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Preperations from Home

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It is 5 (4 years form launch) years before they land on earth,

In order to get to earth, the sapients had to train an elite bunch of  astronauts, not only in austonauting (I don't think that is a verb) but also in agraculture, constructing, hunting, fishing, and millitary training, all these things would be insential to build a new world.

Because of all this training, the austronauts were handpicked at the early age of 5 years old, from then on, for the next 15 years they were trained, aswell unmaned missions to earth were insential to scout out good landing spots, know if any hostile locals, known as the Huge Man were near by, and to just get a better sense of where they were going.

In order to fill this demand, the United nations, which consisted of the countries of Canixia, Creaturia, Hispanixia, Japinia, Canixturia, and Desertia, took a corner of a small island near the equater and turned it into a space hub, they build the space ship parts, they train the austronauts and also has a military base, security is tight, but to over 11 000 sapients, it's home.

The base was built around the crater of a nuclear bomb, it's been over 200 years since it detonated, but theu still built the hazardous waste facility in the crater, so as to not contaniminate a better peice of real estate



t of production to produce evrything needed to fly to earth, you need to build unmaned space ships to scout out earth, you need to build the furnishings to keep the austronauts comfortable on the 1 year journey, and you need to turn all those coffe beans into coffe grind for all those scientist who work at mission control, they have to stay awake, or the whole mission will fall apart.


Away from all the polution, high in a mautain neer the facility, the richese, most important scientist live, you see the red roofed building? That is where the 30 austonauts going to earth live for now.

Of these 30 some of the most notable are,

Charles Magician (Male, My character)

The desendant of the first person to set foot on the continet Canixturia adn Newia are on, and also the desendant of the person who invented planes. His father is the owner of Magician Airs, a company that build airplanes, the company has a contract to build the spaceships as well, so naturaly in this contract the goverment allowed his son to be one of the people to go to earth first. Thus beign able to eastblish his business first

Jacob Will (Male, Willg's Character)

Will's father is the owner of an important real estate business but when the world learnt that the world was goingo get engaulf by the sun, thge real estate market collasped, but will's father was able to get investers to invest in this one last project, in using the investors money, will's father became the largest investor to the space program, because Will's father requested that the government give him land on earth, with this promise, more investor wanted in, so a Will's was able to continue funding the program and get his son a spot on the first trip. Thus being able to scout out the best lands.

Gregory Smarty (Male, Smarty218's charater)

Unlike the last two, smarty didn't get on the flight by his father buying his way into it, it was actualy a request by the government, you see the government needed a person with knowledge in agraculture, and smarty father owned Smarty's seeds, the largest seed company in the world. The goverment promise to give him prime agracultural land so that he could in turn, supply the new comers the means to grow there own food.

If anyone wants in they can have there own charater,

all I need is,

1. The name for your charater (I normaly make a creative use of your username)

2. The charaters gender

3. What type of business your charater is in

4. Any other information you think is important

Their are two charaters that already exist that are not on the first voyage

Colonel Blue: (Male) currentely 20 and is a corporal right now, 6 years away from landing on earth ( 5 years from launch)

Robert Schulman: (Male, Schulmanator's charater) 10 years old right now, a desertian, 11 years from landing on earth, ( 10 from launch)


The 30 astronauts have to know how to build a town from nothing but what will be on the ship, so for a year they were dumped in the wilderness with only the supplies on the ship and were asked to build a town and live, this is what they built in a year. The govermant chose a year because that is how long it would take to get another ship there, but advances in technologie allow messages to travel faster than the speed of light, so they would be able to communicate in real time.

The next update will be the backround history, enjoy for now!

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