a seige on romia and conquered it, Romia surrendered, and gave the remander of it territory to canixia.

The other powers thoght that they deserved a peice too because they weakend romia, but canixia denied them it, Japinia was happy with being isolated and didn't mind, but hispanixia and creaturia both declared war on canixia, and sought to take by force what they thought was theirs. Creaturia made gains, but hispanixia conquered valuable territory, but canixia conquered territory reach into their homeland, this war would reafirm the two as enemies for a long time.

The next few century's were mostly peaceful, although the canix and hispanix were still enemies, the creature and canix sign a treaty of non-agression and became trading partnerns. During this time Canixia flourished and it need more grain than it could produce, they new that japinia had plenty of grain, but the hispanix were in the way, and trade through creaturia was impossible since the japinians and creature were at war over some islands. So the  canix decided to head west, across the ocean until they reached japinia.

But Captain Magician instead found an entirely new continet, a new world, the canix quickely colonised it. Another attempt to find japinia resulted in the canix discorvering an archipegalo inhabitad by a race of dragons.

The hispanix and creatures were quic to set up their own colonies in the new world, but then war, the canix invaded the hispanix colony and won, but meanwhile in the canix colony a guy named Carl Narx was trying to liberate the colony form the evil rule of the canix, and to establish a communist regime, which was an idea he came up with. During this time one of magicians ancestors invented the plane.

But then the creatures invaded the canix colony and won, they pushed the communists to the south and then they set up a new country, Newia.

Although the newian revolution was a failure, it inspired the people of all the country's to revolt agianst their kings, and capitalist and communist revolution took fold throughout the world.

The king of Creaturia arrange for his colony to became independent since he could no afford to keep military stationed there, so they called them selves the Canixtures since they were both canixian, and creaturian. They were capitalist.

Soon every nation overthrough their leader and established their own regime, the capitalist were the canix, creatures, and canixtures, the communsit were newia and hispanixia.

2 agaisnt 3 seems like the capitalist had the advantage, however the communist nations were war machines and could do what ever they pleased, but the capitalist had to listen to the coporations, oops, i mean the people, what they wanted.

Newia and hispanixia both hated the Canix, so naturaly capitalsim became a enemy of communism, but their was a deadlock, the only nation that still was a monarchy was japinia, which had been isolated, so had no news of new developments, however soon the other nations became trying to convince the king to convert to their beliefs of economy, the people began to question the kings leadership and revolted.

But the revolutionary began to plit over communism vs capitalism and form 2 differnt factions. Soon the other nation intervened and the kingdom of japinian was no more, but instead their was a commusist japinia and a capitalist that were fighting with the support of the rest of the world. Afetr much blood shed the communistwere consentrated in the southern desert regions of japinia, and the capitalist int the northern plains region.

The two sides began developing nuclear weopans and they built they both at the same time, both sides realized that they were equal and signed an armistice, and the nations of japinia(Capitalist) and Desertia (communist were formed).

for the next half century the wrodl had a cold war and the build up a nuclear weopans and conventional weopans was the concern of the day, they sent spies and did other things similar to our cold war.

Remember those dragons, well some of them didn't like being influenced by the sapients, and they learnt that dragons were imune to radiation, so should ther be a war, the little blu oppresor would be destroyed and the dragons would live, so a secret plan led by Blue the Dragon was made, they would develop their own nuke, just one, and would shoot it at newia, the newians would think the canix had nukes stationed in the dragon islands and would nuke canixia, and boom the rest of the world is gone. The dragons did this, and the rest is onlt desribable with hell on earth
the peace that came with the rebuilding allowed the hispanix the opportunity to overthrough the government, and as soon as this became known to the capitalist,t hey automacticaly supported it. Evntualy after bloodbatles hispanixia became capitalist, but the fighting continued until the capitalist scientist discovered that the sun was about to expand in 1000 years, which resulted in a cease fire being declared, and although the newians refused to talk, the desertians did, and they agreed to join the capitalist, if they could keep their socailist government, the capitalists which were astonished that they would ever want to join them, even with strings attached, agreed, adn now we get to the current day.


