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The great change

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After 45 years struggling in snow, under rain and breathing some polluted air, Kaliningrad has surpassed the 50'000 citiziens, and now counts 65'000 inhabitants.

Now we are a city! The Russian Federation council (the Russian Union is composed by 4 main republics remember) has given us status of "City"! Now our city really started challenging Vladivostok and other pacific cities, and economy of the whole pacific coast is reborn.

Our growth has significantly accentuated the russian prestige toward Asia and the Pacific. With our re-urbanization of the area we launched a clear message to chineses and the americans: we're back and Siberia shall be ours for all the ages to come, our resources are not going to be raped like in the middle east!

In the US civil disorder brought Michael Reagan to assume dictatorship powers and runs the country without fear or favor for the population.

Massive military spending has been going on in the last decad and the Russian Union strengthened ties with the EU countries.

But now let's have a look of the major changes in the city from 2035.

Kaliningrad center has grown rapidly after the local administration conceded full-urbanization of the peninsula and construction of higher buildings with the arrive of thousands of citiziens.


The near township of Sojuz has expanded his "borders" to Norsk and the local industrial area.


Kharkov was invested from many russian state-owned companies, especially truck/cars factories.


Strela (high density area close to Kamyshin center) became a town-experiment, soviet planning style was revalued positively with some little changes, like incorporation of near industrial area and commercial activities.


A close-up of the major residential area.


Here is the 2042 project for the Nova Cejlabisnk-Norsk railroad project. The railway continues out the city borders for few miles to north, but railway Kaliningrad-Vladivostok is being built from the southern part of the city to the other pacific city.


The Kharkov-Norsk connection is missing in the aerial photo, but here's the track completed seen from north-east.


Few tunnels were built to allow the railway to have little slopes along the track. here's the entrance in Misha of the tunnel passing underground the local hills.


Here's another shot of the completed railway track.


This is the interchange present in Misha.


The bridge connecting Misha to Kharkov.


Works costed much and in some cases environment was changed in order to provide a better and faster connection.

But some admit that tunnels and bridges have some fashion trought the snow green hills.


And like in this curve out Strela.


Here's the Kamyshin-Strela station. A little rail track was built in order to allow the local factories to load directly on rail their goods directed to Khabarovsk mainly.


Industrial production in the area is high and residents have their factories close to their homes. Some people protest for this fearing the effects of pollution on their lungs but mayor has secured the population, the slag is mainly composed of non-harmful gas.


New modern techniques allow railway to pass along the residential areas without causing too much disturb, and giving the area some borderline look.


_____   _____   _____

Meanwhile in Moscow... a russian general is talking to a FSB secret agent.



General Lebedev: So WHAT, you're telling me they're going to mobilize their whole naval force against us?!?

FSB Agent: That's it.

General Lebedev: This is horrible, we knew this moment would have come, but the possibility to fight a world war III was still very far from my mind...

FSB Agent: They're preparing massive invasion of the Union, they will strike Vladivostok within few weeks and weirdly also the chineses are amassing troops on the border.

General Lebedev: We must immediately warn the president! Full mobilization of the army and call to arms all the reservists-

FSB Agent: Wait. You know that newly elected president is a mess, right?

General Lebedev: What???

FSB Agent: We've been betrayed. The whole russian people has been betrayed. It is highly probable that our president let secretly the americans prepare the invasion. Did you know that our military spending went under shoes in the last month?

General Lebedev: Oh my god... that's a big problem... DAMN HIM! What can we do now?

FSB Agent: We must take out the current president and mobilize the army. The pacific coast must be an impenetrable defensive line.

General Lebedev: Actually we don't have much there, we are still in a big mess in the peacekeeping operation in central Asia after the recent escalation.

FSB Agent: It doesn't matter, the russian people will fight street by street, house by house, factory by factory, until the enemy will be kicked OUT the MOTHERLAND!

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Thanks Daan300 :). Now i will have to think about how to make the situation develop, next entries will not be just about the city of Kaliningrad. Something big is going on in the world, bigger than Kaliningrad and all us!

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