It is 5 (4 years form launch) years before they land on earth,

In order to get to earth, the sapients had to train an elite bunch of  astronauts, not only in austonauting (I don't think that is a verb) but also in agraculture, constructing, hunting, fishing, and millitary training, all these things would be insential to build a new world.

Because of all this training, the austronauts were handpicked at the early age of 5 years old, from then on, for the next 15 years they were trained, aswell unmaned missions to earth were insential to scout out good landing spots, know if any hostile locals, known as the Huge Man were near by, and to just get a better sense of where they were going.

In order to fill this demand, the United nations, which consisted of the countries of Canixia, Creaturia, Hispanixia, Japinia, Canixturia, and Desertia, took a corner of a small island near the equater and turned it into a space hub, they build the space ship parts, they train the austronauts and also has a military base, security is tight, but to over 11 000 sapients, it's home.

The base was built around the crater of a nuclear bomb, it's been over 200 years since it detonated, but theu still built the hazardous waste facility in the crater, so as to not contaniminate a better peice of real estate



t of production to produce evrything needed to fly to earth, you need to build unmaned space ships to scout out earth, you need to build the furnishings to keep the austronauts comfortable on the 1 year journey, and you need to turn all those coffe beans into coffe grind for all those scientist who work at mission control, they have to stay awake, or the whole mission will fall apart.


Away from all the polution, high in a mautain neer the facility, the richese, most important scientist live, you see the red roofed building? That is where the 30 austonauts going to earth live for now.

Of these 30 some of the most notable are,

Charles Magician (Male, My character)

The desendant of the first person to set foot on the continet Canixturia adn Newia are on, and also the desendant of the person who invented planes. His father is the owner of Magician Airs, a company that build airplanes, the company has a contract to build the spaceships as well, so naturaly in this contract the goverment allowed his son to be one of the people to go to earth first. Thus beign able to eastblish his business first

Jacob Will (Male, Willg's Character)

Will's father is the owner of an important real estate business but when the world learnt that the world was goingo get engaulf by the sun, thge real estate market collasped, but will's father was able to get investers to invest in this one last project, in using the investors money, will's father became the largest investor to the space program, because Will's father requested that the government give him land on earth, with this promise, more investor wanted in, so a Will's was able to continue funding the program and get his son a spot on the first trip. Thus being able to scout out the best lands.

Gregory Smarty (Male, Smarty218's charater)

Unlike the last two, smarty didn't get on the flight by his father buying his way into it, it was actualy a request by the government, you see the government needed a person with knowledge in agraculture, and smarty father owned Smarty's seeds, the largest seed company in the world. The goverment promise to give him prime agracultural land so that he could in turn, supply the new comers the means to grow there own food.

If anyone wants in they can have there own charater,

all I need is,

1. The name for your charater (I normaly make a creative use of your username)

2. The charaters gender

3. What type of business your charater is in

4. Any other information you think is important

Their are two charaters that already exist that are not on the first voyage

Colonel Blue: (Male) currentely 20 and is a corporal right now, 6 years away from landing on earth ( 5 years from launch)

Robert Schulman: (Male, Schulmanator's charater) 10 years old right now, a desertian, 11 years from landing on earth, ( 10 from launch)


The 30 astronauts have to know how to build a town from nothing but what will be on the ship, so for a year they were dumped in the wilderness with only the supplies on the ship and were asked to build a town and live, this is what they built in a year. The govermant chose a year because that is how long it would take to get another ship there, but advances in technologie allow messages to travel faster than the speed of light, so they would be able to communicate in real time.

The next update will be the backround history, enjoy for now!


Sapient Race

Earth Satalite photo # 3345 Possible location for first colony

This is a continuation of a CJ that is in the old section, the picture above is the terrain the first city will be on. All important insential information is below.

Along with the sapients a race of dragons live on their home planet.
All of the nations are aligned except Newia, which refuses to communicate with the rest of the planet.
The Sapients are one tenth the size of humans, therefore, everything they build will be a tenth the size of what humans need, and the terrain looks 10 times bigger then it actualy is. 

In my absence I've found a nice theme for the story, the battle to reduce corporate pressure on the government,

I will continue this after, until then, suspense, Muhahahahahaha...

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